Some Like It Hot

We have a group of shemale, tranny and bi’s that have our own show torupe. We aren’t known for the same old drag queen and lip king routines, we do old musicans and perform the plays.
I was just thrilled darling when we voted to do Some Like It Hot, one of my all time favorite black and white Marilyn Monroe films I just adore her!
The problem was I was so excited that my dick would not stay limp. Have you ever tried to bend a hard cock backwards to tuck it between your as checks so it doesn’t show?
Well if you haven’t darling it is not only painful but dreadfully difficult.
So I spent two days auditioning for the part of Sugar and now I wait on pins and needles for the results.
I he will let me I am going to suck the foreskin off the director if I get this part! I am not above sleeping my way to the top!
If you don’t know what the movie is or god forbid have never sen it, it is about two guys who witness the Valentines Massacre, they need to escape and decide to hitch a ride on a train with a girls band, dressed as girls (Josephine and Daphne) to in the band and get away.
It is a wonderful flick and play!

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