Tongue Down My Ass


Ass to mouth Phone Sex Tina

“Oh yes deeper- right there, rub my prostate dirty bitch!” you moaned at me as my tongue stuck deeper down into your ass and I juggled your balls while stroking that cock. “I’m your dirty bitch babe” I moaned back as I spit and sucked that tight asshole of yours. Mmmm I need your tongue all over my cunt and in my ass but only after you fuck these big tits. I need to feel that big juicy cock throb and pulse between these huge tits as I stroke it back and forth letting the tip of your cock tease me juicy lips. Oh fuck I love how fucking hard it is and how you squeeze my jugs. I have to bend over for you and have you slide that cock into my slippery wet pussy. Oh yes baby deep, fucking balls deep and don’t stop. Pound me like your dirty little fuck toy so all I can think about when your gone is how I can fuck you again to make you cum in all my fuckholes. You made me your personal slut and I need you to satisfy yourself with my body.

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