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Toy Story

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is a lot of fun! I get so turned on when I get a good call that I have to join in!
I have a pretty big selection of toys. I have double headed dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, I even have a pussy sucker!
But I have been bored and was looking for something new!
So I headed to the local adult store. This is my favorite store because they also have movie place where you can go in a room and watch porn….but we all know what really happens in those rooms!
I walked in and was instantly drawn to this ribbed red vibrator, It was so thick! I was so excited that I wanted to get a room and try it out! But the place was packed and all the rooms were occupied.
I am a regular there so the guy behind the counter helped me out. He said I could go out the back door where he takes his breaks and no one will see me.
It was risky but I was already squishy. So I go out and start playing with my shiny new red toy! I slipped the fat head inside my slippery kitty and turn the vibrator on. It was so powerful I almost fell off the chair!
I pushed it deeper and deeper until I couldn’t take any more and then I started slamming that fuck toy in my twitching cunt!
I came so hard that I didn’t even notice the clerk watching me through the crack of the door.
I just smiled and put my clothes on and left.
When I got home, I pulled out the laptop to check out some of my favorite sites and I saw this picture all over the internet! I was shocked but I had to laugh! He takes a pretty good picture, don’t ya think!

Incest Phone Sex: Jack off with Mommy

incest phone sex Incest phone sex stories are something I have plenty to share. Several years ago, I walked in on my sons fucking a watermelon. My youngest boy was watching the movie American Pie. I am no Betty Crocker, so there was no cherry pie in the house. He improvised. He cut a hole in the side of the watermelon and slipped his little dick inside. His older brother walked in on him and cut another hole on the other of the watermelon. I walked in and saw my two horny boys fucking the same watermelon with their little peckers touching too. I told them to hump for mommy. They came so hard. I ate some extra salty watermelon that day. It became a family joke and a tradition to play with food. I would give them some guided masturbation tips. One time, I made some spaghetti. I poured the wet warm noodles into a mason jar. I put a cloth covering on top with a hole cut into it. I told my boys to fuck the jar because the warm wet noodles would feel like mommy’s warm wet pussy. They came so hard. That was the best spaghetti I ever ate that night too. We still masturbate together with whatever food items are in the kitchen. I loved teaching them creative jack off techniques. I love teaching my callers how to get off with common household objects and food too. Want to jack off for mommy?

Cocksucking Whore Gets Throat Fucked

Cocksucking Phone SexMy professor caught my playing with my pretty pink pussy in the middle of class. I was daydreaming about you when my hand just wandered into my sweet short-shorts. I sat in the back of the classroom, so I wasn’t afraid of being so wet. But, Professor must have smelled my sweet slutty pheromones. He came almost running right back to my seat, right when I was three flicks of my clit away from cumming. He asked to speak to me in the hallway, and I could see how hard his cock was through his khakis. In the hall, he pulled out his fat cock, and forced me to my knees. I let him throat fuck me until he blew his hot, steamy load down my throat. I swallowed every drop, just like a good girl would. When I turned around, I saw a line had formed! The male faculty stood in the hall, waiting for my sweet slutty lips around their cocks.

Guided Masturbation and BBCs

guided masturbationI want to talk to you about big black dicks and guided masturbation. If you are a white man, have you ever wondered why there is so much interracial porn or why so many white women date black men? I know plenty of white men who are in denial. It is not the content of your character that counts. It is not even the size of your wallet that matters for many women. It about the size of your cock. Big black cocks with cum filled balls do more for a woman than white dicks. I do not even masturbate with flesh or pink colored dildos. Anything that goes in my pussy, mouth or ass needs to be dark. My guess is if you are still reading my blog, you watch interracial porn and wish your woman would take big black cocks like me.  Maybe, you even jack off thinking of watching your woman get hammered by big black cock.  I bet you do not like watching little white dicks fucking pussies. You know a white dick will never give a woman a hot squirting pussy. BBCs stretch our cunts wide, ruining our fuck holes for little white pricks. If your white dick falls out of your girl’s pussy, either she needs some big black cock, or she has already had some. Get your girl a big black dildo like the run I am riding. See her reaction. Watch her play with it then you will know if she is a BBC whore or just a wannabe.  When I cannot get the real thing, I fuck myself with a black dildo. Even a plastic BBC is better than a real cock that is white. Somehow, I know you already know that. My guess is you jack off to black cock. Maybe you even want to be a black cock faggot.

Guided Masturbation for a Prostate Orgasm

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. Especially in times like this, I love to stroke my ten-inch cock for men on the phone. I love to tell them how to jack off for me too. As a sexy shemale, I play with my cock and my ass. Our G-spot is in our asses. I get the most pleasure from stroking my cock while playing with my ass. I bet you do too, but it is harder to pleasure your ass yourself. I have years of practice. Every man, gay or straight, should have a prostate orgasm. It is mind blowing, and ball draining. I was on a hot prostate phone sex call last night. We were telling each other how to masturbate. I was using this pretty pink vibrator in my ass when the batteries died. I was so close to blowing my load. I did not want to lose the momentum searching for AAA batteries, LOL. I grabbed some carrots from the refrigerator. I can improvise. When it comes to massaging my prostrate, most household items work. What have you put in your ass before? I bet you have done all sorts of things your wife and family never knew you did. This one time, when I was a schoolboy, I played with my mom’s shoes. Sure, I wore them, but when I put the heel up my ass, that moment was a game changer. I came so hard. My life became dedicated to making myself cum that hard again. I knew back then, I was born in the wrong body. I like having a cock, however. So, I made the right decision to keep it. I bet you are glad I did too. That means my sexy tranny 10-inch cock can give you the ball draining prostate orgasm you cannot give yourself.

Paying the Rent with Big Tit Photos

big tit photosThe rent was due, so it meant I had to pose for some big tit photos. I was not wanting to do it. My landlord is scuzzy. He looks like Ron Jeremy on a bad day. With what I am hearing in the news, he is just as pervy too. Our governor said no one could be evicted for three months, but rent was due today and I did not have all I owed for the past few months. I have paid some of my rent, but I am behind. The strip club has been closed, so I am missing that income. Phone sex has been better than I expected, but slower than usual too. I do not want to be looking for a place to live during a pandemic. I sucked it up and showed him my big tits. He snapped pictures and I started to leave. He would not let me leave. This time, pictures and ogling my rack were not enough. I owed him more than usual and I could legally be evicted, and I just could not endure that. I had to suck it up. He wanted to jack off on my tits. Although my fat, hairy landlord repulses me, I sucked it up. I just pictured someone more handsome and in better shape stroking his cock in front of me. I have a great imagination.  As I thought about a tall dark handsome man, my fat slob of a landlord did his thing. It was humiliating, but if it keeps me in my place, I will do it again, especially if I can think of you.  I should just feel lucky that the pervert does not want to fuck me. Well, I know he wants to fuck me. Look at me? He is married and afraid I will give him something or get knocked up. I know, crazy right? He is the dirty, out of shape one. All I could give him would be the best pussy and ass he has ever had.

Department Store Dildo Whore

Guided MasturbationI hit a pothole, and nearly screamed. My pussy clenched around the seven inch dildo I’d plunged into my pussy while getting dressed. Every step, every single bump, was the sweetest torment. I rolled my car up to the department store, and parked at a distance from the storefront and the other cars. I put the car in park, and started to rock my hips against the dildo.
The pleasure that shot from my cunt to my clit was earth shattering. I started to really ride that thing. It pressed against my panties and the seat perfectly. I felt my breath coming quicker, my pulse racing, as my body was reaching it’s cumming point. That’s all I needed now. I was so in tune with fucking myself, I didn’t see the man approach.
“Are you okay, miss? You look like you’re having a seizure.” My heart leapt into my throat as I halted my strokes just mere millimeters away from a mind blowing orgasm. My face flushed; I’d been caught being a filthy whore in my car.
“I was… dancing.” I offered with a shy smile, my pussy trying to milk the dildo, begging for release.
“Oh.” He smiled knowingly, and offered a wink, before strolling away to enter the store. I saw how hard his cock was through his sweatpants. He knew! But I couldn’t continue now, I had to go shopping. I was caught with a hand in the cookie jar. I exited the car, whining at the pure torture this dildo was giving me. I walked towards the store, and stopped. It would be too much, the way my hips rocked the cock inside me. I was sure to make a mess of myself. Already, I could see a small wet spot on my pants. Not good!
There was a breath on my ear. The sexy bloke who’d caught me riding a rubber cock in my car was there, hand on my throat. “Don’t cum in the store, Kitten.” I whined again. I was never going to make it.

Phone Sex Masturbation Session

phone sex

My Sex drive is out of this World for men who are Hitched!  You call me for wild phone sex and tell me you are married and I get spread eagle for you! Take me baby, fuck. Many of my bulls and sissy whores are married. I don’t give a rats ass about my sissies, only if I need to blackmail, wink wink. But A bull who has a mighty big cock swinging with a wife that has no clue how much her man needs to fuck? It seems the men my Husband finds to fuck me are married black men, go figure. I wonder if that is just too much cock to fuck on a regular basis for these women? Not for me. You call me up and tell me how big that cock is and I will tell you exactly how I would stroke it and worship every fucking inch of it.

Now, some of you are thinking that having a cuckold who loves married men wouldn’t tell a little dick mother fucker how to stroke his little wee-wee. You are wrong. I want to play with my pussy as I tell you how to stroke it. I mean I have seen my little shrimpy cock Hubby stroke it a million times as I get fucked. So no matter the size or what you are looking for we can have some hot and wild good times together baby.  A big plus is your married!

Mutual Masturbation Porn by Candlelight

mutual masturbation pornMutual masturbation porn gets my pussy wet. I love watching men jack off for me. I will never get tired of watching a man with a big cock be master of his domain. This being stuck at home shit is for the birds. I miss cock. Like real cock, big cock in my mouth, pussy and ass. I have managed a nice collection of jack off videos from callers and club patrons. I feel like an independent porn producer with so much cock on film, lol. I had one of my girlfriends over last night. She was tired of being caged up at home too. We were going to Netflix and chill, but a storm rolled through and I lost my Internet and electric. I lit some candles and we had a fun night anyway. My cell still worked on the data plan. We got on the couch together and watched all the jack off videos men have sent me over the months. She enjoyed the show. I fingered her wet bald pussy and she did the same to me. We were masturbating each other watching men stroke their cocks. A few of the videos said my name too, which was wicked hot. I enjoy watching men stroke their cocks. We watched each video a few times. Then we got into a chat room and talked to men about when they first masturbated and if anyone ever caught them.  Our night did not go as planned, but we ended up having more fun than we ever could have imagined.

wet bald pussy

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex: Let’s Cum Together

mutual masturbation phone sex Mutual masturbation phone sex gets us both off. That is why I love it so much. I mean in these times where hooking up is more challenging, at least we can talk dirty and cum together, right? Consider me your sexy BBW jack off expert. I love telling men just how to jerk their cocks for me. I love hearing you tell me how to rub my pussy too. I have been masturbating since I was a schoolgirl. Honestly, is there anything better than rubbing one out. I enjoy masturbating. When I was young, I used the shower massage, my mom’s shoes, my fingers, and the tub faucet to get off. I also watched some of my dad’s VHS porn videos and rubbed my wet bald pussy against things like stuffed animals. I was a horny little thing. I still am. I love hearing how you jacked off as a young boy and if anyone caught you. I did get caught once by my mother and it did not go well. But when my big sister caught me, she taught me a few things like how to use shoes to get my pussy off and now I have a huge shoe fetish. My sister bought me my first vibrator, but that is too quick of a cum for me. I prefer to make it last longer. I edge. Do you? All this talking about masturbation has my cunt super fucking wet. Let us get off together baby.

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