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 Have a tiniest little wet bald pussy. I love to have my pussy fucked and love to feel a man’s dick glide deep in me. The look on guys’ faces when they see my tiny hole. I’m a real freaky slut. I love to feel my pussy and my asshole fucked at the same time. I want to ensure that I am always getting double stuffed because everything is better in doubles. I want to feel like a complete whore, which is my only expectation.
I am all for feeling like a bit of slut that will do whatever it takes to find the best orgasm for herself.
I can’t deny that I love to feel like a whore, so whenever I find a guy that I want to explore, I’ll make sure they know what I wish to front and center. I don’t have time to waste. I don’t like being coy. I’m going to lure the best fucker to fuck my cunt.
wet bald pussy

I’m addicted to wet bald pussy!

wet bald pussy

I bet you enjoy my hot pics with all my sexy friends. I love wet bald pussy, and I wasn’t always bi. I was too insecure about sharing my man with another girl. After much consideration after hearing my then-boyfriend beg me to let us have a threesome, I caved. Now all I want is cunts. Don’t fret. I enjoy cocks still, but there’s something about turning a friend into a whore that has me wanting to do it all the time.

The truth is that girls know how to have fun. After all, My sweet pussy hole deserves all cunts and cocks in this green earth. I’m ready to explore, and that shows very fast. I’m all in for some dirty escapades. 
I love to rub pussies. They are so warm and feel so good. I let my ex-boyfriend talk me into a threesome that got me into fucking girls and letting men watch. It’s a sort of domination to have a man watch as you please and get please by women. Its power and control. 
When my ex watched me and my friend candace have our fun, he couldn’t hold back and ended up exploding everywhere. It felt so lovely to see him struggle. He couldn’t finish the job. All he could be sitting there like he was useless. Candace and I were in our world. My ex had the biggest cum shot ever splurt out, and all I could think about was how come I had never dipped in the lady pond sooner. 
From then on, we ditched him and moved on to a man packing down under, and I am happy.
When you have two girls, you better satisfy both of them, and if you can’t, you will be dropped. Ever since then, Candace and I have kept our hot new bond. Sadly different schools kept us apart, but we still always get together whenever the other one Is in town, and you know me, I must find the same kind of vibe elsewhere, so I found my hottie friend Rosie and she another hot blonde. I got a type.

biggest cum shot

baby batter

breeding phone sex

I’m ready for that baby batter. I’m glad you enjoy some breeding phone sex because I am the perfect candidate for your jizz. Let me be the one to spread my legs and let you pop that cock in my cunt. My pussy hole is ready for your meat. I want to feel you slide deep and pounce that pussy like you haven’t fucked ever before. I want to make sure your cum makes me a knocked-up whore. I dream about having a big pregnant belly and getting rammed 24/7. If I could have a dick in me all the time, I would take that honor.

I want to feel the climax of being knocked up and aroused. I have heard that there is no orgasm better than someone expecting. Cum dispense your baby batter in me.

My uncle took impregnation phone sex too far!

Impregnation Phone Sex

Uncle Mick had an obsession with me like no other. He lived a few cities away and would come over once in a blue moon. He persuaded me to go to his studio downtown for some professional photos during a family outing. Uncle mick knew I was getting my hands into acting and modeling, and he wanted to “help.” I should have known his help would come at a price. Uncle mick began to tell me he has always had a thing for me. I was so creeped out, but I tried to forget what he said. My nerves were shot because as soon as he offered me a cup of water, I gulped it down. Then it hit me he must have put something in the drink. I was knocked out cold. When I awoke in a panic, my uncle mick had told me it was too late. He fucked my cunt while I was deep asleep and that he pumped all his baby batter in me. 

Christmas office party

hot phonesex

I love to be in the mix of it all during the holidays. I love office parties because it’s when you get to see who is naughty or nice. Im constantly fucking a co-worker whenever there’s a party. A little tequila gets passed around, and you know im not going to turn some of that down.

My little slutty ways come on in full effect, and I want to fuck and suck all the men in the office. The ability to be a good girl goes out of the window. Im going to get the best cock in the room and take that fucker to my office and let him fuck me like a slut. Fucking in the office is extra hot when there are many people nearby. I never let my boyfriend know about all my extra fun activities. For my man’s sake, I hope he is at least enjoying hot phonesex.

Jingle balls

blowjobs phone sex

I love to give blowjobs. I enjoy blowjobs, phone sex, fun with all my guys—Christmas time. Im much more in the giving mood. I want to provide as much as I receive, but giving gives me a little extra warmth in all the places that count. A few years ago, I was still living at home, and my stepdad brought home a big beautiful tree. It was perfect, but it also needed a ton of help. It took hours, and it was a lot of fun, but my mom and sisters were beaten, and then there were two left. My stepdad and I made it to the end. I looked at the time, and it was a quarter past twelve. My stepdad had eyed me all night. I felt it, but I liked the attention. Before I was ready to head to my room, he pulled me close and made me show him what an excellent little helper I am.

I began to give him a memorable holiday blowjob to remember.

Blowjobs phone sex for you

blowjobs phone sex

So you want to hear me slurp on your cock and make you feel like the man. You have to command me to be your stupid cunt. I love when a guy gets rough and shows me he’s in charge. I enjoy sloppy blowjobs, the kind that makes me all sweaty and makes me cry. I want my mascara and make-up to run. Let me be your skank for the night. Hear me be your dumb cum slut as I gulp all your cum. Let me be your ball-sucking slut and t bag me like the cheap hoe I am.

Let all your friends watch as you turn me into a bit of a star with your camera recording every second of our fun.

plane fun

princess phone sex

Last week I made my way home so I could make it in time for the holidays. I knew I would be without my fuck buddy’s cock for a while, so I made sure to hit up a few old hometown hookups. I didn’t have to wait too long for cock because I boarded first class and got one of the co-pilots to familiarize themselves with me. My cunt was ready for cock, and I loved being on a plane fucking like crazy. The co-pilot was handsome and packing a huge cock. My mouth was extra happy to taste his precum and jizz.

It felt so lovely to feel his cock deep inside my asshole. We had little privacy but made sure to make the most of it in the cockpit. We got caught by one of the air attendent students, and she only wanted to watch.

Rave slut loves hot ass sex

hot ass sex

I went to a rave this weekend, and I had quite the gangbang experience. After popping a few mollies, I was so hyper. It’s a blur now, but I do remember the best orgasm of my life. After stumbling to one of the after-party tents, I interrupted a group of guys with a super cute petite girl. Their eyes widened when they saw me, and soon after, a few of them grabbed gently. I didn’t feel unsafe, so I went with it, and it made me happy to know I was going to give them access to me. I was a little jealous of how they were fucking that one girl, and now it was my turn, so that got me hype. Hot ass sex for the win baby!!

All the guys focused on me and left the girl alone. They had fresh new meat, and they were going to explore it and enjoy it too. I had quite the fuck by each of them. Now I am a raving fan can’t believe I went so long without one.

Your pcock fantasy cum true


young bald pussy

I love teasing my boyfriend’s dad. I know he likes to see me walk around the house half-naked. It’s always so evident he is checking me out. I can’t deny myself something that turns me on, and it does get me wet to see him full of lust for me. My boyfriend told me all about his dad’s dirty secrets and how he lusted after girls that he shouldn’t. I’m completely legal but to him im a little spinner who can pump out cum out of him in mere seconds. Ever since my boyfriend told me, it all clicked and made sense. I’m pretty cruel because I love to tease and give the old geezer blue balls with only a look. I make it pretty obvious but still subtle all at the same time. I’m so sure he rubs one out thinking about my young bald pussy.

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