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Yes i swallow

hot ass sex

After hot ass sex, I always swallow. I’m not like other girls who don’t like the taste of jizz. I enjoy making eye contact with you as I swallow all of your load.

You will be able to see me beg for more cum because I won’t stop till I am thoroughly drenched with your special cream. It is all messy and all over me.

When I noticed how much guys love when us girls swallow, I made a vow to make as many men watch me take their nut juice in my mouth. Most of the time, the guys are super impressed because there’s such a low percentage of girls who swallow.

I smile and giggle and tell them I was born to eat their cum. My sucking style and fucking ways are far above any young girl my age.

sexy college girl porn I made a few

 Sexy college girl porn

You know college days should be filled with bad decisions, alcohol, and party favors. When a group of us went down to Tijuana from San Diego, we knew we would be getting into trouble. We hit the bars, and I began drinking like a fish. All my college classmates were enjoying myself. We had the music playing and lots of drugs going around, and I went on stage at the bar and began to hop on the pole and dance my ass off while everyone in the audience got their peckers nice and hard. 

I was so into attention, so I went back to the hotel with a group of classmates and let each of them fuck my holes. Before they did, they pulled out their phones and began to create some sexy college girl porn. When we returned to the states, my videos out in the bar in Tijuana were everywhere. It didn’t take long till my porn video began popping up everywhere till it finally hit the dean. 

I was going to be expelled, but the dean got a head start on my approval letters for future job endeavors. It was easier to blow him than to have my spring break in Tijuana get to my parents.

Evil Babysitter phone sex on the brain

Babysitter Phone Sex

So you have evil babysitter phone sex on your brain. I can help with that. I have many families I sit for and access many brats. My cunt gets dripping wet whenever tots surround me. The ones that will do whatever I say I love the most. Well-behaved youngins know how to go the distance and do as I say. 

Knowing I am the reason for some wild fun makes me want to masturbate anywhere and everywhere. During class, I think about all the stuff I’m going to experiment with, these thumb-sucking little ones. I will make sure my boyfriend comes over and slides his big cock in their assholes. I’m going to violate and play with them. You know, this is how I learned all I know with a babysitter who would frequent my house and bring over her boyfriends to play games with my little rosebud and butterfly. Now it’s time I do some wicked things too, and I sure do enjoy the brats that won’t be able to vocalize all we do.

Teen phone sex with toys

When johnny boy calls me, I know to grab my handy dandy Hitachi cause it will be quite the ride. We always play red light, green light. We enjoy toys, and he’s my regular, and we have plenty to do over the phone when he calls me for our daily teen phone sex.

Johnny is so excellent because he makes sure to make me cum. Even though it is my job to make him cum he does everything in his power to make sure I get to have a blast as well. We love to say green light to one another when we can put the toys on full blast and love to edge together. I can’t wait to get my pussy juices all over my Hitachi tonight with big dick johnny.

Your dream girl

wet bald pussy

Let’s escape together, baby. I’m going to dress up and be a different girl for you. I am obsessed with sexy outfits and love to give you a fashion show. You know you get a nice hard-on when you see me as your favorite character. I l love wearing outfits and getting you right where you need to be. Tell me the most perverted fantasy, and let’s recreate the scene.

 I’m ready to fill your mind with the sexiest and naughtiest fantasies getting you all riled up and ready to go. All I’m doing is getting that cock so fucking hard that you feel like you can cut diamonds with your member.

I’m craving a nice fuck more times than not. It is a fun task to get someone out of their shell and make their intimate fantasies come true. When I hear a caller wants me to be a specific person, I always get happy. I l love the chance to be able to make you nut while you are jerking it thinking about your sweet niece or anyone you need to fuck.

Let’s make a fun time happen and create some sexual magic. Want a sex slave? Pick me and fuck me up, hogtie me and make me call you, sir.

If you want the opposite, I can surely give you that too. I always love to be the dominant slut with a nice whip and plenty of toys to make you regret giving power. It will always be fun when you have someone who knows how to get you going. I’m sure I can be the one to make the most secretive fantasy come true over roleplay.

Get ready to enjoy some hot fun tonight; and we will have a session to remember, and we will do it over again.

young bald pussy

Durty Kurty

sissy phone sex

I had the wildest sissy phone sex yesterday with durty kurty. I call her that because she wants to be a girl so bad. She has sisters, and she wants to be the sluttiest one. I had to tell dirty kurty all about her being a cum whore for big juicy black cock. Little Kurty began to whimper in pleasure. She could think about one of her sister’s ex-boyfriends—a horny big black guy packing an enormous dong thus far. Kurty couldn’t keep her mind straight. All she wanted was a big daddy cock deep in her ass pussy. Kurty wants to be the vilest sissy whore in the world. She will do it all for some black shlong. You will see her plead and beg for what makes her cunt go wild. People may call her nasty, deprived, and pathetic, but I call her a slut. slave training phone sex

Durty kurty loves to hear she is being a sloppy sissy. She wants all her sisters to know that she is a whore and loves to out slut them. In the end, it’s a sort of competition in her head about who is the best daughter for daddy. Durty kurty is a pink tutu-wearing sissy for daddy. Yes, it is true; even though it may seem so fucking dumb, he is for sure the biggest cum eating faggot around. Kurty wants to be the one to get daddy’s dick all night long. Wearing all kinds of outfits, looking like a complete total slut, dirty kurty will be the one bending over and letting that big penis ram her like the slut she is while she moans and groans for daddy to go even further and more profound. All dirty kurty wants is attention from men, and she wants to be girly but super slutty. She will even take a filthy dick deep in her ass. What a gross butt slut. Durty kurty is pretty easy slave training phone sex.

Why don’t you tell me a secret?

adult phone chat

One of my guilty pleasures when it comes to adult phone chat is hearing all about fantasies that are too wild even to say out loud. Whenever a caller gives me a sick twisted scenario, my pussy juices start flowing like an open faucet. I’m so into the idea of you giving me a scenario I have yet to hear. See, I have enjoyed being a phone whore here for quite a bit, so I’ve heard it all under the sun. Last week was quite the thrill ride. I had a guy call me up, and he was pretty out of breath. It is not unusual to hear that, but this was different. I could listen to a loud authoritative man calling him names and telling him to beg. I couldn’t believe I heard a sissy getting bent over and pumped in the ass. My god was it hot to listen to the sissy squeal and get pumped full of jizz. It’s times like this that I love my phone gig so much more. You can call me the hot secret keeper.

i fuck daddies

young bald pussy

I have developed a close relationship with Mr. Jones. My friend Cassidy would love me to go over, and I would wear the shortest little skirt and shorts and bend over so that Mr. Jones would see my bald cunt. You can already guess I had him going crazy. Anything that involves my young bald pussy gets me electrified. All I could think about was my dripping wet cunt stretched out by an older man. Call it daddy issues, call it being fucked up in the head, and I don’t care. I want a real man to get control of me and stick his dick balls deep inside me till I scream loud moans. Feel my young body tense up while you stretch me out more. The boys I have had can’t hold a candle to a man who knows his way around a hot pussy. Mr. Jones wasn’t able to hold back for too long. 

I had him fucking me in the bed he shares with his wife. One day I even convinced him to fuck me in Cassidy’s bed. It felt so right to be so wrong.

Does bondage phone sex excite you?

bondage phone sex

Does bondage phone sex excite you? I’m going to tell you why it does for me. Whenever I get a caller that wants to explore bondage, I always get a tingle in my clit. I’m reminded of all those times my ex-boyfriend would use my body for his pleasure. It excited me more than a massive dong. I’m a little fucked up in the head if I say so myself. I enjoy being whipped and talked down to and will get horny if I have you scream at me.

I’m such a bondage lover that I make it known to whoever I’m with that I am an open book. I can’t cum unless I am choked, slapped around, or paddled. I’m sure I can get to climax because I’ve had no choice, but I will never want your cock again unless you get a little more aggressive once I am done.

Nude beach fun with uncle dax

Hot phonesex

My uncle Dax is so hot! It’s always quite weird to call him uncle since we barely have a four-year age gap. We practically grew up like siblings. My uncle looks so much like my dad, a younger version, of course, and we all know that I am very fond of daddy. When uncle Dax comes over, he always takes me on some gnarly adventures. Lately, he has had me try all his hot spots that I can now legally go to, and that’s always a blast. When uncle Dax told me he had a special surprise, I got all excited, and if I’m being frank, my cunt got slippery wet! Dax and I have a special relationship. We have long crossed that incestuous line, and we don’t apologize. 

I knew wherever he took me, it would be memorable, and boy was he right. Uncle Dax told me not to worry about dressing up because where we were going required little to nothing. Once he said to me that I could guess it was going to be a private affair. After a good hour’s drive down the pacific coast highway, we ended up at a secluded little lagoon. A big “Clothing optional” sign stuck out like a sore thumb. There was barely anyone around. A nice-looking throuple and a few couples. Uncle Dax and I made a run to the cove and began to frolic on the beach. the turquoise waters and sunny sight felt like I was in the Caribbean. I couldn’t contain my eagerness and happiness. We made out like teenagers in love. It didn’t take long to make uncle Dax fuck me right on the shoreline.

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