Exercising is Good for the Body…

 My favorite thing to do is workout at home. Although, I did sign up for a spinning class and I think its really gonna do my body good. I am already super sexy but I got to maintain this girlish figure. Who else are you gonna look at? Your eyes stay glued to my cute little ass when I wear regular clothes. I can just imagine what you would be thinking when I wear my tight ass workout gear! I wish I had a better excuse as to why I have to work out in these tiny little boy shorts and colorful socks in front of my open window, but truthfully, I just like the attention I get from guys like you, and some girls too! It always leads to masturbation. But anyway, maybe you can play the hot delivery guy and I’ll come prancing to the door all hot and sweaty. We don’t have to play any games, let’s cut right to the point. Rip my clothes off and fuck me right there on my yoga mat. Sounds like a good plan? You’ve always wanted to fuck a little black slut huh? Now is your chance. Come and devour this chocolate pie!

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