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Dirty Bitch

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Nothing like doing to a bitch what she deserves. Making that bitch strip naked in front of all the guys. Letting them see her big titties, fat ass and of course that nice juicy wet bald pussy. She kept saying she was a nasty little whore that was down for anything and I wanted to put that to the test. I wanted her to prove to me how fucking slutty she was. I wanted to see what she was willing to do and even what she wasn’t. Because that is what I would definitely make her do, if you know what I mean. So, she started by sucking all of their dicks and one was eating her pussy and ass. Once she was wet enough he started shoving his fat hard cock deep in her wet tight pussy. She was laying flat on her back being fucked so hard, that she didn’t notice all the guys starting to piss all over her. She seemed to be into it. She liked him men pissing all over her face and body while being fucked. I wanted to push her more, so I made one stand over her and start shitting all over her. She tried to get away but the other one held her hips and kept fucking. The more she fought the harder he fucked her and the faster those standing over her, jacked their dicks. Right as he was cumming in her bald pussy, they started shooting their loads all over her shit covered tits and face.

Hot Ass Sex in a Glory Hole

hot ass sexI love hot ass sex, even in the most unexpected places. I have decided to get some exercise out of the bedroom. My pussy gets a good work out daily, even my mouth and ass too. But the rest of me needs exercise also. Gyms are still closed in Chicago, so I have been walking along the lake when the sun is shining. Yesterday, I stopped at this little park bathroom. I had to pee badly. The bathroom was dingy. Almost like the bathroom out of a horror film like Saw. As I was hovering over the toilet to pee, I realized I was in a glory hole. I saw holes in the wall that faced the lake. I imagined this was a nighttime hangout. I flushed, was washing my hands and suddenly the light that was shining through the hole was gone. I looked and there was a big cock pushed through it. I guess someone saw me go in. It was a unisex bathroom, so I had no clue if this was a gay glory hole, or a straight one. It might have just been a anyone can suck this cock kind of glory hole too. When in Rome, right? I sanitized my hands and sucked on the big black cock poking through. I fight like such a dirty slut. I had no idea about age or sexual orientation. I just knew it was black, my favorite flavor. I wanted to fuck that cock. I backed my ass against the wall. I could not believe I was fucking a stranger in the Saw bathroom with no protection. I really am a whore for big black dicks. I never saw who that beautiful cock belong to, but I took my cum filled ass back home to my husband to clean up for me. My husband had no clue what a dirty slut his wife had been to get that biggest cum shot in my ass.

I Have Been Giving Hot PhoneSex Since I Was Jailbait

hot phonesexHot phonesex needs a hot babe. I have been in the adult industry in some form or another since I was a teen girl. I am 34 now, so I only know sex. I am not book smart, but I am sex smart. I know what men want and I know what they need. My first job I was not even old enough to have, but I looked older and I had a fake ID. I stole the purse of an older girl who looked like me hoping she would have a license that would have a picture that looked enough like me to use. I hit the jackpot. She was a truck stop hooker. When she got high in the bathroom, I stole her purse. She was 22 and a tall blonde. No one questioned me when I applied for a job at a truck stop dirty bookstore. I just wanted to sell DVDS and sex toys, but the owner thought I was hot and looked even younger than I was. He thought that I should dance in a cage. He had these booths in the back where girls danced naked in cages while men beat off. Customers would pay to keep the curtain open. They got 5 minutes for $5. I guess it was my first stripping job. I had run away from an abusive daddy and hooking on the street was dangerous. I just wanted to make some money daily so I could stay in a hotel until I saved up enough money to rent an apartment. I learned early on how to make men feel special. I learned how to suck cock and fuck like a much older girl. I have come a long way from those roadside attraction days, but I still make men feel good. I still make men have the biggest cum shot all over my sexy body.

Hot Ass Sex

hot ass sex


Hot ass sex is what keeps my sweet pussy cumming over and over again. I just love having my tight bald pussy stretched by some good fat cock. Nothing like being pounded and made to moan as I’m squirting all on that cock. I want to hear you tell me how much you love my pussy, how long you have been craving it. I love the feel of your cock swelling inside of my juicy tight cunt. I want you to use my pussy to cum. Don’t you dare hold back on me. I want you to fuck me as hard and rough as you can. Let me be your good little cum slut. Don’t you want to feed me that cock? You can even pump that fat hard cock deep inside of my naughty cunt until you cum. Unless you would rather make me suck that cock of yours until you blow your load all over me and down my throat. As long as you give me your cum, I don’t care what you do to me.

A GFE Phone Sex Shemale

gfe phone sexYes, I am a shemale; but sexy trannies do gfe phone sex too. These two pics are the ones I use on various dating sites. Even though I am on shemale dating sites, guys still ask me all the time if I am really a transsexual. Most men, even tranny seekers, think I am too pretty and feminine to have been born with a cock. I love playing with my hair and make-up. It makes me feel sexy to know that men do not believe that I am a shemale. I met up with a guy last night who is married. No surprise there. Most of my fans are married men. If you are going to cheat, why not cheat with something special. This guy demanded to see my dick before we left for our date because he did not believe that I was a transsexual. I pulled up my dress, pulled my lacy panties to the side and then there was no doubt. There was a lot of oohs and wows. He fell to his knees and I knew I was not getting my fancy dinner. I skull fucked him. He was like a chubby boy in a candy store. He could not shove enough cock in his mouth. I let him choke and gag on my cock. I had no problem giving him what he needed, what he wanted. I also gave him my biggest cum shot. I can shoot a huge amount of jizz for a shemale. But then I have a big cock for a shemale too. This guy I picked up on a shemale dating site was in love with my cock. He sucked me to a hard cum in minutes. I could not have been his first cock. This guy was a full-on tranny addict posing as a first timer. His secret is safe with me, as are your secrets too.

Kinky Erotic Roleplaying

submissive phone sexKinky erotic roleplaying is what I had in mind when I started dating my professor of Liberal Arts. I needed a fix for my daddy complex and he was powerful enough to help me with this. My father was an amazing man and independently wealthy. He left my mother early on for a young piece of ass. In fact it was for two women that were together. I just really have this twisted need to play out how I suspect their sex life would be. I wanted this lover of mine to pick up a sexy woman from the club and we could play this out with a naughty threesome. I have always been curious of being with a girl and guy so this would be my amazing sex idea. We hooked up with a sweet college girl and she was smoking hot. I got to kiss her and make out with her as we did lines and got toasted. I enjoyed getting hot and heavy with her. My lover joined in kissing up my leg and over to hers. He is running his fingers up both of our thighs and finding some moist panties. He doesn’t hold back and starts slipping our panties down and burying his face between our legs. We are pressed together on the bed. He is leaning between our legs. It’s the most amazing thing. He had us both coming hard.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex: Let’s Get off Together

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex is so much fun. I mean I work at home. I talk dirty for a living. Why would I not want to get off at work? Plus, I love hearing men stroke their cocks for me. I feel like a cum therapist. I help men cum. The world right now needs more orgasms. So, I am happy to help men like you jack off. Last night, I partied with a guy. He had some strict rules for us. Every time he came, I had to cum. He did not want me to fake it. He wanted real orgasms. That is pretty easy to do if some one is concerned with my orgasms. Sadly, many men do not care if I get off or not. They nut and I am lucky if I even get a thank your or a goodbye. Most men just hang up after they cum. I am still not used to that. I guess it is because they hate pillow talk or spooning lol. I just want to know that our phone sex call got you off. I can do the gfe thing. I can be your sex slave. I can be your submissive whore. I can role play. And I can rub my bald pussy while you stroke your cock. I definitely want to get you off, but if we could get off together, I would love my job even more than I already do.

Blowjobs Phone Sex Weekend

blowjobs phone sexDo you need more blowjobs phone sex in your life? If you answered yes, then let mommy give you the best blowjob you have ever had. The kind that makes your toes curl and drains your balls. I fancy myself a blowjob queen. I have been sucking cock for a long time.  I have two horny boys and I suck them off several times a day. They have friends too. I am always giving head to some young boy. I suck any cock that needs sucked. And that is a lot of cock. It was a blowjobs weekend.  First up was the married man next door. His wife looks like she never touched a dick, let alone given head. I went over Friday morning in a slutty outfit and had no problem giving him the head he needed. I did not think his balls had been drained in a decade by the load of cum I swallowed. He did not last long with my lips on his swollen purple head. He practically blew a hole in the back of my head with the jet blast. We got busted by his son. We got blackmailed by him too. Silly boy. I was giving head out like face masks. I blew junior too and he had the biggest cum shot imaginable for his age. He exploded so much cum in my mouth I looked like a chipmunk. Cum filled up in my cheeks. I went back home and blew my sons even though I still had cum breath. I had a belly full of cum. I am a cum whore. I have never once said I cannot suck another cock. I spent the entire weekend sucking cock. I fucked a lot of dicks too. I cannot let my mouth have all the fun. The word was out about the mommy whore giving head away for free and it was a revolving door of neglected men and horny boys in my house all weekend long.

Wanted: Big Black Cock

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I feel so despite. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I can’t seem to get enough of those big black cocks. It is like I crave them. Just the thought of a big fucking black monster dick fucking my pussy makes me get so fucking wet. I want to find as many black cocks as I can get and let them fuck me and stretch me until I can’t take it anymore or until they can’t cum anymore. I want to drain them; I want to make them feel so damn good. It is like sometimes those smaller white dicks don’t do shit for me. Just the thought of a black cock gets my bald pussy going but when I think of those white cocks, I think of how much work I have to put in. I want to be fucked so hard and rough that it’s hard for me to walk. Not many white guys have ever made me feel like that. Black dicks seem to even cum so much more. I want you to pump my white pussy fucking full of cum. I want to see it oozing out as you pull that huge black dick out of me. Don’t be shy.

I want all the black cocks!!

black cock phone sex


I don’t know if I have said it before or not but I am absolutely obsessed with some big fucking black cock. If I think I have had big I want to have bigger. I need big black cock to stretch my little cunt out. I love feeling my pussy, ass and mouth being stretched open by that huge black dick. I don’t want just one, I want multiple. I want as many cocks as I can get, you can even try to force them into just one of my holes. Or you and your friends can take turns fucking all my holes. Use any hole on my body you feel will milk that black dick for you. I want you to fuck me until I can hardly walk. I want to have my whole body shaking with each orgasm. I want you and your friends to pass me around and use me until you can’t cum anymore. Cum deep in my bald wet white girl pussy. Don’t forget about filling my fat ass up. But what I really like is having you and your home boys shooting your cum all over me. Cum in my mouth, shoot your load all over my face and tits. Use me as your little trailer trash white whore.


biggest cum shot

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