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Cheating Phone Sex Mistress

cheating phone sexI love being your cheating phone sex partner. I am a sexy bbw and I fuck a lot of married men. I am always down to show a married man with a neglected cock what a real woman can do for him. Let’s be honest. When was the last time your wife properly drained your balls? I am such a good mistress that married men send me their married men friends. Last night one of my late-night lovers came over for a booty call and he brought a friend. They both had wedding rings on, but I did not care. I have no problem doing multiple guys at once. Look at me? There is plenty of me to go around. I got on my knees and worshiped both their cocks. My lover’s friend was hung. I mean so hung I struggled to take him all the way down my throat, and I never struggle with cock. I am a hungry cock whore. My lover gave me a look of awe as he saw me do my best to take his pal’s neglected cock down my throat. I used my tits to help me. I pushed my boobs together so he could snake his big cock through my 44 EEEs. There was plenty of his cock left after he snaked through my boobs. Enough for my mouth. He was in my throat though. My lover was getting too excited watching me take care of his pal’s neglected big dick. He had me keep sucking him, but on all fours instead of my knees. He wanted some hot ass sex with his favorite mistress. I can handle two hard cocks at once. I love two hard cocks at once. Both men unleashed a gallon of cum in me. So much cum that it will be running out of my fuck holes for days. They came over for a good ball draining and they got it. I never let a man leave my place with backed up balls.

Club Love with Big Daddy King and Cassandra

Daddys girl phone sex

I finally got to meet the true living legend himself, the one and only, Big Daddy King! I had been following Papi King and his sexy OG sugar baby, Cassandra, for months on IG and when I realized they were in my city, I knew that was my chance to finally meet them in the flesh. I picked out my favorite Fashion Nova jeans, the ones that have cutouts of my sexiest ASSets, and a tiny black leather bralette that barely covered my huge tits. I grabbed my stiletto red bottom Louboutin’s and headed to the club. Big Daddy King and Cassandra pulled up in their chrome black Porsche and my heart skipped a beat. I had heard all about Big Daddy’s successful business endeavors and of course his 13 ½ in BBC and that print in his Gucci pants proved at least one of those rumors were spot on. Cassandra flashed a pretty smile and asked me if I wanted to join her and BDK for the night. Of course I said yes. There was no way I’d turn down such an amazing opportunity. Big Daddy King ordered bottles and the three of us hit the dance floor. I grinded and moved my hips to the beat as BDK moved in closer. I could feel his giant anaconda rubbing up against my ass. All that big dick energy and alcohol had my pussy wet and throbbing. Big Daddy and Cassandra must’ve felt it too because next thing I know the three of us were making our way to a private V.I.P. room. That’s when the party really got started. Cassandra and I took off our pants for Big Daddy.  We realized we wore matching black thongs. Big Daddy took off his pants too. His thick, long cock was barely able to fit in the white custom compression shorts he had on. I know they were custom because a thick anaconda like his could never fit in the regular ones. Not like those tiny little white cocks can. BDK’s anaconda was so massive and it wasn’t even hard yet. I just had to get a selfie and shower it with rainbow kisses! Cassandra and I took turns leaving red kiss prints on Big Daddy’s shorts. We looked so hot kissing all over BDK’s sexy BBC. We begged Big Daddy King to pull it out for us to play with. He pulled it out and my mouth instantly watered. I started licking his wide shaft as Cassandra licked and sucked the head, our mouths and tongues meeting somewhere in the middle. BDK’s giant cock was so engorged and hard. It was leaking delicious pre-cum. We made sure to worship Daddy’s massive cock. Impressed with my head game, Papi King was ready to try my tight wet pussy hole. I got on all fours in the doggy style position. I put my face down and my pretty round ass in the air so this larger than life, living legend could deep stroke my kitty. Cassandra pulled out the camera so we could live stream all the action. I got so horny thinking of all the haters with their miniature cocks wishing they were Big Daddy King. But they could NEVER fuck me like this black stallion. Big Daddy King stretched me wide as he deep stroked me from the back. When we felt his BBC was just about ready to squirt all that beautiful billionaire nut sauce, Cassandra and I rubbed our ass together so BDK could shoot his huge load on our gorgeous white asses at the same time. It was so sexy and hot! We thanked BDK for an amazing time and giggled as we realized we had made an audience. Afterwards, Big Daddy King and Cassandra welcomed me as an official sugar baby. I was honored because everyone knows that being one of BDK’s sugar babies is an opportunity of a lifetime. From now on this pretty white pussy is the property of BDK, the true king of all kings! 

Daddys girl phone sex

GFE Phone Sex with a Silver Haired Fox

gfe phone sexI love gfe phone sex calls. The older I get, the more I want to be spoiled back. For years I gave and gave and never got back, not even sexually. I have earned the right to be spoiled and pampered. I guess you could say, I have paid my dues and I am ready to collect. I was dancing at the club the other night. The DJ played a Poison song because I was in an old Poison tee shirt and black chaps. It was 80s night in the club, and I went as an 80s groupie. I did my dance to “Talk Dirty to Me,” but afterwards a guy wanted the VIP room with me. He was much older than me, but old guys’ money spends the same in my book. He laid a big wad of cash on the table for me. I was suspicious because it was way too much for a lap dance. I was not sure what he wanted. He saw the concerned look on my face and assured me he was not offering to buy me or have me whack anyone for him. I gave him a lap dance to more 80s hairband music. He said he just needed a pretty girl to spend the weekend with him. He seemed nice enough. He appeared plenty rich enough. I agreed. I knew nothing about him. I was going off my gut impression. After the club closed, I went to his hotel with him. He was staying next door at this high-end hotel. I gave him another lap dance. This time with us both nude. He was struggling to get hard, which never happens to me. I took his age into consideration and decided he needed some of the tricks I use on prostate phone sex calls. I sucked his cock and worked a finger in his ass gently. He never stopped me. Within minutes he had a hard cock like he was a teenager again. I drained his balls dry. According to him, the last time he came he had no grey hair. We fucked for almost 48 hours. This morning he took me shopping before he had to catch his flight home. I do not know if I will ever see him again, but I am glad I took a chance on a lonely old man. He was a great fuck. I almost felt bad taking the money because he was so much fun.

Hardcore Ass Fucking My Milf Ass

hardcore ass fuckingI needed a hardcore ass fucking. Look at my ass? It is just dying for a good pounding. Back in the day, I was an amateur body builder. I still keep fit but I do not compete anymore. Well, I compete for big black cocks. It seems that the younger generation of women are into black cock nowadays too. Used to be that younger girls were afraid that big black cocks would ruin their fuck holes. Not anymore. Young women are being raised on thoughts of black cock superiority. Celebrities date black entertainers and athletes. Interracial couples are everywhere. I go to the gym and there are at least a handful of young girls in track suits and high ponytails and big hoop earrings flirting with the black guys pumping weight. As if they could compete against me? I have been sucking and fucking black men before they were born. I am a BBC whore. The black dudes know who can handle their monster cocks and who is just curious. I beat out these three girls yesterday who were drooling all over Tone. He is drool worthy. He was closer in age to them, but he knew only a mature phone sex slut could handle is 14-inch monster cock. The girls were all jealous. One made a comment about his mommy picking him up at the gym. I just laughed. The green-eyed monster makes women so ugly. I like the fact that black boys know a sexy milf can handle their dicks better than any coed. I took Tone home and rode his cock like the dirty old whore I am. And I love it. I took every inch in my pussy. I took every inch in my mouth. And I took every inch in my ass. Those silly coeds never could have done that. Are you jealous too?

Bald Wet Cookies

Wet bald pussy

Name one thing that’s better than tongue fucking a wet bald pussy. The taste of freshly shaved juicy cunt is so refreshing and smooth. When our wet lips touch and you French kiss my clitty, it makes my sweet juices leak from my kitty. That’s when she starts to purr and vibrate, waiting to get fucked by a huge rock-hard cock. You are exactly the type of stud that knows how to handle a silky smooth, dripping wet pussy like mine, babe. Just thinking about how good your cock would feel sliding in and out of my slippery, bald cunt makes my pussy so moist and wet. My clitty is throbbing knowing that you’re looking at my pussy and rubbing that long, thick cock  just for me. Cum fuck this horny, shaved cunt. She’s hot and ready for you! 

Gang Bang Teen

phone sexMy own daddy made me a super horny cum slut. I invite guys over when daddy is away to have a naughty gangbang. No, condoms, all bareback cock. I just send messages to the men I know who want young pussy and tell them to bring a friend or two. I get so many good, hard orgy poundings this way! I make everyone line up and give me the best gang bang fucks ever. I love when they all get in line and stroke those peckers while waiting for a turn on a young whore like me! First one batter up! As he slides that yummy cock in my mouth, the next player is going to lube up his dick with vaseline and ram it in my tight ass. My holes will handle all of them, no worries. They know I’m young but an experienced cock taker! I’m licking and sucking all my juices off this train, my mouth is never dry, all that cum is going inside of me one way or another. I’m in pure heaven with all these older big dicks! My tight pussy is getting abused so much I cry out but they just ram me harder. Stretch me out wide and give me all the cum I can take and then more! They never just fuck me once they all keep on rotating and pumping me until they have no cum left to give! I am a naughty young slut in cum heaven!

Black Cock Phone Sex Cuckolding

black cock phone sexBlack cock phone sex is what I love to do the most. I do other calls, but I am best at BBC cuckolding. It is because I have 25 years of BBC cuckolding my husband. He has gone from voyeur to cuckold. He used to not really want to know about what I did with my black lovers. It was like a do not ask do not tell sort of thing. He has been aware of my need for big black cocks since we were just dating. I am not one of those women who pretends to be something she is not to please a man. He wanted to marry me anyway. I was honest about my love of BBC. He agreed to the terms. We do not have a traditional marriage, but we have a great marriage. He went from passive observer to active participant in my sex life. When I have a super big black cock, he gets jealous now. Sometimes, I tease him like I did today. One of my favorite lovers, Jerome, stopped by for a booty call. He has a 13-inch cock and is coke bottle thick. I took a picture of his beautiful cock and sent it to my husband to rile him up. We have a nanny cam hidden in the bedroom so he gets to watch me fuck all those big black cocks in our bed when he cannot be there to share them with me like a good cuckolding phone sex hubby. I made sure to really tease him by gagging on that monster black cock and letting my husband see his big anaconda slip in and out of my pussy. I was squirting all over his thick cock. A cock that big hits spots I did not know I had. My husband was sad he was not there to fluff that black meat stick for me, but I saved him a treat. A creamy wet treat in my pussy that he devoured when he got home.

Hot Super Soaker Pussy

Hot squirting pussyAfter a long work week, a sexy stud like you deserves to come home to a dripping wet pussy to fuck. Your rock-hard cock needs a tight, slippery hole to pound and punish. My hot squirting pussy is exactly what a stud like you deserves. Shoot your thick, creamy load in my throat or my asshole if that’s what you’re in the mood for, Daddy. You worked so hard and now this horny slut wants to squirt these pussy juices all over us both. This week stressed you out and now you’re horny and hard. My steamy pussy shower is the perfect stress reliever. My leaking wet pussy wants to take great care of a hardworking man like you. All week you worked hard. Now I want us to play harder.

Phone Sex with the King

phone sexThere is no better phone sex than with Big Daddy King. He is the Living Legend for a reason. I got to plan his birthday party in Vegas as his Sugar Baby OG. I was so honored to be asked, so I got to work on planning the birthday party of the century for the man who is my King. I invited only the hottest women on the planet to attend BDK’s Birthday Bash at the MGM Grande. Porn stars, strippers and sugar babies like Kala, Kardashian, Lilly, Desiree and Babydoll. The men I invited were pro athletes, entertainers, and friends. There was a 1-million-dollar budget for a party fit for not just any king, but The King. I got the women to the party on BDK’s private jet. Some had to fly commercial, but it was first class all the way. I had the girls invited all primped and pretty for BDK on his special day. The women were decked out in their bling, with their hair and nails done. Everyone got to shop for a sexy outfit for the special day too. Only the best looking women for the King on HIS day.

Thousands of women submitted applications to attend the party, but only the top 100 girls attended. I had to prepare them for the fact that only about ten would get to worship the King and his anaconda. The rest could mingle with the other men in attendance. Next to the King, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are mere consolation prizes. BDK’s birthday is so special, he arranged for it to be filmed. I got the women to sign release papers for the XXX BDK BD Bash.  Everyone wants to be on film with Big Daddy King. When the girls arrived, they all got a BDK swag bag. Only the top ten hotties got to worship the King on his throne, however. Sure, there were sad women, but they were at the party of the century, so it lessened the blow a bit. My King was in Sugar Baby Heaven. We gave our King rainbow kisses as we fell to our knees to worship Big Daddy King and his anaconda. We kissed and groped the biggest and most beautiful cock in the world. We rubbed our King’s sexy muscles with oil. Ten sets of sexy hands all over the most beautiful chiseled athletic body known to woman. We sang our beloved King Happy Birthday while worshiping his body. The anaconda made an appearance in his white compression sleeve. We all felt faint. Seeing the anaconda is like seeing the 8th wonder of the world. We hummed happy birthday as we smothered the anaconda with birthday head. We got the biggest cum shot to our sugar baby faces too. There is no other man on the planet who can hold a candle to Big Daddy King. Many try, but they all fail. Happy Birthday to the Living Legend and the King of my world. #Propertyof BDK #addicted2anaconda #XXXBDKBDBash #BlackCocksMatter #OwnedbyTheKing


biggest cum shot

Married Men Phone Sex Sheila

married men phone sexMarried men are my specialty when it comes to phone fun. My pussy gets so wet knowing that your wife is sleeping in the other room while you jerk your hard cock to the sound of my voice. I get a thrill telling you how warm and wet my tight pussy hole feels. And how good it tastes when I lick my own juices off. It’s so much fun knowing you’re risking it all to fuck my sweet little pussy. To show you that I appreciate you going through all that trouble just for me, I open this sexy mouth and let you throat fuck me until your rock-hard cock is pulsating against my voice box. That’s when I’ll spread my legs and let you stretch this pussy with your huge cock. Are you ready to cum inside this mistress slut cunt while your wife is in the next room?

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