Daddy’s Girl

I am a daddy’s girl for sure, I always have been so when he told me we were gonna play a game I got all kinds of excited! Daddy always makes up the best games, it made my cunnie tingle just to think of it! This time he said I was gonna be his model, he brought me lots of really pretty dresses and nightgowns to try on and he took lots of pictures the whole time I was changing. Daddy’s cock was so hard it was poking right out of the front of his pants so I did exactly what a good daddy’s girl does, I got right down on my knees and sucked his dick. He shoved his big grown man cock down my throat all the way and pulled my hair to get me closer, I could hardly breathe but it was making so wet! Then he picked me up and slid his huge cock inside my tiny pussy and I swear I thought I was gonna die it felt so good, no one fucks me like my Daddy does!

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