Date Night

Tranny Phone SexI know it may seem a little vain, but I like to measure my ten inch cock frequently, just to see if I have gained any length. I know my ten inch cock is more than enough to please anyone I choose to fuck, but in my opinion when it comes to my cock, the bigger the better!  I have a date with a new guy tonight, I met him last week at a Hotel I was staying at and we had a great conversation and I am looking forward to going out with him. I have planned out exactly how the evening will go.

First he will take me to a very upscale place for dinner, then we will move to a cocktail lounge that’s just down the street for a few drinks, after all he is in for the surprise of his life and I want to make sure he is in the mood for all my plans and everything I have to offer. After a few very strong drinks I will invite him back to my place and tell him I have a wonderful surprise awaiting him. I know he won’t be able to resist, after all what man can resist a beautiful woman inviting them to come home with her after a fabulous date?

Once we are at my house I will get us each another drink and will ask him to wait in the living room while I go slip into something a little more comfortable, I have chosen and laid out my frilly little white panties and bra and will put on my white lace up knee high boots. I will sit him in a chair so that when I make a grand entrance coming down the stairs he will be able to take it all in. At this point I expect his cock to be throbbing and bulging outta his pants. I will then ask him to join me upstairs. I will let him kiss me, fondle my breasts and I will suck his cock just until its ready to explode. Then I will flip him over and ram my ten in cock up his ass and stroke his penis with my hand until we both shoot our hot loads of cum. This plan works every time and I am really looking forward to our date tonight. I know it will lead to future dates, they always do!

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