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Bratty Bitch with Big Tits

Bratty Girl phone sex Tina

I really wanted to fuck Marcus but you wouldn’t let me-you tried to pull his cock out of my mouth when he told you to get under me and fuck me. I’ve always been your whore but you never appreciated how I rubbed my big tits against your cock. I love sucking your dick but […]

Stretch My Ass Daddy

Hardcore ass fucking Tina

I’ll admit I’ve been craving for daddy to fuck my ass for weeks now. I’ve noticed his cock get hard every time my tits would brush against him while I hug him hello or goodbye. I told him today was enough- I wanted him to tare my shirt off and stick my tits in him […]

Tease & Please

Tease & Denial Phone Sex Tina

You asked me to get some new Lingerie but you never told me where we’d meet to fuck. I assumed you would at least plan out some freaky endeavor but no calls, nothing. So-Fuck it, I decided to keep the lingerie on through the day- made me feel kinky and my pussy moist. On the […]

My Nipples Stare back

Big tit fucking Tina

Every man wants a piece of these big tits, ever since I started growing them-my nipples stare back. I noticed they have been super sensitive, so I enjoy the foreplay like the toys in your mothers bed. That hard cock in your pants can’t lie as well as you do to your girl every night […]

Rim that Ass

Rim Jobs Phone Sex Tina

You get up all between my thighs I know what’s coming next the long cock bouncing between them. Our possibilities are endless, and fuck sessions have no stress, I feel you slip inside while I make my cunt grips you. I feel you grabbing and spreading my ass ready to fingerfuck it- I make you […]

Hot ass sex

hot ass sex tina

My big tits have to be my favorite part about getting undressed. Watching them jiggle while men and woman’s eyes follow hehe. I want my tits fucked and sucked on almost all the time. I always get other women mad when their men are caught staring, but I give them a small show. Sometimes women […]

Cum On these Big Tits

big tits Tina

I haven’t been able to let Thomas cum all over my big tits since I graduated college. We would always fuck between my classes since our schedules lined up that way. I still remember the first time he called me into his office with his cock out, bouncing up and down to tease me. I […]

Big Tits Big Love

cum shots on tits tina

The first time I let a man suck on these big tits, I fell in love with it. I taught myself to suck on my own tities ones he bent my over. It is such a fucking great sensual feeling to have a man fuck your cunt, rub your clit and get your nipples sucked […]

Topless Turns

fantasy phone sex

I noticed the way you looked at me when I walked by you in nothing but a robe, yours eyes said it all. My sister knows what a whore I am since my husband’s attention was never enough. My tits always made sure that all eyes were on me, the look in my eyes were […]

I Want That Cum Deep

Hot ass sex tina

“God I’ve missed that beautiful pussy so much Tina!” said Jacob “not as much as I missed getting nasty with you babe.” I told him. Every morning he greets me with kisses and those strong manly hands. He kisses my nose and it gets me so wet- the way he handles my Big tits, sucking […]


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