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Sexy Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sexShemale phone sex is better with 2 sexy shemales. We no longer have as many hung T-girls working here as we once did, so I am trying to recruit some of my friends. Many of my shemale friends are escorts. Since the virus hit however, they have had more free time on their hands and less money. I am trying to convince Lila to work here with me. She is a T-girl escort. Her cock is not as big as mine, which makes her naturally submissive. I decided to see if she could handle my world. I made her my bitch. We started with her worshiping my ass. I am bootylicious. Thanks to Pilates and yoga, I have a curvy frame. I pride myself on being feminine looking. Lila prides herself on making her partner feel like royalty. I demanded to be worshiped like a queen. She licked my ass and sucked my cock better than any of you could. I have ten inches of cock meat when I am fully erect. That is more than a mouthful, but Lila could chug me down like a pro. Not her first time sucking cock. She has been all over the world as a sexy GFE. I have only done sexy gfe phone sex calls. She made me cum a few dozen times. Maybe if she had been one of my callers, I would have denied her the right to cum. But I love her. She is one of my besties. I fucked her tight ass and jacked her shaved cock at the same time. She had a huge cum. She said I was a better lay than any man she has ever had. That is just because I am a sexy shemale and two sexy shemales are always hotter than just one. If you want two shemales on a call with you, check out my pretty and dominant tranny friends, Mariana and Josie.

gfe phone sex

We Love Rim Jobs Phone Sex Porn

Making my slutkin lick ass is the best fun! I get her into rim jobs phone sex porn and she cannot help but want to try giving mommy a rim job after I had a big fat glob of spunk inject in my puckered and gaped ass from a fat cock. She was so eager after seeing some bitch licking cum from assholes. It was really hot this video had a few hot chicks that just took mad loads of cum in their asses and they squatted down over this young sluts face. They slapped her and made her rim those assholes clean. My little cum slut is the best analingus giving young bitch and I really should start making videos with the little whore. I bet a few of my regulars and other pervy daddy types are in need of a little cum slut to slap around and force her to rim that ass.

Rim Jobs Phone Sex

Cheating Phone Sex with BBC While My Husband Watches

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is better with big black cocks. I mean if you are going to be a cheating whore, cheat with the biggest cocks. My husband is my cuckold. He knew he married a black cock whore. He wanted to marry me because he liked that I knew what I wanted and would not settle for less. He respects a woman who knows her sexual satisfaction is important. My husband is not around much because of his job. That leaves me with a lot of free time to fuck. Once the plague came to the states, however, my husband started working from home. I was not going to let his presence crimp my style. There are no secrets in our marriage. Whatever action he has missed, I have told him all about when I saw him next. For the past several months, however, he has been home for 90% of my extramarital activities. He has helped guide big black cocks in my pussy. He has cleaned my cunt juice off big black dicks. He has sucked the biggest cum shot out of my pussy from many of my black lovers. He is a good cuckold. My extramarital activities are distracting to him. Yesterday, he was trying to work, but my loud moaning noises fucked with his focus. He had to see what big cock was making me moan that loudly. He discovered it was not one cock, but two. I had a 13-inch black cock in my cunt and a 10-inch black cock in my ass. I was getting double penetrated and that does not happen often. He started to play with his little white dick, but I reprimanded him. He plays with his dick when I tell him too. I made him suck two of the creamiest loads of cum out of my pussy first. Once he cleaned me up, he could rub one out and go back to work. Being able to see me fuck more is making him love working from home.

Sensual BDSM From an S&M Whore

Romantic Phone SexI kneel at your feet, eager to please. Your cock is out, and rock hard; ready for my hot warm mouth to swallow it. Every steamy throbbing inch of your prick sliding so softly down my throat, even just the thought, makes me so wet I am almost cumming.Whether you’re slamming that cock into my tight asshole, pounding my pussy into oblivion, or graciously allowing me to worship your magnificent cock with my slick tongue and soft lips, I am insatiably needy of it. My cunt is soaked at the prospect of pleasing you, Master. I crave every last drop of your cum, be it an assful, a cuntful, or a mouthful. I am a good girl, and I always swallow your juicy load. Please, come in and relax. You worked so hard, Master. Let your little kitten take care of your every need.

Hot Ass Sex with Doctors

hot ass sexMy girlfriend and I were out at a restaurant the other night. It was a girls’ night. This virus has limited how much hot ass sex we have, so we try to get together weekly while our love lives are on hold. We are hot buxom blonde beauties. We like to dress for attention. Tight black dresses that showed off our big attributes got us attention from two doctors grabbing a quick dinner. They asked to join us. Why would we say no to doctors? We picked that restaurant because it was so close to hospital. The hunky MDs could not drink, but they bought us a few cocktails. The drinks hit us quickly. I lose all sense of decorum drunk and so does my friend. We were both under the table blowing the doctors while they tried to talk to the waitress. The place was not very crowded because of social distancing regulations. I do not think the waitress realized we were under the table. These were doctors. We had to make our impression quickly. They could be paged back to the hospital at any moment. Hospitals are crazy right now. Once they came, we came up for air. No one seemed to realize what we were doing. I guess you could say we were playing doctor with the doctors. Fuck, we got the biggest cum shot quickly from them. They did get paged back to the ER, but at least we paid it forward to a couple of hunky medical professionals.  They paid for our dinner and told us to keep eating and drinking on them. One of them slipped me his business card with his personal cell on the back. I guess I made a good impression. It was an unexpected encounter, but it was the most fun either of us have had in months.

Sissy Phone Sex Freak

sissy phone sex

God, I’m really in the mood to dress up a hot slut, so you really need to call me for sissy phone sex soon! I can work with any level sissy – from a beginner to a hardcore cock sucking slut. And I love really sticking it to those sissy sluts with my fat strap on or even making them suck big cock for real. But if you’re a sissy who doesn’t know exactly how to get started, I can help you with that. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me and I’ll guide you every step of the way.

What part of being a sissy do you look forward to the most? Do you dream of getting dressed up head to toe and going out on the town so everyone can get a good look at you? Maybe you’d rather just dress in panties at home and fuck your own pussy with a dildo. Or maybe you want me to get you dressed up and find you a cock to suck and be fucked by. Whatever level of being a sissy you’re at, just pick up the phone and call me so we can have some fun!

Shemale Phone Sex on the Beach

shemale phone sexThis shemale phone sex slut grew up in California. I live on the East coast now, but I miss the beaches. I lived on the beach as a young boy. A nude beach was just a few miles from my family home. I used to sneak off to look at all the naked people sunning themselves. I admired the naked women and I wondered if my cock would ever get as big as some of the men, I saw naked. It got bigger! Anyway, I am living as a woman now and I am proud of my body. I have no problem flaunting it either. I am an exhibitionist. I needed change of scenery, so I flew home to see my mom for a week. The nude beach is still there. I decided to check it out. I knew it would not be crazy crowded. It never was that crowded. Not enough folks proud of their body, I guess. I love beach fucking. Sand scratching my body, waves crashing around me, as my hard cock slams into a tight ass.  I met a handsome older man who complimented my package. He liked my sexy tranny cock. He said what he noticed first was my pretty face. When he realized I had a cock, he wanted to meet me. I turned some heads. We turned even more heads when he sucked my big cock. He had no problem chugging me down in front of a small audience. I had no problem nutting on his face either. There is not supposed to be any hanky panky on the nude beach, but no one was policing us. Plus, there were only a few folks around anyway because of this virus.  There was no social distancing, however. Folks got closer to watch. A few men stroked their cocks. One woman wanted to know if I would fuck her and the rest just wanted a closer look. I am back on the East coast now but missing those nude beaches.

Hot Phonesex in the Club

hot phonesexHot phonesex babes like me know how to spoil men. I am a tall, blonde goddess. I work at a strip club and I talk dirty. Men are my job. I met a leg man at the club last night. Do like a pair of sexy legs wrapped around you as you fuck?  I have been told I have hot legs. I love to flaunt them too. I was showing them off in the club last night wearing nothing but high heels and a smile. I walked seductively down the aisles checking on patrons.  I caught the attention of a professor. He asked me for a lap dance. The girls in the club call him the naughty professor. He is a frequent flyer, especially since no summer school. He usually prefers the younger girls in the club, but he is a leg man. And my legs can catch the attention of any man. He stared at my legs. He was hypnotized by them. As I shook my ass in his face during our lap dance, he was still fixated on my legs.  I was blunt with him. “Professor, would you like to touch my legs,” I asked seductively? He pulled out a stack of $100 bills and pointed to the VIP room. He leaped out of his chair and led me to the VIP room in a hurry. I told him it is a privilege to stroke my toned, bare legs. I gave him a look that he understood. He pulled out his cock and rubbed it against my thighs. I bent over a chair so he could rub his throbbing cock against the back of my legs. He kissed every inch of my legs instead, starting from my heels, going all the way up the back of my legs, stopping at my luscious pussy. I turned around, sat back down on the chair and forced his face into my wet bald pussy, wrapping my long legs around his back. I rode his face until I came, then I let him nut on my thighs.

Big Tits Phone Sex in the Club

big tits phone sexDo you like big tits phone sex? Most men are tit men. I know lots of men who love a nice set of boobs. My pervy landlord loves big knockers. I was able to pay the rent this month and ahead for next month because a patron at the club tipped me insanely for some big titty fun last week. I am not the biggest set of tits around. Mine are not even real, but this guy fell in love with them. He paid for the VIP room for two hours. I figured he had cash to spend, so I milked him dry. He wanted motorboated. I pushed his face into my boobs and gave him a motorboat that likely gave him a black eye. My guess was he had a small dick. I mean a rack like mine, gives men boners. I could not see any signs of life in his pants, so I assumed small dick. I let him suck my titties and fondle them too. I even posed for some big tit photos for his spank bank. He was tipping me, and he was a nice man. A handsome older man. He seemed sophisticated like a college professor or something. I put my hand between his legs, and he stopped me. That never happens. I was sitting in his lap, grinding and I still felt nothing. He saw the look on my face and gently whispered it was not me. He admitted to having a war injury. I listen to him tell me how he can only get hard and cum with prostate massages. I wanted to make this man cum more than I wanted to make any patron cum before. It was not the money he spent on me either. It was just how nice and real he was with me. I told him to trust me. I unzipped his pants, went down between his legs and sucked his cock while sliding a finger up his ass. I sucked and rubbed and before long he nutted the biggest cum shot all over my face. It felt like the man had not cum since Desert Storm. He needed that cum more than I needed to pay my rent, but he insisted on tipping me more than men with more money do. I may not see him again, but I do not think I will ever forget him or that he will forget me.

Mommy Loves a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingMommy needs a good hardcore ass fucking. Are you boys up for it? My sons and their friends have no problem fucking mommy hard. Last night we had a gang bang. My sons had some friends over yesterday. They were goofing off like boys their age do playing video games and riding their bikes. I was doing lines of coke like a mommy whore does. A storm blew through town and that put an end to their outdoor play. They had something better than riding bikes in mind when I asked them what they wanted to do now. They pulled out their teen cocks and approached me. My sons were like we want to play with a party whore. I was on the floor already with my ass in the air doing lines of coke. They saw an opportunity and took it. I was high as fuck already, so I did not mind a bunch of horny teens fucking my asshole. I was high and enjoying it, frankly. They all gave me the biggest cum shot they could muster. I could feel the hot seed up my ass and I loved it. Not one boy minded the creampie fucking. That is what is cool about fucking young lads. They are so horny they either do not think or do not care about touching balls or the cum of another boy. I am a kinky old bitch, so I love it. The higher I get, the nastier I become. I love being a gang bang whore for young boys sober too.

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