Thunderstorms Scare Me Daddy!!!

Mommy’s been gone for a long time so it is just you and me Daddy.  I am a big Daddy’s girl and love to please my Daddy!  One night it was raining and thundering and lightening really bad!  I am terrified of thunderstorms and always run to my Daddy when we have them.  I was so scared I went running into your room and jumped on the bed with you crying, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy I’m scared!  What I didn’t know was what you were doing when I burst into your room.  Your hand is under the covers stroking your cock.  Daddy, what are you doing?  Well sweetie you know your Mommy has been gone for a while now and your Daddy has needs. What kind of needs Daddy?  Well, sweetie Daddy has sexual needs that need to be met.  Oh Daddy, can I help you with your needs?  Can I see what is under the covers? Sure sweetie, if you really want to help your Daddy.  So you pull the covers back exposing your very hard throbbing cock.  Oh Daddy, that is really big and hard.  What do I do with that Daddy?  Come here and Daddy will show you.  Wrap your hand around the middle of Daddy’s cock and lower your mouth right onto the head and start sucking and licking around it.  Daddy, there are some juices flowing out they taste good.  Am I doing a good job Daddy?  Yes, sweetie now why don’t you take your clothes off for Daddy because I am going to show you what Mommy and Daddy use to do.  You know I really NEED to please my Daddy, will you be my Daddy?  Don’t you need your little girl to help take care of your needs?

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