Cheating Fuck

Cheating Phone Sex Tina

 You get up all between my thighs I know what’s coming next the long cock bouncing between them. Our possibilities are endless, and fuck sessions have no stress, I feel you slip inside while I make my cunt grips you. I feel you grabbing and spreading my ass ready to fingerfuck it- I make you stop because I want something more! Let me slowly slip your dick out and lick it clean for a moment all the way to your balls and rim that tight asshole of yours. Mmm I know you like it the way you groan while glide my tongue deep in that ass. You beg me to go deeper so I grab my toy- as I rub your cock you tell me to keep fucking you, I know your about to blow your cum cause your cock is so fucking hard. I slip between your thighs looking up at you, pink dildo in your ass while your cock fills my mouth and your cum explodes leaking out of my lips. I didn’t expect such a mess but I love it, that hot sticky feeling dripping onto my big tits, couldn’t ask for a better cum shot!


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