My Car Fetish

Tranny Phone SexMy car fetish began when I was a teenager.  I have always loved the older antique cars especially the 69 Chevy because that is where I lost my virginity, right in the back seat of my boyfriends car.  It was a shocking experience for both of us, especially him.  At first he was shocked when he saw my cock, then he was really upset that mine was much larger than his. He was still reluctant, but I bent him over and slammed my cock in his ass and stroked his cock until he blew his load all over the backseat of the Chevy.  We spent that whole summer in the back seat of that 69 Chevy,  sucking, fucking, cumming, and experimenting in every position we could think of.  I loved that car, and I loved watching my boyfriend suck my cock.  I will never get tired of fast cars or hot guys sucking my cock, but I will always really love the look on the guys face when he sees my beautiful 10 inch thick beefy cock.  I loved sending time in that Chevy was the best part of my summer, and when I think about it my cock gets so hard!

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