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Gang Bang Phone Sex Druggy Fun

gang bang phone sexSometimes a mommy needs gang bang phone sex fun. I am a dirty mommy. I get high and need more than two cocks. Most women only need one cock if they even need that. Sound like your wife, LOL? I have two boys and they often entertain me at once, but when I am high, that is still not even enough for me.  Last night, I just needed more. So, I asked my boys to text some friends to come over and before long this mommy whore had a boy bang. What mature woman would say no to many teen dicks in her fuck holes at once? Not a smart one if you ask me. I love to be filled to the brim. Double stuffed, tag teamed, gang banged and passed around like candy are all things I enjoy, especially when high. I was high as a fucking kite too last night. Both boys invited over a couple friends telling them that their mom was in one of her moods again. My sons’ closest friends all understand what that means. I am a mommy whore and a milf slut. I have never cared that boys were young. I think the young boys fuck better. They are just about getting their young dicks off. They do not want to spoon or date. They want to nut and fall asleep. I want to be filled with cum and fall asleep. I entertained four horny boys for hours last night and guess what? We all slept soundly. They got to burn off some steam. I got to take some cum. It was a win win situation. The boys woke up for school this morning and pumped me full of cum again. This weekend is starting off perfectly for a drugs phone sex mommy.

kinky fun!

Blackmail phone sex

I’ve been a filthy little whore for my whole life. I start my day with my fingers in my cunt and end my day
on the filthy whore phone sex line. In between, I get plenty of hot action.
Like today.
I woke up and had to fingerfuck myself until I exploded. I got up and before I could get to the shower,
my roommate’s boyfriend saw me. I was still naked and he pushed me against the wall and slammed his
nine-inch cock right into my cunt.
He fucked me so hard! All the while he told me my roommate blue balled him. When he finished, his
cum dripped down my filthy slut legs and I decided I didn’t want to take a shower. He said I was a slut
and I told him any time she neglected him, he could have me. Hell, if she took care of him, I wouldn’t
have to.
I got dressed after I shoved my fingers in my pussy so I could lick his cum off them, and then I headed
outside. I wanted to go down to the donut shop on the corner but there was a group of guys listening to
music. They whistled at me and so I felt like I had to take care of them, too.
They were big guys with nice jet-black skin and I knelt there on the street as they rammed their big cocks
in and out of my throat. I swallowed four big loads of delicious cum and then started walking again. On
my way home, they were waiting for me and this time, those nine, ten, and eleven-inch cocks rammed
into my filthy whore cunt and my little cum slut ass.
When they let me go, I had loads in all three of my fuck holes. I could barely walk!
When I got home, it wasn’t even nine-thirty! My roommate was gone but her boyfriend wasn’t. He had
friends with him, too, and they all wanted my throat, my cunt, and my ass because all their girlfriends
neglected them, too.
If I talked about the cocks that filled my little cum holes, it would take a hundred pages. Let’s just say I
had a long day and behaved exactly like a little whore like me should.

Perfect Horny slut

GFE Phone SexI’m such a horny slut, but I am perfect for phone sex fantasies. I love hearing all the kinky things you like to do or want to do to me. When I see your cock bulging from your pants it just makes me want to get on my knees and just start sucking your throbbing cock. Hearing about how you would use me wherever we are gets my pussy wet, I just want you to bend me over and stick your cock in my willing pussy. That is not where you have to end it if you want to pound my ass, ill open it and spread my ass for you to be able to shove your cock in my asshole. I want you to use it up and fill it up with cum, make me your anal whore I like it knowing my body pleases you is what I want. I was built to be a whore and it only turns me on even more when you make me that.  

Hot Phone Sex Fetish

phone sex fetish

Hey there. I have a question for you. Don’t worry, it’s not a hard one. I want to know what your favorite phone sex fetish is. Everyone is so different, and I just love hearing what makes your dick hard. I am pretty freaking kinky myself, so this is a safe space baby. Get down and dirty with me. Maybe we will even find that we have a favorite fetish in common. And if we don’t, maybe we will find a new one. But I am happy to talk about anything you want. I am in no limits kind of girl. 

Do you get turned on by incest role plays? That can be really fun and sexy. Or maybe you have a tiny little dick and it gets hard what a pretty girl laughs at you. That sounds like so much fun to me. Perhaps you like getting dressed up in lingerie. I hope so, since I really love sissies. As you can see, I am here for any fetish that really gets you going. So go ahead and pick up the phone and give me a call. Don’t worry, the more fucked up your fetish is, the more I’m gonna love it.

Drugs Phone Sex Weekends

drugs phone sexIt is the weekend and that means it is drugs phone sex time. I have a weekend routine. On Thursday night, I text my number one dealer, Marcus. He has been supplying me with coke for a couple decades now. I never have to pay him. I just fuck him. When I was younger, we just fucked. I guess it was taboo at the time because he was older and black, and I was a young white girl. When I got married, he wanted to fuck me in front of my husband. He liked the idea of interracial cuckolding. My husband married me because I was a whore. He wanted a party wife who was uninhibited. When I got pregnant, he fucked me pregnant both times. Now that I am a mother of two horny boys, he fucks me in front of them and watches as they fuck me. He is a voyeur with mom fantasies of his own. Thursday night, he arrived with his nephew. He gave me more than my usual amount of weekend party supplies to fuck his nephew and let him call me mommy too. He wanted me to be a three whole whore. I fucked my two boys and my drug dealer’s nephew at the same time while my dealer jacked off on my face. Since his nephew was skull fucking me at the time, he hit the side of my face with his jizz blast. It felt amazing because as he came on the side of my face, my sons nutted in my pussy and ass and his nephew came in my mouth. I had the biggest cum shot times four simultaneously. I was looking like a cum dumpster. I could tell you I did it for the coke, but that would be a lie. The coke was just the icing on the cake.

Easter Egg in Mommy’s Wet Bald Pussy

wet bald pussyMommy always has a wet bald pussy for her boys. They look at me and my cunt gets wet. We had a dirty Easter morning. We are not church goers. If I did ever go to a church, I think the church might explode, LOL. We did do an Easter egg hunt in the back yard and around the house. I spoiled my sons with lots of candy. I got me some candy too. Nose candy helps mommy be freaky. I hid a plastic egg up my cunt with $100 for each boy in it. They knew that they had not found the last egg. They turned the house and the yard up looking though. They asked for a clue. I told them it was hidden in one of their favorite places. That narrowed it down for them. They had a mischievous smile on their faces, and they crawled over to where I was sitting. My youngest son pushed my legs apart and pulled my panties to the side. He could see the pink plastic egg in my cunt. I started to push it out of my pussy. I have good muscles. It plopped out onto the floor and the boys scurried to get it. They licked off my cunt juice, opened it and pocketed the Easter Bunny cash. Then they crawled back between my legs to eat my mommy pussy. We had a family fun morning. Lots of pussy and ass licking. Lots of blowjobs from mommy. And of course, lots of fucking. My basket was their favorite Easter basket. And my basket got an Easter treat too. Each boy gave mommy his biggest cum shot yet filling me with creame better than the creame in the middle of a Cadburry Egg. It is still Easter. Wanna fill mommy’s basket, boys?

phone sex slut!

phone sex

Since covid hit, I have been getting behind on my rent which makes my landlord really pissed off! Today he came to the apartment and busted the door down ” you are going to pay me one way or another!” he said as he started to undo his belt and my already soaking wet cunt started to drip from the sight! I happily did everything I was told to do I wanted his thick hard cock in my worthless little cunt for so fucking long now! He pulled my hair back and shoved his 9-inch thick cock down my throat until I was choking on it and then he pressed my head further down! oh my fucking God his pre-cum tasted so good! As he got close he started to fuck my throat harder shoving every inch down it and then he pulled out and shot the biggest load of cum I have ever seen on my perfectly round tittys. Mmm, maybe I should skip rent more often.

Taking Big Tit Photos

big tit photosI love posing for big tit photos. I have a great rack. It is no secret that my big boobs are my best feature. They are also the reason I have nice things. I had my first photo shoot in over a year. It was for Score magazine. They are an online outfit that specializes in busty women. I have 44 EEs. They are real too. We did an outdoor shoot because of Covid. It was a little chilly, so my nipples were always erect. I could see the photographer had a growing bulge in his jeans. Him and the lighting guys were asking if my tits were real. I jiggled and bounced and assured them I was all real. After the shoot, it was clear that I had unintentionally cock teased these men. I am an exhibitionist, but I was cold. One of the guys gave me his coat and escorted me inside. I was horny. The two guys on the shoot were horny too. It was clear that they were aroused snapping pictures of me. I teased that I knew what would warm me up. They read my mind and whipped out their hard cocks. I am such a cock sucking whore. I took both of their dicks in my mouth. I swallowed them balls deep too. They did not care that their dicks were touching. They each fondled one of my boobs. I think they were just checking if they really were real. It felt amazing because my breasts are sensitive. It is like a straight shot to my pussy. They each gave me their biggest cum shot too. One came on my face. The other came on my tits. It was just what I needed to feel warm again. I am so glad my life is getting back to normal. I missed posing for naked photos.                                                                                                                                                                     

Tennis lesson ends with an Anal pound

Anal Phone Sex

I know that anal phone sex is a blast. I definitely love to have anal fun and actually got into it quite young.

I was in tennis lessons, and my instructor always loved the private one on ones with me. It was quite late,

  one day, and we were at his private estate.

He had such a huge tennis academy. My instructor is world-renowned and has decades of experience—

A silver fox with a nice package that would spruce up against all the hot girls. I have felt him brush up against me one or two times.

The third time, however, was the charm.

I  couldn’t stop giggling during a warm-up. He  MUST have known  I was soaking in my little panties.

He asked me if I loved what I felt, and I smiled and said, of course.

That’s when he pulled my shorts down and began to rub my pussy thru my panties. And asked if I wanted a special lesson.

I didn’t turn that kind of proposal down. I felt his cock deep in all my holes, but I had a great anal pound for the first time.

There is Nothing Like GFE Phone Sex with the King

gfe phone sexNo one will ever do gfe phone sex like Big Daddy King. He is the best at everything. He has the Midas touch in business and every woman wants to be in his exclusive sugar baby posse. I am the sugar baby OG. I have been in his posse the longest. Other girls have come and gone, but I am still right here where I belong. I will never leave the posse because there is no one like my beloved Big Daddy King. I have been jonesing for a fix. Since no one compares to The Living Legend, I have been disappointed one date after another lately. I was left sexually frustrated. So, I called BDK. I told him how much I missed him and that I needed an anaconda fix. He sent his private jet for me immediately. He flew me down to his mansion in Florida. Big Daddy King knows how to travel in style! I only packed bikinis, sexy lingerie and my BDK bling. When I arrived in Florida, a stretch limo brought me to his mansion. I ran into my King’s arms when I saw him. I have visited many of his homes all over the world, but this was my first time at this Florida mansion. After I kissed and gushed all over him, I had a white girl wet bald pussy for him. I get that just saying his name. He gave me a tour of his palace. The basement was the party room. The ultimate man cave with stripper poles, a theater room and a pleasure chamber. It is a King’s Cave. One of his newest additions is a massage table with restraints. Big Daddy King oiled up my white girl titties. I am such a slut for the anaconda.

I begged to undress him. I wanted to see my King’s buff body. He is an Adonis. I needed to see the anaconda!!! I undid his Gucci belt, pulled his pants down and unleashed the anaconda. My King looked amazing in his white compression shorts and on the anaconda’s man’s sleeve was The Living Legend spelled out in jewels. I gave the anaconda kisses in my red lipstick. Once I had my King naked, I oiled up his sexy fit body. No wonder so many white guys are jealous of Big Daddy King. He is a work of art.  Before I could take the anaconda in my mouth though, Big Daddy King put me on his new massage table and restrained me. He teased and edged me before I was begging for the anaconda inside me. He knows what a black cock phone sex slut I am for the anaconda, and he gave it to me in my white girl pussy. I squirted like a dozen times on the anaconda, and it felt amazing. When my King was ready, he pulled out and gave me a heavy dose of his billionaire nut sauce on my face. It was just what I needed. Only Big Daddy King can satisfy this sugar baby. #Addicted2Anaconda #BlackCocksMatter #TheLivingLegend #OwnedbyBDK

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