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No minute men please


hot ass sex

What gets me off is guys who have a clue what they are doing. Boys my age are just that boys. They have no clue how to hit the g spot and make my toes curl. I want a full fuckathon and want to be rammed. My juicy pussy loves to be stuffed with jizz cream. I want rough hot ass sex, and I want it now.

I’m one horny slut that will do whatever it takes to get off the right way. Older men always have this sick twisted game that turns me on more than it should. They love when I wear pig tails, and I’m their youngin. Roleplaying in the bedroom is quite hot, and that’s something I appreciate with guys that know what to do. They take their time and fuck me right. That’s what real men can do, unlike the guys my age who cum too quick and are minute men. I like guys that can actually take their time to explore my body and make me orgasm hard.

Bondage Phone Sex During Your Break

 Bondage Phone Sex

One of my favorite regulars loves to call while on his break. He can’t help himself and has to have bondage phone sex. I love to hear how badly he wants to undress me and tie me up and start of nice and slow with me and work his way into rough bondage. The first thing he likes is when I pull down my jeans for him. A nice tap on my bum, and then after a few minutes, he can’t help but slip his thumb in my ass hard. My tight asshole will be his play station. As he put his thumb so deep, he begins to get rock hard. My nipples begin to get so hard, and I am wet and dripping down my thighs.

It feels so good to be put in my place. After a while, he pushes me on the bed and begins to whip me with tassels and paddles. Tears running down my cheeks, and that’s when he starts to cum for me. 

Hot Squirting Pussy for my bestfriends boyfriend

hot squirting pussy

I am always a horny little slut. I love to have my hot squirting pussy fucked all the time. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to get my pussy off at any time of the day. Whenever I’m horny, I will do whatever I need to so that I can get off nothing and no one is off-limits in my book.

When my best friend was over with her new boyfriend, I couldn’t stop eyeing him. They were both in town for a vacation after moving to the east coast. They missed la Jolla badly and wanted to come back for a mini getaway.

I, of course, wasn’t going to say no to my friend, especially since I saw her new man posted on social for months now. I had an inkling he would be a ton of fun. My friend Jen would go off for a hike in the morning and come back about a few hours later. I knew her schedule and her routine. Her boyfriend was still asleep in the guest room, but I wasn’t going to let him slumber anymore. I had on my sexiest lingerie and made him fuck me the entire time. When Jen got home, it was like nothing at all happened. We kept our little secret and adventures on and still hook up.

Daddys sweet treat

incest phone sex

I have the perfect incest phone sex story. I have such a close relationship with daddy, and I Love when daddy makes me his sweet treat. I like to have him fuck me and make his cock throb. A little whip cream all over me, and daddy wants to go to town.

After a stressful week, daddy wants to kick back and relax and is craving some yummy pussy cream from his sweet angel.

I create the perfect relaxation station. I have an array of fresh strawberries and cream, as well as his favorite ice cream. I am about to let daddy lick me up everywhere he wants.

Daddy is so surprised at how I have managed to get him to change his mood so quickly. He walked in so stressed and is now about to go off into paradise. I let daddy know how I know he has worked so hard all week and needs some fun. 

Daddy begins to lick me all the places he feels like doing so. I can’t stop quivering from feeling his tongue explore me. 

My number one fan is a sissy

sissy phone sex

I have gotten quite comfortable in making sissies my total bitch. I love a good fan. One that can do whatever I say whenever I want. My project partner in class is a complete sissy. I figured it out quite quickly. I knew that he was obsessed with me. This particular sissy wanted to know everything about me. He kept asking me where I got my outfits and make-up from. He begged me to take him shopping and sissify him. I can’t turn that down, so I agreed. I knew he wanted to walk and talk like me and try to mimic me. It brought me so much laughter, but I loved the admiration in honestly didn’t want it to end. I told him if he really wanted to be a good sissy phone sex slut he would have to be willing to do it all and do it with a smile. I wanted him to be a good cocksucking whore and was willing to train him.

Church Slut



blasphemy phone sex

I grew up in a religious household, and Sunday service was a must every weekend. I did all the activities and even made friends. As time progressed, I wanted to go less to church and go out more and completely rebel. The thing is that my strict parents would not allow me to do so. I took matters into my own hand and began to be a slut in church. I had my way with all the boys my age and even older. The ultimate dark fun I had was with the pastor. He was notorious for looking at porn during the sermon and stroking his cock to youngins.

One day I slipped to his office and wanted to see how wicked he truly was. The perfect blasphemy phone sex fantasy would not even top what we did that afternoon. I was his church slut forever. I let him rub my tiny holes and let him stick his crucifix in my ass and pussy. I loved feeling him masturbating me. He made me pray for wicked sex for eternity. I did as he asked because that’s all that I care about.


Tennis lesson ends with an Anal pound

Anal Phone Sex

I know that anal phone sex is a blast. I definitely love to have anal fun and actually got into it quite young.

I was in tennis lessons, and my instructor always loved the private one on ones with me. It was quite late,

  one day, and we were at his private estate.

He had such a huge tennis academy. My instructor is world-renowned and has decades of experience—

A silver fox with a nice package that would spruce up against all the hot girls. I have felt him brush up against me one or two times.

The third time, however, was the charm.

I  couldn’t stop giggling during a warm-up. He  MUST have known  I was soaking in my little panties.

He asked me if I loved what I felt, and I smiled and said, of course.

That’s when he pulled my shorts down and began to rub my pussy thru my panties. And asked if I wanted a special lesson.

I didn’t turn that kind of proposal down. I felt his cock deep in all my holes, but I had a great anal pound for the first time.

My first job interview

Light bondage porn

So there’s a constant theme in my life when it comes to interviewing for a job. usually, I get a creep that wants to see me strip down and show him the goods. Well, the first request caught me by surprise. It was a couple of years back. I got home from school and decided to apply at this cute arts and craft store. The owner was interviewing, and I knew that I could get the position because there were enough of my friends working there that I had some great references.

It was odd to see the owner; I imagined it would be the opposite of him. Maybe a hippy type. He looked like he had no business there, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

When I went to see him he asked me a couple of questions and started to comment on my outfit then out of nowhere he asked me to strip down if I wanted to be a good girl.

It all happened so quickly that I said yes. I don’t know if the edibles I had to calm my nerves before that made me so compliant or if I expected it all along because I heard some rumors.

I knew he loved light bondage porn and young girls to work the shop for him. He would pay them very well, especially for a first job kind of gig.

Surveillance shenanigan’s

voyeur phone sex

I’ve often heard about the creep in the surveillance room at this fashion shop I love to frequent. Rumour has it that the guy loves to target hot girls and watch them in the dressing room. A little peeping tom of some sorts. My fucked up mind had me thinking about a plan. So as soon as I concoct it, I’m ready to push it forward. I’m in the mood for some spring break bikinis, and I want to try them all on in that specific dressing room. 

The idea he’s watching turns me on, so I go straight to rubbing my bald twat and fantasize about what he’s doing. I’m so sure he’s watching me in real-time, stroking his dick away. It makes me so wet that I begin to drip everywhere. I think about Voyeur phone sex and the fact that I’m being watched by perv. 

As soon as I’m done, I pack all my stuff out and go to check out and take all my hot new bikinis. On my way out, a guy bumps into me, and I can tell it’s the pervert in the surveillance room by his tag. I wink and smile, and I know his jaw just about drops.


Young bald pussy is so addicting

young bald pussy

Time to give in to your desires. Don’t deny them, you know, want this young bald pussy so badly. Get ready for one wild night. You call me up to tell me your wife is working an extra shift, and you know that I will be the ultimate fuck slut. I come over in the sluttiest outfit ever, ready to turn your wild fantasies into reality. It’s time for you to get treated like a real man. No more missionary and boring fucks. It’s time to feel this young tight cunt and let yourself delve deep and make your cock feel so good. I want you to slide into me and make me yours for the night. My wet pussy is dripping all over you, and you can’t stop begging me for more. You love as I ride it and take total control of your dick.

You’ve never had any girl make you want to lose control as this hot sexy slut has.

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