Oh darling, he wanted to be hypnotized and I loved the idea of him being completely under my spell, submitting to my every whim and desire.
I couldn’t wait to start looking for someone to hypnotize him for me and tell him to obey my every command. he would be my sex slave for the night.
Finally I found the perfect person, she was willing to pur him under, give him his instructions and to give me instructions for bringing him out of it when I am finished with him.
Once he is under she leaves and I begin to have fun.
“So my little sex slave, you are mine tonight. I want you to drop to your knees and suck my dick like your life depends on it. Lick it and kiss it and tease it until I explode down your throat. show me that no one can pleasure me like you do and when I cum, swallow every drop, not one bit of waste.”
I lean back as he works my cock. he is a master with his mouth and the night is just beginning. I try to stop myself from coming because I want this to last all night long.
When i finally spew my jizz into his mouth. I give my next order.
” I am going to lay down now. I want you to massage and caress my entire body until I tell you to stop. Then i want you to lift my legs high in the air and slide your huge cock in my ass and fuck me for hours. But you are not allowed to cum, my little sex slave. Not yet.”
Two hours later and the night is young. by the time morning comes I am going to be one happy tranny and who knows I might not say the words to release him from his hypnotic state for days. I am loving this!

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