Cocksucking on the Beach with Specials

Tranny Phone SexI am so tired of the winter and so ready for the spring weather to hit. Today I went shopping and picked up a few new bathing suits, I just love this yellow one the best of all those I purchased today. Right now I am sitting here just daydreaming about what we will do this summer on the beach. I know that your as big of an exhibitionist as I am and can’t wait for the beach wear weather to arrive. I have been doing some research to find some secluded beaches along with looking for where all the nude beaches are located.

Okay so now I’m tired of daydreaming and I called you to come over, I am wearing my new cute little yellow bikini and I set up the bedroom to look as springtime as I could. Once you got here I made us some lemonade with a splash of vodka and we headed for the bedroom. I sucked your cock while you sucked mine until we both shot our huge loads of cum into each others mouths so hard I felt the earth move! I talked you into staying the night so we are going out to dinner and then tonight I can’t wait to get my huge cock in that tight little ass of yours!

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Tranny Phone Sex

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