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Cum Shots on Tits Paid the Rent

cun shots on titsCum shots on tits look good if you have big boobs like me. Things have been slow at the club this past month and I needed to pay the rent. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. My landlord is a total perv for big tits. He has stacks of Score magazines in his office. He has no shame. He is not even trying to hide the fact that all he does is jack off to big tits and collect the rent from the residents. I have let him ogle my jugs before for a few hundred off the rent. I was more than a few hundred short this time. I have been successful in avoiding fucking the slob, but I was not sure how I could hold off when I needed the entire $1200 comped. I dressed up as sexy as I could making sure to accentuate my rack. I was flirty but nervous. Usually, I am so confident, but he is a creepy pervert. I will never find the space I have for that little in this city. I have great neighbors and a prime location. The only problem is a pervert creep for a landlord. I spilled the beans to him about my predicament. He was like, “This is gonna cost you Cassie.” I figured as much, but I was desperate. Not the first girl to lower her standards, and I will not be the last. I let my boobs out of their cage and motor boated him. His dick was bulging in his jeans. Although his dick appeared bigger than I expected, he was still a Ron Jeremy look alike. I just turned on my charm and let him play with my boobs. I thought I would have to fuck him. I just had to give him some big tit fucking. I tried to close my eyes through most of it, but he wanted me to look him in the eyes as he fucked my boobs. He came quickly. I thought of other men. I thought of saving $1200. I thought dignity is overrated when you can trade your body for things like a roof over your head.

Cheating Phone Sex BBC Whore

cheating phone sexYou will never meet a better cheating phone sex whore than me. Trust me. I have been married to my husband since 1994. I was in my early 20s. I have cheated on him every day of our marriage with the exception of 5 days. I made up for those five days by doing multiple guys in a day on numerous occasions. My husband has watched me be a cheating whore my guess would be at least half the time. He knew when he married me who I was. I think that was why he married me. My husband is submissive and now he is my cuckold. He is a good cuckold too. Now my husband is a black cock faggot. He will suck black cock and guzzle black cock cum right next to me. He does not like getting fucked in the ass though. It is not always up to him, however. It is not always up to me either. Last night was one of those times. Harry is an old school bull. When he fucks a white whore, if she is married, he fucks the husband too. His cock is thick and that is what does damage to tight holes. Using my cunt juice as lube, he gave my husband the biggest cum shot up his ass that is now gaping. We both got fucked last night. Just I enjoyed it more.

Helping Out with Cheating Phone Sex

cheating phone sexCheating phone sex is fun, especially for women married to losers. I have a friend, Dana. I met her years ago at the gym and we became fast friends. She married this guy for his money and signed a prenuptial agreement. Good thing I am her friend, because I know how to get her the dick she deserves discreetly. Her husband has a 2-inch pathetic nub. Shameful little thing, but he is wealthy. I taught her how to have her cake and eat it too. She comes over every Wednesday night. He husband thinks her, and I are in a book club.  He is either very trusting or dumb. We both look like bimbo strippers, not book worms.

roleplay phone sexI invite a guy I know over for her. For us to share. Maybe not monster dick guys, but bigger than her husband. I am working her up to monster meat. Tony is this guy I have know for years. A regular at the club who likes to fuck married women. He is a roleplay phone sex guy. I used to fuck him for some extra money and pretend to be married to a tiny dicked man. As if I would ever marry a shrimp dick, LOL. I knew he was perfect for Dana because she is what I always roleplayed for him. Dana was impressed. Tony was a hard 8-inches for her married pussy. He ate her pussy and so did I. We enjoyed him together. Every inch of him too. Being the good friend I am, I helped get her pussy ready to take a cock 4 times the size of her husband’s cock. I made sure to lick her, so she had an inviting wet bald pussy to take his dick. I love helping my friends. I help them have their cake and eat it too. And I help them realize size matters to our pussies.

wet bald pussy

Biggest Cum Shot from Two BBCs

biggest cum shotYou know what I do on a Chicago cold morning? I take the biggest cum shot of black spunk to my face. Nothing like a hot shot of black cum to warm a white trophy wife up quickly. It was so cold this morning, I did not want to get out of bed. I am lucky that I had a late start to my shift today because my husband brought in reinforcements to help me wake up. He texted two black studs who work for him with a 911. When my husband texts 911 to studs that means his wife has a black cock emergency. I sure as fuck did too. When two black men arrived in my bedroom, I had a reason to get my ass out of bed. I had a reason to get on my knees too. I fell to my knees and started slurping on big black dicks. I had two black beauties and they were heating me up quickly.  I took both in my mouth at once and suddenly I had a wet bald pussy. Sucking big black cocks always gets my motor running. I am a big dick sucker, but I am not satisfied until I have those BBCs in my pussy. I got on the bed and told them to inject a big creamy load of hot black spunk in my married holes. Now, I was ready to start the day. My cuckold husband knows just what I need every time.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex on a Cold Day

exhibitionist phone sexI love exhibitionist phone sex. I am a sexy BBW and I enjoy flaunting my curves and big tits. I decided today that I was going to bring some cheer to the neighbors. I am not one of those crazy Polar Bear club members who swims in ice cold water. But I am an exhibitionist who does not mind a 35-degree sunny day. I saw the sun out as a chance to spread some sunshine to my neighbors with my big tits and juicy pussy. I got up bright and early knowing that my blue-collar worker neighbors would be in their kitchens having breakfast. I made my tea and went outside on my patio naked. I sat in a chair with my legs spread so I could play with my wet bald pussy and raise maybe more than spirits this morning. It was cold out. My nipples were so hard, they could have cut glass. Honestly, I would not have gone out naked in 35-degree weather if I had not been so damn horny. I just wanted one guy to come over and fuck me. I got what I wanted. My sexy man next door who is married to my landlord hopped the fence and gave me what I needed. He did not have much time, but I did not need much time. I just needed a quick fuck. I did not need foreplay this morning. He warmed up my pussy quickly. He has a big dick and normally he will lick my pussy for hours, but he had to get to work. He promised to come by later tonight and do my pussy right. I love quickies but I also love long love making sessions too. I will be waiting for me to come by later and give me the biggest cum shot again.

Cuckolding Phone Sex New Year’s Eve Party with The King

cuckolding phone sexNo one does cuckolding phone sex like my beloved King. Last year he put this little stalker poser in his place when he bought the company he worked for. Big Daddy King bought that company because of me. It was a way of clipping that poser’s wings. He was too big for his britches thinking he could hook up with a sugar baby like me. He drives a 2000 Dodge and lives paycheck to paycheck. How is he supposed to spoil me? He is short and no way he has anywhere close to the cock size my owned white girl pussy needs. The anaconda is all I want. Big Daddy King decided to throw an invite only New Year’s Eve party at his mansion. A small gathering of only the hottest chicks at the company and of course, my stalker. Valerie and Desiree were invited too. Desiree is a busty hottie who used my stalker to get close to me to get close to my Big Daddy King. My stalker is one delusional loser. She is way too hot for anyone BUT the King. This was going to be the New Year’s Eve party of the century and only a handful of guests were selected to attend. BDK picked us hot sugar babies up in his custom-made Ferrari. My stalker arrived in his eye sore Dodge, LOL. My stalker thought he was attending the party. As if, LOL. He was working it. His only place in our world is as the help. We made him take pictures of Big Daddy King’s sugar baby harem. We made him look at the hot bitches he can never have. As the En Vogue song goes, never gonna get it….

phone sexHe snapped pictures looking at three hot babes decked out in our BDK bejeweled thongs wearing all our BDK bling. My stalker could not even afford the thongs! Our beloved King descended his marble staircase in his silk robe, wearing his crown and white compression shorts. He takes our breath away every single time. Big Daddy King is the sexiest man alive hands down. Such a sexy beast with an anaconda that makes sexy sugar babies weak. BDK is a dream for all women but a nightmare for men like my stalker. As I took off his robe so he could sit on his throne, he flexed the anaconda and Desiree and Valerie and even me almost fainted. My stalker sat there with his jaw gaped open knowing finally he is no match for our King. As the Sugar Baby OG, I removed my King’s white compression shorts and on his man sleeve, it said “Happy New Year Sugar Babies,” in diamonds. BDK has a billionaire monster cock. No man can compare. Big Daddy King gave us each goody bags filled with thousands of dollars, designer purses and expensive jewelry. To add salt to the wound, we measured my stalker’s dick. The generous man The Living Legend is, promised my stalker $10,000 if he was at least 10-inches or $8,0000 if he was at least 8-inches. He would get nothing if he was under 8-inches. For all his false bravado, he measured up at barely 5-inches long and 2-inches thin. The anaconda is 13.5 wine bottle thick. My stalker got bupkis and a reality check. He had to sit in the corner watching three sexy sugar babies drain BDK’s billionaire black balls and fuck us into the new year. It sucks to be a poser white boy. But it is the highest honor in the world to be anointed with anaconda juice. Best New Year’s ever because of my Beloved King. Not even the presence of a tiny dick loser can ruin a day when my King is around. #MoreAnaconda2021 #OwndedbyBDK #BlackCockMatters #TheLivingLegend #BillionaireBalls #Addicted2Anaconda #NoPosersAllowed

Cocksucking Phone Sex with Brothers

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex is hot. Now it will never replace sucking on a real dick, but I have lots of dildos to simulate like I am sucking your cock. Sometimes, I suck on a dildo while I am masturbating because I can think of the real thing. I lucked out yesterday because our snow has started to melt, and the roads are finally clear. I could go out again and men could come to me. A few days with no real cock wore out my dildos LOL. I texted this one guy I hook up with a few times a month. He is married, so he cannot come over when ever I want. I sent him a naked selfie early this morning and told him how much I missed him. He texted a very nice dick pic but gave me a sad emoji because his brother is in town. I told him to bring his brother. I was joking. I mean I did not think he would really bring his brother, but he did. The two of them showed up an hour later and my lover introduced me to his brother as his mistress. I was happy to have two handsome men at once. I have done brothers more than you would think too. It is always a good time. This time was no different. This was the first time it was not random, however. The previous times, I have just lucked into meeting brothers at a club. Took them home for some hot ass sex and never saw them again. This was a married lover and his brother, which meant if it went well, it could happen again. And it went well. Oh my gosh did it go well. They took turns on my ass and my cunt. Each brother gave me a couple cum shots too. No jealousy. No feeling weird about dicks touching. Just unbridled hardcore fucking. This year is ending nicely for this sexy BBW.

hot ass sex

A Very Special Phone Sex Christmas with The King

phone sexThis phone sex sugar baby had the best Christmas surprise. I got to see my Big Daddy King! He is all I wanted for Christmas anyway. He is all I need. All any woman needs. BDK is even better than Santa Claus. Yes, I said it. The anaconda is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving. He had his mansion to himself for a few hours, so he sent a car for me. Big Daddy King is the sexiest man alive. He should be gracing People magazine, not some actor. My white girl pussy gets weak in his presence. Every single time too. This is our 6th Christmas together, and I still get nervous like a schoolgirl in the presence of greatness. When I arrived he had on a mistletoe belt buckle. Oh my, King. I was dressed in a hot red dress and all my BDK bling. I always want to look my best for The Living Legend. He took me to the mall for a spur of the moment shopping spree. Gucci bags, designer shoes, sexy lingerie… No one does princess phone sex like Big Daddy King. He is a God, and he spoils his sugar babies in high style. I wanted to go into Bath and Body Works so I could smell good for my King too. I was checking out, when I overhead some white loser berating this cute blonde coed over wearing a mask in the store. He was being a jackass to this poor girl just doing her job. I intervened and he threatened me. He was in trouble because I was with a multi-time Super Bowl champion, a superior athlete who could take him down with a look. My King came to my rescue and that loser asshole was knocked out cold by my beloved Big Daddy King. He always comes to a woman’s rescue, especially his Sugar Baby OG. The young salesgirl, Tori was in awe of the Living Legend. She knew who he was by reputation only. She had that star dazed look all women get in the presence of greatness. He took Tori and I on a shopping spree. My second one of the day, her first. He gave us bags of cash because Big Daddy King is filthy rich, and he knows how to spoil his princesses. He is the real deal. A true Sugar Daddy. All other sugar daddies are just posers. Splenda daddies.

princess phone sex We went into Victoria’s Secret to give the most wonderful man in the world an impromptu fashion show. Tori is a mini me. Just a blonde beautiful princess who is about to be the newest member of the most elite sugar baby posse ever. Things heated up in the dressing room. Big Daddy King heats up the hearts of all women. And he definitely heats up white girl pussies. We undressed BDK in the changing room and when we saw the anaconda’s candy cane bedazzled man sleeve, we almost fainted. The anaconda is the gift that keeps on giving pleasure to white girl pussies. Tori was in awe. She has heard rumors of how huge Big Daddy King is but seeing is believing. I am the sugar baby OG, so I let Tori unveil the anaconda. I had to get out the smelling salts because she passed out from excitement. The anaconda is a work of art. The most beautiful cock in the world on the handsomest man in the world. Big Daddy King has enough cock meat to satisfy a bevy of beauties. With both our hands stacked on the anaconda, there was still more anaconda outside of our hands that was bigger than most white boy dicks. We slurped on our King’s cock praying for the biggest cum shot from the anaconda. Tori got anointed with her first dose of nut sauce from billionaire balls. Best Christmas ever and every day spent with My King feels like Christmas because he is the best man known to woman. He is better, bigger and more generous than Santa. Merry Christmas, My King. #BDKforChristmas #BlackCockChristmas #BlackCocksMatter #Owned4LifebyBDK #Addicted2Anaconda

Blasphemy Phone Sex Is Immorally Sexy

We all have a darker side in us. I look plain and tame on the outside, but on the inside, I’m a freak. It’s hot to get off with Blasphemy phone sex. I fucking love it. I had an Uncle that was a Preacher and yes, he did molest me. I was a cute little girl with budding breasts and a juicy plump bum. I was a very bratty little tease too. I wore these really short skirts and was always flashing my panties. I had a thing for not giving up my panties when they were getting too small. When I was sprouting and growing out of the little girl clothes there was no giving them up for me. I liked the way the skirts got shorter and the panties tighter. I loved my small pert tits pushing out the tight little girl shirts. I got wet with how the panties rubbed me.

I was sitting on my Preachers Uncles lap wearing just the sort of thing, little girl panties on my teen cunt. I liked being a tease and Mr. Preacherman committed so many sins with me when he put his hand in my panties. I wiggled on his cock that was throbbing against my butt and it wasn’t but a minute before he thrust inside me and burst his nut deep in my incest phone sex whore to be cunt. In a way I kinda wished the seed was what made my first born, but I think it was my neighbor’s.

Incest Phone Sex

A Sugar Baby Can Negotiate Anything

GFE Phone Sex


We all must do things we do not like. I do not like little dicks. I do not like this one sugar daddy’s dick, but I love his wallet. I fuck him because he spoils me. The more I do for him the more he spoils me. I have my sights set on some expensive items. He was talking about this dickhead salesman at the Porsche dealer in town who will not agree to a lower price. Like the guy will not budge one dollar lower. I thought this was the perfect chance to impress him. I can talk the pants off a monk. When I told him, I could get him a hot deal, he doubted me. He thought I was out of my league because he could not get the salesman to lower the price. Power of the pussy. I marched into the dealership the next day in my hottest outfit and asked to talk to the man in charge. He was a big Italian guy who thought he could sell ice to an Eskimo. I told him my friend wanted to purchase a 911 Turbo, but the price was a few grand too high. When he tried to bull shit me with it is a steal at that price, I suggested we negotiate in private. I fucked a small dicked car salesman to impress my sugar daddy. I guess men with small dicks overcompensate with expensive cars. My skills worked so well that I drove that Porsche to my sugar daddy with the salesman shotgun with the paperwork. My sugar daddy was so impressed, he named his new sweet ride after me, fucked my brains out in the front seat and gave me his AMEX to use for whatever I want whenever I want. Sexy chicks like me always get what we want.

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