Cheating Brat

Cheating Phone Sex Tina

I am obsessed with the juicy hard cocks that love fucking my big tits. I can’t help but get excited when I see a man who wants to fuck me- I do whatever I can to hide them from their partner to fuck me hehehe. I know he craves this juicy bald cunt-shoving his cock deep in it. I tell his sweet girlfriend that instead of getting fucking jealous she should take lessons in fucking sucking his cock right. I waited the next time I came over just until she walked in to let her watch me ride him the right fuckin way. She almost started to cry so I shoved her onto her knees and shoved his cock down her throat. You can’t cry while you’re eating, so bitch fucking swallow. I know that’s why he fuckin loves me so much- I don’t complain about petty shit, I fuck and please the cocks given to me on a daily.

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