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Cheating Fuck

Cheating Phone Sex Tina

 You get up all between my thighs I know what’s coming next the long cock bouncing between them. Our possibilities are endless, and fuck sessions have no stress, I feel you slip inside while I make my cunt grips you. I feel you grabbing and spreading my ass ready to fingerfuck it- I make you stop because I want something more! Let me slowly slip your dick out and lick it clean for a moment all the way to your balls and rim that tight asshole of yours. Mmm I know you like it the way you groan while glide my tongue deep in that ass. You beg me to go deeper so I grab my toy- as I rub your cock you tell me to keep fucking you, I know your about to blow your cum cause your cock is so fucking hard. I slip between your thighs looking up at you, pink dildo in your ass while your cock fills my mouth and your cum explodes leaking out of my lips. I didn’t expect such a mess but I love it, that hot sticky feeling dripping onto my big tits, couldn’t ask for a better cum shot!


Big Tits For A Juicy Hard Cock

Big Tits Phone Sex Tina


It’s been a while since you let me fuck your friends-so I took it upon myself to bring them over. You walked in on him sucking on these huge tits, I know you liked it from how quick your cock got hard. That’s why I moaned for you to come over and shove that cock down my throat while he filled my cunt, sucking these juicy tits. Oh babe you know you miss feeling me squirt all over that face and cock when you let him fill me up. Go ahead and stuff my tight asshole with your 10 inch cock sugar, I fucking crave it while he stuffs me with his 9 inch thick dick. Spread my tight ass while he slaps these big tits, treat me like I’m both of your nasty personal fuck toy. I want my holes filled with your warm sticky cum I need to hear those balls clapping against the juices dripping on my skin.

Cheating Brat

Cheating Phone Sex Tina

I am obsessed with the juicy hard cocks that love fucking my big tits. I can’t help but get excited when I see a man who wants to fuck me- I do whatever I can to hide them from their partner to fuck me hehehe. I know he craves this juicy bald cunt-shoving his cock deep in it. I tell his sweet girlfriend that instead of getting fucking jealous she should take lessons in fucking sucking his cock right. I waited the next time I came over just until she walked in to let her watch me ride him the right fuckin way. She almost started to cry so I shoved her onto her knees and shoved his cock down her throat. You can’t cry while you’re eating, so bitch fucking swallow. I know that’s why he fuckin loves me so much- I don’t complain about petty shit, I fuck and please the cocks given to me on a daily.

Cum Filled Cunt

Biggest Cum Shot Tina

                You can either cum all over this pretty face or deep inside this sexy cunt. Better yet why not cum inside all my fuckholes Honey? Make me your filthy little fuckdoll-suck these juicy tits and nibble on these hard nipples. Tug them-suck them, babe I need you to treat me like your personal whore because that is what the fuck I am. I want nothing more than to fuck you and all your friends, I’m a brat until I get what I want-but I can be really sweet if you show me a good fucking time by making squirt all over that cock while pounding me against the wall. You can even bend me over and shove your fingers down my throat if you need to shut me up-gag me. I’m flexible too honey-so twist me in whatever way gets that cock balls deep in me before you unload all that thick, creamy, hot cum that I have been craving. Then let me slurp you clean so I can enjoy the flavors of our pleasures baby.

Blowjobs & Big tits

Blowjobs Phone Sex Tina

Big tits and blowjobs go together like bread and butter, you can’t have one without the other. Bring that cock over here between my juicy tits let me feel how bad you want to fuck me babe. I want to feel every inch of that cock between my lips gliding all over my tongue. Stuff my fucking throat babe- I’m here to be your big tit whore, you’re cum slut. I want nothing more than to gobble your cock and feel it throb until I choke and can no longer breathe. Once it’s dripping all the way down your balls, pin me down and fuck me like your own nasty fuckdoll. Stretch my holes out until you feel that cum ready to explode and fill me with every drop babe. I want to be oozing out of all my holes waiting for you to fuck me again while I moan and squirt these sweet juices all over your thick hard cock.

Cum on these tits

Cum Shots on Tits Tina

I got two big tits for both of you to suck on. You both looked so hot in the sun pulled over on the shoulder I couldn’t help myself but stop. Thinking maybe you’d need something to refresh you but it was me that was craving your hot cum. Watching you try to fix that car- you both deserved a break, so I pulled you into the back of your truck and pulled those long hard cocks out. Damn I wasn’t expecting them to be this fucking juicy, licking your shafts all the way down to those plump balls. I can tell by the way you’re both gripping my tits you want to fuck them. So he can bend me over while I stroke your cock between these big tits and suck that tip hard. Fuck you both feel so good. The way your cocks throb and pulse for me-mmmm I want both of you to stretch me out making me moan so fucking loud you can barely hear the cars passing by. I know you’re ready to come, blow your load all over me while he fills my filthy cunt babe.

Tongue Down My Ass


Ass to mouth Phone Sex Tina

“Oh yes deeper- right there, rub my prostate dirty bitch!” you moaned at me as my tongue stuck deeper down into your ass and I juggled your balls while stroking that cock. “I’m your dirty bitch babe” I moaned back as I spit and sucked that tight asshole of yours. Mmmm I need your tongue all over my cunt and in my ass but only after you fuck these big tits. I need to feel that big juicy cock throb and pulse between these huge tits as I stroke it back and forth letting the tip of your cock tease me juicy lips. Oh fuck I love how fucking hard it is and how you squeeze my jugs. I have to bend over for you and have you slide that cock into my slippery wet pussy. Oh yes baby deep, fucking balls deep and don’t stop. Pound me like your dirty little fuck toy so all I can think about when your gone is how I can fuck you again to make you cum in all my fuckholes. You made me your personal slut and I need you to satisfy yourself with my body.

Big Tits To Grip Your Cock

Big tit fucking Tina

Pull out so I can pull you back in, glide against my big breasts as I grip your back and scratch your skin. I never thought I could get cock this good again- Promise not to stop even when you think you can. I love wearing my short skirt on hot days like this, otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up in my bed. Taking myself out to eat with a simple look across the room I saw you peek. I spread my legs- little did you know I didn’t have my white lace panties on so you saw exactly what you desired maybe even more hehehe. My big tits are what got your attention ordering my cappuccino. As I slipped out I left you my number not knowing your girlfriend was grabbing your drinks- I could care less as long as it was our secret I was fine. Late that night you called me for what you didn’t expect to end in some cream pie phone sex hehe. Babe your voice was even sexier on the phone than when you said goodbye that evening. I picked out just the right lingerie for our first time, hot wet pussy, big perky tits, awaiting your arrival for the day-discreet as can be.

Cum Slut Cravings

Cum Slut Phone Sex Tina

You walked in on me playing with my clit, but when our eyes met you knew just what I needed. I didn’t give a fuck that I was in the middle of the training room, I was fuckin horny. You basically walked right into what we both want, a good meaningless fuck. By the look of it, your cock wants to be in this tight wet pussy as bad as I need to get pounded. So I prop myself up pretending to be shy waiting for you to lean closer so I can tug your pants down and plop you right onto this matt. I’ll sit on your face for you to get a sweet taste of this cunt before I ride the huge cock that’s been neglected from these other woman. You need to give this pussy a nice big load of cum while I lean back and ride you. Hold my hips while I twirl this pussy on your dick and fill me baby.


Cum Fantasy

Cum Slut Phone Sex Tina

Remember when you came by to pick up your cloths but fucked me by the sink instead? That breeding session is what has had you on my mind with every other man passing by. We broke up and you needed to grab your things. I was mid cleaning after my morning workout. You gave me the look you always do before you throb your dick against me. You knew I wanted to be fucked that’s why you scooped me up onto the counter and slip my shorts and panties so the side while you stuffed your cock into my tight wet pussy. You pinned me so hard against the wall I could feel your dick jam so high into me I couldn’t help but cum with each thrust while you kept my leg over your chest. I was unable to move and it made me miss all those moments you fucked the shit out of me before we broke up. But why stop? We can just meet to fuck even if we can’t be together.