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Shemale Phone Sex and Edging

shemale phone sex

In the mood for some sexy shemale phone sex?  My dick is always hard. It makes some of my fellow T-girls jelly that I can get so stiff many times a day. I take hormones and they can give some trannies dick issues, but not me. I have great edging techniques too. I will edge my pretty cock for a solid hour or so and not allow myself to cum too quickly. I like to save my biggest loads for your ass and mouth! Some of my fellow sexy shemales beat off nonstop. I am now the best of both worlds. Although I have a cock, I think and act like a lady. That means I have some self-control when it comes to jacking off. I enjoy guided masturbation. I help men I fuck and men I talk to on the phone last longer. No one likes a limp dick, not even a sexy shemale. But here is the deal. Most dick issues are related to misuse, LOL. Sure, age and health are a factor, but if you are a healthy man, you should be able to cum a few times a day at least. When I was a horny teen boy, I jerked my dick raw and drained every drop many times a day. The key is edging. Give yourself pleasure longer and hold off on the cum shot. Stroke then stop. Let that cum build up in your balls so you can have the biggest cum shot when you need to. Trust me. When my sexy shemale cock is pounding your asshole, you will want to shoot your load across the room. If you are a chronic masturbator or a quick cummer, let a sexy shemale help you edge. I know how to drain every last drop of cum from your balls.

I’m addicted to wet bald pussy!

wet bald pussy

I bet you enjoy my hot pics with all my sexy friends. I love wet bald pussy, and I wasn’t always bi. I was too insecure about sharing my man with another girl. After much consideration after hearing my then-boyfriend beg me to let us have a threesome, I caved. Now all I want is cunts. Don’t fret. I enjoy cocks still, but there’s something about turning a friend into a whore that has me wanting to do it all the time.

The truth is that girls know how to have fun. After all, My sweet pussy hole deserves all cunts and cocks in this green earth. I’m ready to explore, and that shows very fast. I’m all in for some dirty escapades. 
I love to rub pussies. They are so warm and feel so good. I let my ex-boyfriend talk me into a threesome that got me into fucking girls and letting men watch. It’s a sort of domination to have a man watch as you please and get please by women. Its power and control. 
When my ex watched me and my friend candace have our fun, he couldn’t hold back and ended up exploding everywhere. It felt so lovely to see him struggle. He couldn’t finish the job. All he could be sitting there like he was useless. Candace and I were in our world. My ex had the biggest cum shot ever splurt out, and all I could think about was how come I had never dipped in the lady pond sooner. 
From then on, we ditched him and moved on to a man packing down under, and I am happy.
When you have two girls, you better satisfy both of them, and if you can’t, you will be dropped. Ever since then, Candace and I have kept our hot new bond. Sadly different schools kept us apart, but we still always get together whenever the other one Is in town, and you know me, I must find the same kind of vibe elsewhere, so I found my hottie friend Rosie and she another hot blonde. I got a type.

biggest cum shot

Living On The Edge

Edge Play Phone Sex


Edge play phone sex with me will have your needy cock so close to cumming that you’ll be begging me for an ultimately sweet release.   Your dick will drip and ooze so much pre cum that I’m sure you’ll wonder if something is wrong with you.  I have no problem stroking and tickling, kissing and licking a rock hard johnson for hours and hours, just knowing that when I finally let that swollen prick blow, the explosion will be so extreme that my special man toy will scream and wail in sweet agony as cascades of sweet cum erupt from his massive member.  When I give a cock permission to blow, it blows like a busted water pipe from all the jizz that built up from the hours of teasing and pecker play! My cunt gets so wet knowing how much power I have over a cock and balls in my hand and the rivers of cum that they produce for me.  Want me to slurp it all up with my mommy mouth?


Age Play Phone Sex – Dark Fantasies

Age Play Phone Sex

Mommy has some seriously dark fantasies involving the violation of her two young girls. My daughters are the perfect little fuck sluts who, just like Mommy, love a big nasty cum load. I want to see them as the stars of my gang rape fantasy fuck! That forced gang bang is what’s making my slit so slippery. To be able to actually watch my girls get hurt during a violent fuck is almost too much for me to think about without instantly squirting all over the place. It’s not just their creamy cunts, or their fear that fuels me but their tears make me want to use them as lube. It’s something sinister in me that makes me a wet Mommy whore over rape fantasies with my girls!

The Neighbor Paid Me For My Asshole

Married Men Phone Sex

Money was getting tight so I decided to sell this shaved wet pussy of mine. I knew my neighbor wanted to fuck me and he is a lawyer and business owner, his car was the only car in the drive way. I rang the doorbell and he answered in a towel. I told him I locked myself out and if he could help me. He told me to come in so he can get dressed. As soon as he closed the door. I told him that I knew he wanted to fuck me. If he gave me what I wanted he would get what he wanted, as a business man he knew what I was talking about. He dropped his towel and a big cock sprung out; it was thick too. I got on my knees and sucked it he was stretching my lips I could feel the corners of my mouth stretching to fit his cock.  he told me to bend over and I did as I spread my pussy lips. He laughed and said he gets pussy all the time as he shoved his cock deep in my asshole. He pumped my asshole with his big cock over and over until he came all in my asshole, then pissed all over my face as he threw a thousand dollars at me. He told me I am good and he would hire me as his personal cum dumpster.  

Tonight’s goal? Masturbating at the thought of you…

Mutual masturbation phone sexEarlier today I was thinking about you, and I desperately needed to get off but you weren’t there to help me, so I did what any good little fuck toy would: I opened up my pants and stuck one hand down them. I slowly stuck one finger inside my tight, shaved little cunt, feeling myself get nice and wet. I can’t help it…thinking of you and the last time we fucked, how hot it was…it turns me on all over again. As I remembered how it felt when you slid inside me, me on top so you could look at my lovely white tits, I took two fingers and slowly circled my tiny clit. God it felt so good. I started moaning a little too loudly and I heard my neighbor pound on the wall, and it reminded me of how you pounded my cunt that night. Remember how I was riding you, I leaned back so you could get a good look at your cock inside my tight little cunt, and you used your thumb on my clit? Jesus fucking christ, that felt so amazing. That’s what I was remembering as I quickly made tiny circles around my clit, moaning your name and fucking my own hand. I came so hard all over that hand baby. Just remembering how you came inside me that night, filling up my cunt with the most delicious creampie! Oh god. I can’t help but wonder if I would have gotten off any harder had I called you first and had you on the phone while I was playing with myself, too. Then you could have joined, stroking your huge rock hard cock up and down with one hand, while I inserted two fingers inside myself, swirling them around, feeling how fucking wet you make me even when you’re not there. God damn I need to cum again. Maybe you could help me out this time baby?

GFE Phone Sex


GFE Phone Sex

Been feeling a little lonely lately, lover? Let me take care of you and satisfy those filthy cravings you’ve been having. I’m a high-class girl with an undying thirst for cock. We’ll start slow and work our way up to the main event. I fucking love some long-ass foreplay. I’ll wear my best little outfit for you and give you the striptease you’ve been aching for. My body is perfectly toned and ready for a few (dozen) orgasms. Watch me put on a sultry show while you admire my curves. My ass will be shaking to the bass and I’ll have you so ready for some relief. After my dance, we’ll make our way over to the bed and I’ll massage your hard body… Paying careful attention to that throbbing erection that’s popping through your pants. Force me onto my knees while I stroke and caress your cock. Taking you in and out of my mouth and pulling the climax from your body.

A Good Sister

Bisexual Phone Sex

Being a good sister to me means being available to my big brother whenever he needs to fuck me or share me! Once I was studying for a big test when I heard my brother come in with a rowdy group of guys! I could hear them all the way from my bedroom so I could tell they were obviously drunk! I decided to throw on something slutty- a crop top and shorts- and head downstairs. When they saw me they all turned their eyes to me and instantly I could tell they were getting hard. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some whip cream “anybody hungry?” I asked.. needless to say they devoured me, they licked whip cream off my pussy until I came and then took turns fucking all my holes, emptying their cum loads all over my tits and face. My big brother Jake was so proud of me that night!

I’m Your Fuck Doll

BDSM Phone Sex Make me gag with your rod, choke me with cum, deep down all I really want is to be held down and fucked until I cant even walk straight anymore. I have this craving for as many cocks as possible but I want to be forced to fuck and not know when It will end. I never understood why I want it but I do know that all I crave is for you hold me down while my legs are spread wide with my clit exposed to a vibrator, I need to be forced to cum again and again until I cant even scream anymore. I want as many cocks inside me at the same time so I can be completely covered in cum. I get wet just thinking about getting spread out by a large gathering of hot hard dicks just leaking in anticipation of drilling me. It is my personal dream to be the most used and abused fuck doll for all to see.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex is why I became a phone slut. I have long been a horny girl. I started masturbating about the same time I began playing with dolls. I do not think the first time I touched my pussy I knew the term masturbation. I do not even think I touched myself knowing what could happen. It was curiosity. One time, I put my Barbie doll inside my pussy. I popped my own cherry with Barbie. I was scared because now my Barbie was a red head, LOL. I knew I was bleeding, but I was scared to say anything to anyone because how do you tell your parents your Barbie made you bleed down there. I did not hurt, and the bleeding stopped, so I looked for different things I could touch myself with. I was a horny little thing. Fast forward a few years and I am in high school touching myself every chance I got. Once I knew I was masturbating and that I could give myself that kind of intense pleasure, I started using everything and anything I could. I was masturbating for years before I  took my first cock. Now, I am a cock loving slut and a phone sex whore. Now, I masturbate with friends. I have the best job. I love to tell men how to jack off for me. I love helping men drain their balls too. I can give you a ball draining prostate experience that will leave you feeling 10 pounds lighter. This guy bought a Lovens prostate massage but was afraid to try it. I had to push him to do it and let me control the speed. I could hear it vibrate as I turned the speed up. His moaning made me rub my pussy faster. I love helping men discover their G spot. We can do mutual masturbation, jerk off instructions, and cum eating encouragement. I will help you drain your balls.

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