I brought you a present….

When I popped open the door to the trunk and showed you what I brought you I could tell you were pleased with my find.  Your cock sprang up at attention and I recognized that look in your eyes.  A mixture of insatiable lust mixed with anger.  Anger at all the little bitches who have ever said or done anything  in life to piss you off.  I knew right then this little morsel was going to suffer.

After we tote her in the house I start pulling out all of our little toys and my pussy is already drenching my panties in anticipation of getting to fuck this lil bitch up for you.  You get to sit back and not get your hands dirty and watch me destroy her young flesh.  Maybe today you will decide you want to step in and destroy her yourself.  All I know is when its all over I am hoping like hell she is ruined and my pussy is filled up with your cum as a reward for being a good obedient servant and finding you such a treat…




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