My Hot Date had to Cancel

Submissive Phone SexI told everyone that my favorite Christmas gift this year was a Sybian. I have been telling all my grilfriends about it, because since I got mine it has been put to good use on several occasions. As I mentioned before if you’ve never tried a Sybian, or if you don’t know what they are then I suggest you Google it and read up on it.  The Sybian fuck machine is a dildo attached to a silicone mat with little silicone prick-lies on it.  The motor is that of an industrial strength washing machine, and let me tell you how fucking amazing that is!  The Sybian has several speeds and intensities so you can slowly acclimate to it.  Once you try this amazing machine you will want one too!  This is my very favorite sex toy ever!

The reason I am mentioning it again is I had a hot date that I had been looking forward to all week for tonight! It’s Friday night and I was really excited to go out with this guy again. I knew our date would end with me getting the best fuck and I am so wet right now just in anticipation of our date! I am so disappointed that he had to call and cancel. I totally understand, I could hear it in his voice over the phone how sick he really is, he has that awful flu that’s going around and there was no way he could or even should try to get outta bed for a anything much less a date.  Hopefully he will be better next weekend and we can go out then. But for this weekend not all is lost, I plan to put my Sybian to good use!

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