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A Good Sister

Bisexual Phone Sex

Being a good sister to me means being available to my big brother whenever he needs to fuck me or share me! Once I was studying for a big test when I heard my brother come in with a rowdy group of guys! I could hear them all the way from my bedroom so I could tell they were obviously drunk! I decided to throw on something slutty- a crop top and shorts- and head downstairs. When they saw me they all turned their eyes to me and instantly I could tell they were getting hard. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some whip cream “anybody hungry?” I asked.. needless to say they devoured me, they licked whip cream off my pussy until I came and then took turns fucking all my holes, emptying their cum loads all over my tits and face. My big brother Jake was so proud of me that night!

I’m Your Fuck Doll

BDSM Phone Sex Make me gag with your rod, choke me with cum, deep down all I really want is to be held down and fucked until I cant even walk straight anymore. I have this craving for as many cocks as possible but I want to be forced to fuck and not know when It will end. I never understood why I want it but I do know that all I crave is for you hold me down while my legs are spread wide with my clit exposed to a vibrator, I need to be forced to cum again and again until I cant even scream anymore. I want as many cocks inside me at the same time so I can be completely covered in cum. I get wet just thinking about getting spread out by a large gathering of hot hard dicks just leaking in anticipation of drilling me. It is my personal dream to be the most used and abused fuck doll for all to see.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex is why I became a phone slut. I have long been a horny girl. I started masturbating about the same time I began playing with dolls. I do not think the first time I touched my pussy I knew the term masturbation. I do not even think I touched myself knowing what could happen. It was curiosity. One time, I put my Barbie doll inside my pussy. I popped my own cherry with Barbie. I was scared because now my Barbie was a red head, LOL. I knew I was bleeding, but I was scared to say anything to anyone because how do you tell your parents your Barbie made you bleed down there. I did not hurt, and the bleeding stopped, so I looked for different things I could touch myself with. I was a horny little thing. Fast forward a few years and I am in high school touching myself every chance I got. Once I knew I was masturbating and that I could give myself that kind of intense pleasure, I started using everything and anything I could. I was masturbating for years before I  took my first cock. Now, I am a cock loving slut and a phone sex whore. Now, I masturbate with friends. I have the best job. I love to tell men how to jack off for me. I love helping men drain their balls too. I can give you a ball draining prostate experience that will leave you feeling 10 pounds lighter. This guy bought a Lovens prostate massage but was afraid to try it. I had to push him to do it and let me control the speed. I could hear it vibrate as I turned the speed up. His moaning made me rub my pussy faster. I love helping men discover their G spot. We can do mutual masturbation, jerk off instructions, and cum eating encouragement. I will help you drain your balls.

Falling for my trap

cum shots on tits

When I have my eyes set on something, I will do anything to get it and won’t stop till I have the things I crave. When I see a friend or even a family member flaunting a new significant other, I will stop at nothing to get my hands on that person.

I think it’s the homewrecking fantasy I have. My pussy gets ready to get fucked when I see something I like. It’s the thrill that gets me going and has me wanting more. Whenever I see what I want, I will be sure to have it sooner than not. When my sister brought her date over, I already planned out adding him to social media, sending him selfies, and luring him into my trap. I wish I could say it took longer, but it didn’t. I had the sucker on his knees, wanting me at a snap of a finger. Once I got the fuck I wanted and felt his cock thrust in me and got off, I threw him away and kept it going.

Master Gifted Me For Mother’s Day

Furry Friends Phone Sex
Mother’s Day just passed, and this year Master gifted me out to be a Mother’s Helper. The family he picked seemed nice enough, until he left. The woman immediately made me strip down, telling me she was my new Mommy now. I obeyed her every wish like the good little submissive slut that I am. I washed her floors and then her feet with my tongue.

I used my hair to wash the dishes while her furry friends licked at my bare, peanut butter stuffed cunt. She instructed me not to cum, which was so fucking difficult as that smooth, hot tongue made pass after pass over my sensitive, submissive cunt. I was whining as I felt it building; she ordered me not to close my legs, but I didn’t know how much more I could take.

My hair was disgusting, my orgasm was building, and I was begging her to please let me cum. Not until the chores were done, she said. I had one more pot left, but I couldn’t hold out against that delicious fucking tongue. It was driving me to madness. I realized I was now grinding into man’s best friend, working my body closer and closer; until he stopped!

She pulled him away by his collar, one lick short of sending me over the edge. I began to cry. I’d been so fucking close.
Hot Squirting Pussy

Tranny Phone Sex and Mutual Masturbation

tranny phone sexTranny phone sex in the morning gets you going. I always wake up with morning wood. What about you? I can get hard at the drop of a dime. I hear guys on the phone talking about hiring shemale escorts who have trouble getting erect. That is the main reason I am not a shemale escort. I never want my ten-inch cock anything but rock hard when I am fucking a tight ass or a pretty mouth. Shemale escorts have erection issues because they cum too many times a day or try to cum too many times. Now, I can cum a lot, but I do not jack off nonstop either because I want to be able to perform when needed. I never know when I may get the call to fuck an ass. I woke up this morning with a stiff dick. Sexy shemales get morning wood too. I edged my dick but saved my cum for my shemale phone sex lovers. My first caller got a huge load up his ass this morning. He was a little sissy bitch. He said his dick was three inches. That is not a dick. That is a clit stick. I laughed at him. I needed the laugh too. His ass felt tight. Even though I came in this tiny dick loser’s ass, I still had enough jizz left to mutually masturbate with my next caller. He had a bigger dick. He sounded like he would have a bigger cock too. I am not a bottom, so I had to tell him he could be my bottom, or we could stroke together. He opted for mutual masturbation phone sex. I am hard again just thinking about my first two calls of the day. This is why I love working in the mornings. My dick is at its hardest. Do not worry boys, this sexy shemale has much more cum to unload today.

Some naughty furniture shopping

Mutual masturbation porn

I am not shy about how horny I get, and sometimes the mood for me strikes at the most random times. I actually was shopping for furniture, and I got so horny and was completely wet I couldn’t help myself. I had to slip away to one of the back rooms and finger fuck my pussy. I thought about mutual masturbation porn and how badly I wanted a nice cock deep in me. It was quite risky, but I was so horny and knew I could rub it out quick enough that no one would notice. Unfortunately, surveillance cameras are everywhere, and a guard came by and told me to follow him to the back office.

I was mortified, but what happened next would be something I’d never forget. The guard asked if he could have a closer look, and he wouldn’t mention it to a soul. I, of course, abided, and before I knew it, I was spread eagle on his desk, rubbing my cunt and cumming all over. Furniture shopping can be quite an adventure.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex in a Bubble Bath

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex is one of the perks of this job. I mean where else can I get paid to play with my pussy. I am a fan of bubble baths. Sometimes, I sneak away in the evenings during my shifts and take a hot bubble bath. I bring my computer and my phone in case I get a call. I have discovered in the years that I have been doing this that the best way to make your phone ring is to get naked and get in the tub or shower. It is like horny men know when you are horny and naked too. I had tea candles lit around the tub and let Calgon take me away. One of the first things I did was play with my wet bald pussy. I was about ready to cum when my phone rang. It was a regular of mine. I teased him that he knew I was just thinking of him. He could hear the water, so he knew I was being truthful about my bubble bath. I keep a few toys in the bathroom too because I always want to be prepared to play properly with you. I love getting off with my callers. It is what makes this job better than any other job I have had. Last night, with the warm bubble bath around me, I put a dildo in my cunt while my caller told me how to fuck my pussy. He guided my pace. He would make me stop periodically, edging me and making my orgasm build. I love being told what to do with my wet kitty. I also love hearing men get off on the phone to me and with me. Want to get off with a sexy bbw phone sex slut? I am wet and ready for you.

Experience Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexCome and lay down for me, keep your phone nearby and open your mind to erotic hypnosis phone sex. It’s a lot easier than you think and doesn’t take a lot of effort at all on your part. Just allow yourself to be open and vulnerable in a safe and quiet setting. Letting my voice guide you along a sensual sexual journey. This means no distraction, strip down, get comfortable preferable in a dark room with just you, your cock and my voice. I start by instructing you to clear your mind, prying into the naughty thoughts running through your mind. You’ll find it’s very easy to express yourself when relaxed and alone, just the two of us. Before you know it, the control on your mind and your cock has begun. I don’t need a silver watch, or pinwheels to break into your mind. You are going to invite me in all on your own.

Stroke For Me

Guided masturbationRelax put the stress of the day away just for a little bit. Your goddess is here to walk you through it. Take a few deep breaths and bask in my presence, your cock is hard already. Now you know what it’s time for don’t you? It’s time to see how long you last for me. You want to impress me don’t you? Don’t be a two pump chump, let’s really push you. Start steady, slow my hot breath on the back of your neck, you can feel my eyes staring right at your cock. The pressure is on but you can handle it. Go faster don’t stop until the pre-cum is dripping down your shaft then take a break. Take your finger tip and tease that warm droplet up and down your shaft as cool off just a little bit. Maybe if you impress me it will be my tongue licking and tasting your shaft soon. Show me what you got happy stroker boy.

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