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hot ass sex on campus

hot ass sex

I always find myself being a bad girl in the most interesting places. My most wild experience has to be, hands down, in detention. It was a while back, but I still get my pussy dripping wet whenever I have flashbacks of that time. It all began with detention. My tardiness got the best of me, so I ended up having to make up work and had to go to detention on the weekend. My p.e teacher was in charge of the detention class. It was only one other classmate and me. We began to strike up a conversation since we were so bored. I could hear the porn on his air pods. I was intrigued, and he began to share his fun with me. He grabbed my hand, guided it to his cock, and I began to stroke him. The teacher figured out what we were doing and completely lost it, and I thought we were fucked, but instead, he wanted to have his way with me while my classmate fucked me. Minutes later, I was getting double cocks and enjoying detention for real.

Any Phone Sex Fetish is allowed youre WelCum!!!

phone sex fetish

Don’t you think it’s time to get vile and push yourself to the depths of kinkiness. Those fetishes are locked away for a reason. You think you shouldn’t be allowed to think about them for a mere second, but I, on the other hand, think you should enthrall yourself into them and let them completely bestow upon you the feeling that they give you. You might feel awkward or disgusted, but you felt like you were on cloud nine before that shame. Society makes us repress our fantasies and those fetishes, so why not enjoy some phone sex fetish. A fetish doesn’t define you. In fact, it will make you a better You because it allows you to create a fantasy, live it out cum real hard, and release and get back to your day. I know I am far more productive after I’ve come. Let’s get those wilds thoughts to emerge together. After all, life is too short to settle. Let us play and unwind and orgasm so hard.

Biggest Cumshot I’ve Ever Had

Biggest Cum ShotTaking huge hot loads on my tits is such a turn on; the biggest cumshot I ever had was when I was on the cheer squad and I let the whole football team, my brother included, cum all over my young teen breast. I was flirting with a few of the players after a Friday night game and I guess I underestimated how horny those guys get after saving up their cum to win the big game! One thing lead to another and suddenly there were hands all over me and I was being shoved down to my knees. More and more guys just filled the locker room, I was beginning to think they had planned this because they all had their hard cocks out, stroking them in front of me. My brother, The team captain was the first to push me against a locker and push his big dick inside my tight cunt. He fucked me hard and just when I was about to cum he pulled out of me and pushed me to my knees. I knelt like a good slut and let them pull off my cheer uniform top, leaving me in only a skirt. The other players came forward and began to shoot their cum all over my chest and face, load after load until I was drenched in their hot sticky fluids. I was turned into a teen cum dump for the first time and haven’t looked back ever since!

Cheerleader Phone Sex


Phone Sex Sugar Baby Celebrates with Her King

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby had been missing her Big Daddy King. He is easy to get addicted too honestly. He is a decorated athlete and an award-winning businessman. Not to mention the Sugar Daddy of the Century. Simply put, he is The Living Legend for so many reasons. I was happy to hear his voice on the phone but saddened to discover he has been embroiled in a lawsuit. My Big Daddy King needed my support, and I will do what ever he needs. No one has ever treated me better, so whatever he needs or wants from me, he gets. He wanted some moral support in the courtroom. I am not accustomed to dressing conservatively for my BDK, but I did my best. I donned a black suit and put on my Louboutins and sat in the courtroom with the rest of his adoring fans. My Beloved King was in court with his family, so I had to be on good behavior. Even dress conservatively, I looked hot as fuck. I was discreetly wearing all my Big Daddy King bling. The glances we shared made my sugar baby pussy so very wet.

My BDK always comes out on top. He won his lawsuit and came out 8 million dollars richer. Not that he needs the money, but it was nice that he won his lawsuit. He wanted to celebrate with his Sugar Baby OG. Before his limo picked me up, he made a sizeable donation to the Sugar Baby OG Foundation. He spoils me like no other. He wanted to reward my loyalty. We have been together over 6 years now. I will be loyal forever because Big Daddy King is the handsomest man in the world. And he has the biggest cock too! No one spoils a girl like BDK.

biggest cum shot Once we were alone in his Florida Sugar Baby Shack, I could not keep my hands off him or the anaconda. I had him all to myself and I did not know where to begin. He popped a bottle of Christol so we could have a champagne celebratory shower. When the anaconda made an appearance in its white bedazzled man sleeve, I knew I would soon be anointed with the biggest cum shot from the best cock on the planet. We made out and even my King’s kiss made my pussy drip. Big Daddy King loves to motorboat my sugar baby boobs too. I worshiped the anaconda like the sex starved kitten I was. Even though I have seen the anaconda before and have had the pleasure of worshiping the best cock in the world numerous times, every time feels like the first time with The Living Legend. I was so honored to the sugar baby who got to celebrate my Big Daddy King’s victory with him. We partied and fucked all night long. Now, that he is back to his family, I must find something to occupy my time. Every second apart from Big Daddy King feels like an eternity. #TheLivingLegend #Addicted2Anconda #BDKOwnsMe #BigDaddyKingComesOutonTop

The Biggest Cum Shot from the Blackest Cock

biggest cum shotThe biggest cum shot is from big black cocks. One of the many reasons I am a black cock whore is for the cum loads. My husband cannot even fill a thimble. It is pathetic. He drips like a leaky faucet, but I want and need a river of cum. Last night, Damon was over. He is a 45-year-old black man that works with my husband. He is courier. During Covid, he rode a bike around town getting signatures on paper. He is in great shape too. My husband hired him with me in mind. What took my husband so long to bring him over is beyond me. Last night was the night that my husband got to watch his courier give his wife his big black cock and his big black cum shot. We ate dinner and fucked for dessert. Well, me and Damon fucked. My husband watched because he is my cuckold. His dessert was the cum that Damon filled my married pussy with. Talk about a huge load of cum. He came inside me for a full minute. He pulled out and was still spurting enough to coat my face and tits. I was drenched in cum. Damon had never been involved with a couple like us. He was unsure what was going on. Damon spent most his adult life in prison for dealing marijuana. He went in when he was 22 and got out when Covid forced prisons to parole felons early. My husband gave him a job. Trained him. Gave him benefits and will pay for his college education should he decide he wants a formal education. I love my husband. He is a wonderful man. He just has a tiny dick. We explained to Damon our dynamic and he was cool to fuck me in front of my cuckolding phone sex husband. He even got into it after awhile and ordered my husband, his boss, to eat his sperm off my body. My husband savored every last drop too. Now that I have met Damon, he will be added into our black cock cuckolding rotation.

GFE Phone Sex Slut

gfe phone sex Well baby you look like you just had the longest day in the world! Why don’t you come here for some GFE phone sex, where I’ll rub your back, rub your feet, listen to how awful your day was, and then drain your fucking balls right down my throat. I know I look real sweet honey, but I’m a slut where it counts. The best way for a man to relax after a long day? Hot showers are good, and watching the game with a beer is fine, but have you tried blasting your balls down the throat of a slut so eager that you can barely handle it? I promise you don’t have to do a damn thing. I’ll take care of everything, from getting you hard to pull you out of your boxers, I’m making sure that you cum really fucking hard, and then tucking you right back in your pants before I go and make you a hot drink.
Simmer down baby, I know how hard work has been for you. Let babygirl help you unwind. After I’m done making you a drink and you’ve had your feet up for long enough, I’m going to climb right up on in that lap and ride that cock. I’m going to drain you again baby, not because you need it but because I need it. I work so hard all day, and I really absolutely just want to ride you until you explode inside of me. It makes me so wet, and I cum so hard knowing that I’m cumming for you. The way my pussy wraps around your cock, milking it every time I cum, honestly how hot is that?

Poolside MILF Phone Sex

milf phone sexI am the hottest milf phone sex slut on the block. I stay trim and fit. I used to body build competitively. I have a home gym, but now I stay fit with cock curls. Fucking hung studs keeps me in shape. Normally, I am doing the heavy lifting with big black cocks, but some of those young horny white boys can work me out better than a Stairmaster. I was at the community pool yesterday. The sun was shining bright, and the heat was not oppressive for a change. I put on my bikini to get some sun and cum. Our pool is open for the season but there are no lifeguards. It is swim at your own risk. I never swim. I dive in to cool off or get the attention of a young stud, but the pool is my summer pick up palace. And yesterday, I was in heaven. There were so many sexy boys working on their tan. As I watched them oil their lean bodies up with sunscreen, I sang the theme to Mrs. Robinson in my head. I was ready for a poolside gang bang. Young teen boys may not have as big of cocks as I am accustomed too, but dicks are never harder than they are when they are teen boys. I asked one of them to rub sunscreen on my back, and they all helped me. They fondled my big tits and groped my hard ass. You can bounce a quarter off my ass. Soon cocks were out of swim trunks, and I showed off my cock sucking skills. I had a blow bang at the pool. I am into exhibitionist phone sex. I took my bikini top off and let the boys jack off on my tits. I rubbed their young spunk all over my boobs. After an hour or so of tanning with cum on my body, I took the lads home and fucked them properly. This is going to be a great summer. I am making up for last summer by getting twice as much cock.

Cum Shots on Tits in the Club

cum shots on titsCum shots on tits are common in a strip club. That must pay extra though to shoot a wad on my boobs. That kind of service is done in the VIP room. I enjoy making men feel like royalty. Even men I would not fuck for whatever reason can cum on my boobs for the right price. It was a busy weekend at the club which is great. It means things are getting back to normal economically for people. That means men have more money to spoil blonde bimbos like me. Saturday night I was entertaining a group of men in the VIP room. They were older than me which I like because older men generally spend more money on sexy strippers than young guys. They were tipping wonderfully, but they wanted to fuck me. They wanted a gang bang in the VIP room. I knew none of them could have a big cock based on their ego, size and my sizing up techniques. I blamed it on the club owner. I said penetration is not permitted in the club. I got them to settle for a circle jerk on my big fake boobs. Cumming on my tits is the constellation prize to small dicked men or even average ones. They were drunk and happy to see a naked woman. They got around me in the VIP room. Pants around their ankles and average cocks in their hands. I jiggled my boobs and lied about their big cocks to make them feel special. It did not take too much coaxing to get their cocks to shoot their jizz on my tits. They were drunk, but their dicks were sober. They tipped me well. I kept my Standards. I made average men feel special. It is what a gfe phone sex slut does best.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex

cock worshiping phone sexCock worshiping phone sex requires a big cock.   I do not open my mouth for anything under 8 inches. A woman must have standards. I bet your wife has no standards because she sucks your puny dick. I should talk to her. I helped a friend of mine recently cuckold her husband. I never liked her husband much. He is an asshole. She is way too hot or him. She confided in me that her husband has not been fucking her lately because he is having erectile issues. She thought he was cheating on her with another woman, so I had him tailed for a week. He was getting a happy ending massage from an Asian girl. Now, I did not see her jacking his dick off, but men do not go to that place for anything else. When I Told her, she was devastated. I was just pissed. This loser was spewing his load for a tug and pull from an Asian whore then not able to get it up for his hot wife. I arranged a black cock phone sex experience for her because once you go black you never go back. I have lots of black lovers who never mind fucking one of my friends. Jerome came over to my place and met Linda. It was lust at first sight. Of course, he greeted her naked. I knew once she laid eyes on his big black cock, she would lose her shit. Seeing is believing. And sharing is caring. She started sucking his monster cock immediately. No hesitation. Now she had a cock worthy of her. One that was hard at the sight of her. She worshiped his cock, and he worshiped her pussy with his huge black cock. He gave her a hot squirting pussy because his cock was big enough to hit spots she did not know she had. Another wife converted. I will convert your wife too.

Dirty Gooey Blessing

Cum Slut Phone Sex

I went to church to purify my slut cunt. I had been using my cunt all my life letting my body get fucked anyway possible. Thanks to daddy fucking me and using me when it was pure it made me into a dirty whore now. I told the pastor of the church I wanted to speak to him. When we were in his office, he asked me to confess as I told him every dirty detail, I saw his cock grow in his pants. He got closer to me and told me he was going to bless me but I must get on my knees and close my eyes and pray. I did as told, as I prayed; I could feel his body close to mine and then I felt his cock poking at my month. He told me to take his blessing and suck it so I did he fucked my mouth hard and deep. It made my pussy wet and I just kept sucking. When he started cumming he pulled it out of my mouth and sprayed his hot gooey nut all over my face. Told me I must come once a week and get a blessing from him. 

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