Daddy Knows Best

Hi Daddy! You look sleepy, can I cum sleep with you? I know I’m young and little but I can make your Daddy Dickie feel really, really good. You take such good care of me, and I’m your precious, special little girl. Do you want to put your Daddy hands right down my Tinkerbell fairy panties and feel the wet, tight little holes that are waiting for you? I know my mouth is dirty ‘cus you keep washing it out with soap and water, but I promise I can fit lots of things inside of it! When I suck on glue in art class, my teacher says “No, Leslie, don’t suck on glue!” Okay, I know better now…but do you have anything white, sticky, and yummy for me to suck on, Daddy? I’m going to use my best slurpy slurp lips and lick up all of your special Daddy cream! Just like when you pour me milk before bedtime, except forget the glass–I want my Daddy to pour his milk straight down my throat! So Daddy…do you have a special, thick, throbbing, warm straw for your little girl to suck?

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