I need a sperm donor baby maker please!

Yep its official I am trying to get preggo again.  My cunny is taking all cum donations.  Consider me your jizz receptacle.  I have figured out that my little brat is a lil money maker for me and the last thing I want is for her to get too old and me not have another lil money maker in place to replace her for your dirty pervs.  My pussy is going to be a permanent lil brat producer.  As soon as I squeeze one out I need to be looking for some one to insert another one right up in my womb.

Hell last night alone I snorted an 8ball for FREE.  That isn’t like a whole lot but it was FREE.  All I had to do was snort and finger my pussy while watching him rub his dickhead up and down her slit until he came.  I love it!  It makes perfect sense to produce even more little money makers for profit.  Who wants to be my sperm donor?


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