NEWSFLASH: Catwoman Is Back

There’s something about the sinister grace of cat burglar that can be matched by no other. If you’re wondering whether this can translate to fucking, you’d be correct. I’m naturally a supervillainess in bed, so it only makes sense that I’d want to peel off these street clothes. Sliding into a tight, black, latex leather suit is the sexiest, sleekest thing in in the realm of superheroes.

Especially when it involves a single hole.

You read that right. There’s a single hole in this catsuit, and it ain’t there by accident. No way. I want to be pounded in this slinky little sexsuit. It’s right above the ass, and I expect to be rammed into from every position possible. Do you like it from behind? Well, Catwoman’s got a job for you, and it’s really, really batty.

I’m going to slide down into the unsuspecting men’s homes in my neighborhood . . . and I’m going to terrorize those innocent civilians. But I’m not going to steal their dumb stuff. Oh no. I’m going to go right for the kill. I’m going to steal something precious. Catwoman is going to take their virginity. 

All those poor, pathetic, never-been-screwed brats are going to get fucked over by Catwoman. I’m going to slide down their chimneys just like a deranged, hot-as-hell Santa Claus. I’m going to tip-toe into their bedrooms while they’re sleeping at night. After whispering erotic, sexy things in their virginal ears, their cocks will be pulsing and hard. Then, when their dicks are firm and fuckable as rock, I’m going to position the hole in my catsuit right over their anal-fucking rods. And I’m going to bounce on them until they cream inside my tight little asshole. 

What? Did you think I’d want it in my vag? Catwoman is no pussy, you little fucking jerks offs. She likes it hard, and she likes it in the bum.

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