Time for Me!

submissive Phone SexLast week my husband suggested I take some time for myself because he knows how hard I work to keep our home nice and taking care of him and our little man. I was so excited, he was right I need some time for me. I decided I would spend the weekend pampering myself at my apartment that my husband got me so I can have time to myself on occasion. When my husband got home from work on Friday night he gave me a huge bag of coke to enjoy my weekend with, so before leaving the house I took him into our bedroom and gave him the best blow job I knew how to which made his cock and balls fill with cum and when he did cum it was so much I had to gulp fast to be able to swallow that much all at once. Then I got dressed while he put my suitcase in the car, I kissed him and my little man and headed out for a wild and fun weekend.

Once at the apartment I unpacked, got naked, then did several lines of coke. The thing I love about coke is it relaxes me but I don’t sleep. I spend hours doing things that normally take me very little time to do. I took a very long hot bubble bath and stayed in the tub so long that I had to keep adding hot water. By the time I got out I was a wrinkled up prune, but I felt so good. I did a couple more big lines of coke and laid on the bed. I stayed up all night reading a love story, relaxing and doing lines. By the time the sun came up I had gone through the entire bag of coke and was so horny so I called my drug dealer and he said he could deliver another bag in an hour or so.

When he showed up we did a few lines together and talked then all of a sudden he pushed me down on the bed and fucked the living shit out of me! I could tell he was higher than I was and that was pretty damn high! He fucked me for a very long time and got pissed off that he couldn’t cum because of all the coke he had in him, so he flipped me over and fucked me in the ass until he finally shot his load of cum. I had cum several times and was very content by the time he finally left. Plus I had another large bag of coke, so I headed back to another bubble bath. Before I knew it my me time was over and I packed up and headed back home! I was so relaxed from my great weekend I made a special thank you dinner for my husband that night. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed, as soon as my head hit the pillow I crashed and slept for twelve hours straight.

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