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Blind date turns into an aggressive anal pound

phone sex fetish

Anal Phone Sex

I am ready to be a phone sex fetish princess of your dreams. I have so much experience with guys who have naughty fantasies. One of my favorite naughty fantasies happens to be anal fucking. I want you to force me into being hogtied and pounded. I want to plead with you that you hurt me and let me go. It’s going to be hard for you even to stop your momentum. You won’t want to let go of my tight bum hole. As I beg you to have mercy a pound my ass even harder, you begin to tell me that I am your slut. I was hoping you could stick your fingers deep inside my Twatt. I don’t care if you make me bleed. Make me your slut. I love pain now that I’m with you. I never thought I would enjoy it until we started getting nasty together.


All I want is for you to take me into your dungeon and fuck me over like I know you can. I am such a pain slut and all four fetishes because something happened to me. Well, I would love to tell you more about a situation that got me into some dark, twisted fantasies. It is all my doing I ended up on a blind date that took a turn for the worst.
I had a feeling that a guy that I was talking to would be an incredible potential boyfriend. After a nice dinner, just the two of us, he asked if I wanted to go back to his place. At first, I thought maybe it was too soon; it’s only the first date. I kept thinking this guy how great he was. He even brought a dozen sunflowers. He knew they were my favorite.  He, of course, didn’t think so, and he began to persuade me. When we got there, it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He became aggressive and told me I would be his little anal fuck slut. It was like a very hard-core anal phone sex fantasy come true. I felt his cock deep in my ass. It has started to bleed that didn’t stop him. My blind date began to probe me till he could no more.


Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Lacey

smoking fetish phone sex

Smoking fetish phone sex is so underrated, in my opinion. I get so excited every time I get a call and a guy tells me that he’s into smoking, watching me smoke, or even us smoking together. There’s something so phallic about cigarettes, don’t you think? Men and women get excited watching their partner smoke, I think, because they secretly desire seeing that woman suck cock. I know that when I watch a man smoke, I always think about what it would look like if his lips were wrapped around a dick instead of the cigarette. Has that ever happened to you?

But you know, I also love it when a man wants me to smoke and then, with the smoke still in my mouth, take his dick down my throat. Then, I love pulling his cock out of my mouth slowly while making smoke rings around it. Something about that just really makes my pussy wet and then I need to get fucked with that smoky cock. Does the thought of that turn you on as much as it does me? Get on that phone and call me and tell me about your naughty smoking fetishes. Let’s light one up!

Shemale Phone Sex and Edging

shemale phone sex

In the mood for some sexy shemale phone sex?  My dick is always hard. It makes some of my fellow T-girls jelly that I can get so stiff many times a day. I take hormones and they can give some trannies dick issues, but not me. I have great edging techniques too. I will edge my pretty cock for a solid hour or so and not allow myself to cum too quickly. I like to save my biggest loads for your ass and mouth! Some of my fellow sexy shemales beat off nonstop. I am now the best of both worlds. Although I have a cock, I think and act like a lady. That means I have some self-control when it comes to jacking off. I enjoy guided masturbation. I help men I fuck and men I talk to on the phone last longer. No one likes a limp dick, not even a sexy shemale. But here is the deal. Most dick issues are related to misuse, LOL. Sure, age and health are a factor, but if you are a healthy man, you should be able to cum a few times a day at least. When I was a horny teen boy, I jerked my dick raw and drained every drop many times a day. The key is edging. Give yourself pleasure longer and hold off on the cum shot. Stroke then stop. Let that cum build up in your balls so you can have the biggest cum shot when you need to. Trust me. When my sexy shemale cock is pounding your asshole, you will want to shoot your load across the room. If you are a chronic masturbator or a quick cummer, let a sexy shemale help you edge. I know how to drain every last drop of cum from your balls.

Dirty Divorcé

Rim Jobs Phone Sex


My tongue will drive you out of your mind, just ask the last guy who came to me asking for rim jobs phone sex.  My husband’s newly divorced best friend hears all about my depraved proclivities and I guess he just decided he wanted to be part of the cum filled action so he cornered me in his basement.  He tried to be an alpha and opened up with some fake ass dominant bullshit but I could tell he was putting on an act.  I did what the poor guy said but whatever I did, I showed him that I was really the one in control, so when he told me “Lick my ass” I flipped him over like he was a rag doll and forcefully tongue punched his unprepared browneye.  I sucked his butthole and jerked his pole and he grunted and groaned with his face pressed into the floor.  The more I licked and prodded the more he writhed and moaned.  The moment my tongue inched down and tickled his taint, he let out a waterfall of cum all over the floor.  That shut him up real quick.



Black Cock Phone Sex in a Winter Wonderland

black cock phone sexNot even a blizzard will keep this black cock phone sex whore out of the game. We have almost a foot of snow, but when I am jonesing for big black cock, I find a way to get it. I sent some texts with no luck before I took to Tinder. I found a young, hung black stud in my own neighborhood I did not know about. He is the college son of a professor and his wife who live three streets away. He has not gone back to college yet and he was happy to walk over to stick his monster cock in some white milf pussy. When it comes to black cock, nothing else matters. I do not care if a guy is married or young. I just want to rent his BBC for a few hours of fun. Terrance was 19-years old and hung like a horse. He had a huge cock for his age. My husband was even impressed. Of course, the boy was bigger soft than my husband is erect. That happens all the time because despite how much I love my husband, he is a dickless wonder. Terrance did not mind my cuckolding phone sex husband watching. In fact, he loved it. He got to shame my husband for not being man enough to take care of his sexy wife. I measured the boy. I was curious. He was almost 13 inches and super thick. He filled my pussy and ass. Sadly, he was only over for an hour or so because the weather was getting worse, and he needed to get back home. He left me with a pussy full of cum and an ass full too. Not to mention he gave me a sizable gape also. My husband got a treat too. For the next hour after my booty call left, he cleaned up the mess between my legs like a good cuckold husband. Nice to know that I have a real man close enough for booty calls even in bad weather conditions.

Cum Give It a Try

Cum Slut Phone Sex


Let a real whore like me show you what I’m made of with cum slut phone sex.  I love to be covered in cock cream and filled to the brim with jizz, I just can’t get enough of it!  I’ll take on a gang of pulsating pricks, the more the better, just so I can get whitewashed in warm waves of sticky dick goo.  I can stuff a stud or three in my eager ass and willing pussy while I blow and jerk a few more until they lather my entire head with their spectacular spunk.  Of course my holes need to be filled up with nut, but once they’re completely topped off and full of that multi stud sperm stew I’ll need some sweet cream for my big titties.  I’ll rub it all in, especially into my nipples, and suck that savory goodness off of all ten of my fingers, scooping up handfuls of that splattered splooge so I can gulp as much of it down as I can.  Think you can drown me in dick juice?


I’m addicted to wet bald pussy!

wet bald pussy

I bet you enjoy my hot pics with all my sexy friends. I love wet bald pussy, and I wasn’t always bi. I was too insecure about sharing my man with another girl. After much consideration after hearing my then-boyfriend beg me to let us have a threesome, I caved. Now all I want is cunts. Don’t fret. I enjoy cocks still, but there’s something about turning a friend into a whore that has me wanting to do it all the time.

The truth is that girls know how to have fun. After all, My sweet pussy hole deserves all cunts and cocks in this green earth. I’m ready to explore, and that shows very fast. I’m all in for some dirty escapades. 
I love to rub pussies. They are so warm and feel so good. I let my ex-boyfriend talk me into a threesome that got me into fucking girls and letting men watch. It’s a sort of domination to have a man watch as you please and get please by women. Its power and control. 
When my ex watched me and my friend candace have our fun, he couldn’t hold back and ended up exploding everywhere. It felt so lovely to see him struggle. He couldn’t finish the job. All he could be sitting there like he was useless. Candace and I were in our world. My ex had the biggest cum shot ever splurt out, and all I could think about was how come I had never dipped in the lady pond sooner. 
From then on, we ditched him and moved on to a man packing down under, and I am happy.
When you have two girls, you better satisfy both of them, and if you can’t, you will be dropped. Ever since then, Candace and I have kept our hot new bond. Sadly different schools kept us apart, but we still always get together whenever the other one Is in town, and you know me, I must find the same kind of vibe elsewhere, so I found my hottie friend Rosie and she another hot blonde. I got a type.

biggest cum shot

baby batter

breeding phone sex

I’m ready for that baby batter. I’m glad you enjoy some breeding phone sex because I am the perfect candidate for your jizz. Let me be the one to spread my legs and let you pop that cock in my cunt. My pussy hole is ready for your meat. I want to feel you slide deep and pounce that pussy like you haven’t fucked ever before. I want to make sure your cum makes me a knocked-up whore. I dream about having a big pregnant belly and getting rammed 24/7. If I could have a dick in me all the time, I would take that honor.

I want to feel the climax of being knocked up and aroused. I have heard that there is no orgasm better than someone expecting. Cum dispense your baby batter in me.

Biggest Cum Shot from the Biggest Cock

biggest cum shotYou know what warms up a sexy milf in a snowstorm? The biggest cum shot from the biggest black cock. I am snowed in. Illinois got plummeted with snow. Now normally, this state is prepared for snow. But with work shortages from Covid, the state has not been able to plow as well as they have in the past. My street is a mess. Now, I work from home and my husband can too. The issue is I need black cock. I always need black cock and if the weather is bad, it is hard for me to get black cock or for black cock to come to me. I sent some texts last night and everyone was snowbound too. Then a miracle happened. A young boy came to the door with a shovel. A young black boy wanting to shovel our car out and our walkway. Cute black teen boy. Usually, I fuck men because they have more stamina, but beggars cannot be choosers. I needed black cock phone sex, and this boy was right in front of me. Even a young black boy has a bigger cock than most white men. I paid the lad for clearing the snow and invited him inside to warm up. I took his clothes off to dry them, then took my clothes off too. I was trying to see if I could get a reaction from him. It got a reaction from my husband seeing a man dick on a young teen boy. The boy was hung. I helped myself to his semi-hard cock. Even at half mast, he was still bigger than my husband. I brought his young black cock to life though with a few licks and sucks. And cuckolding phone sex magic happened. I milked that boy dry and got his huge nut on my face. That took the chill away instantly. The boy made 50 bucks. He got his balls drained by a sexy milf. I got a big cum load and my husband got cuckolded. It was a great day.

Hot Ass Sex For Ladyboy Son w/ P-Daddy

As a P mommy of a bunch of princesses I have a little lady boy and there’s nothing better than getting his little asshole fucked. The other day I invited a daddy over a P daddy to play with my little lady boy. The speed daddy was extremely excited to see what a pretty little lady boy I had. Her little Ladyboy holes or rather whole was so fuckable and cute. The little clipped in those pretty panties I was just the thing this P daddy loved to suck on. Do you know the hairless ball sack and penis of a sweet little thing. That little thing in panties with a sweet little butt plug in its tiny little pussy  is so sweet. The speed daddy didn’t know what to do first but that little tiny mouth with the pink lipstick on was a really tempting first. Pump in that little mouth with his big daddy dick made him cum instantly. Then he bent the little one over. And the view in that little asshole After popping out the butt plug made him instantly hard again.

So if you would like to hear more stories like this then I think we really need to hook up and we can see what kind of ways you can use my little eye sweet lady boy to all the other two princesses until then bye.

Hot ass sex

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