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Auntie’s Play Mate

My sweet nephew has entered the perfect age where his cock is like a steel bar all the time; hard and ready to swing! I know my brother’s bitchy wife hasn’t taught him what to do with himself! I know! Not how to stroke his cock, or eat her out, or make a mess in her guts. I decided to show him just how amazing Auntie’s soaking wet slit can make him feel. It was dark when I crept into his room, and I wasted no time stripping off my clothes so that I could rub my sexy slutty fucking body up against him. My sexy little nephew was sleeping naked, and was sprawled out on his back like he was begging me to take his virginity from him. I began to jack off his young, hard cock. I made it nice and swollen before slipping it between my soft fucking lips and sucking his soul out. I started licking all up and down his throbbing length, getting it nice and fucking wet so I could fuck him. He woke up so confused, but moaning and as soon as he realized what was going on his hand was in my hair begging me not to stop.

Age Play Phone Sex

Addicted to BBC

phone sexI became Addicted to your BBC the first time you fucked my whore holes! You are my best guy friend and everyone always gives a shit for hanging out together. That big black jock and the little white girl. People always assume that we’re fucking but we weren’t at first. It wasn’t until you got me some primo marijuana to put in the bong that I even thought about fucking you. Suddenly all my inhibitions were gone as I confessed I’d only been two other men before you. When you laugh and ask me if they were a white man and I said yes and then you said they didn’t count kind of made me stop in my tracks. “What do you mean they don’t count?” I ask you very confused! That’s when you laid it on me the last I had fucked up BBC or a white cock over 9 in big I hadn’t been fucked at all and I was basically a virgin. Now for young women like me I was appalled and needed to know what I was missing. You are such a gentleman and offer to help me out by releasing that big anaconda and slapping me playful in the face. First things first I have to learn to suck it before I can ride it.

Making you into a P-Daddy

I watched you on my camera as you tip-toed down the hall. I knew that you’d been going into her room, touching her. Fondling her bald pussy while you stroked your cock. I saw your face when you came. It made me fuck myself even harder with my dildo. I’d been waiting for this day. Deep down, I always knew you liked it young. I saw the way you looked at little girls on the street. Their hot bodies, barely developed. The tight clothes that their mommies innocently dressed them in, not knowing that pervs like us watched them. Why didn’t they realize the effect they had on men. The short little shorts. The tiny crop tops. Short dresses that showed off their pretty little legs. And jeans that clung to their slits in tiny camel toes, making every man aware that there was a pussy underneath. And what a glorious, bald pussy it was. And now, you’d finally come around a touched one. I was so proud of you. It was a P-Mommy’s dream come true. Sharing my daughter with you will be so much fun. The next step is obvious. You need me to step in and take charge. We can slowly ease her into sex with Daddy or we can take it fast and hard. How wicked do you feel?

family fun phone sex

I prefer the dark meat.

When it comes to black cock phone sex, the bigger, the better. Where is nothing more beautiful than a throbbing erect piece of black fuckmeat. All I can do is stare and worship it. Admit it. You like it too. You watch the porn with the pretty blondes getting that pussy stretched wide open and that ass torn up by a thrusting black stallion. You wish you were packing that kind of meat. Then you could really make your wife scream instead of just faking it. Next to him, you are barely worthy of licking the creampie leftovers he leaves for your worthless ass. Poor cucky hubby. He knows the power he has over your woman. She’ll do anything to get another dose of her favorite drug. The craving is too much. She’ll fuck up your world to get more, even if it means making you into her little cuckhold and cum rag. Can you measure up or can you accept that you’ll always get sloppy (and stretched out) seconds?  Come sing the praises of BBC, really big black cock, with me or be destined just to being my clean-up crew and little panty wearing bitch forever.

black cock phone sex

Sister Surprise

coed phone sexMy little sister is in college in Texas. She’s way younger than me. I decided to go surprise her and bring her home for Thanksgiving. When I got to her dorm room and knocked, there was no response. I turned the door knob and it was unlocked. I almost fell over when I see her with another girl in a 69 position. She’s moaning loudly, “Please don’t stop.” All I could do was stare. I guess I must’ve gasped because the two popped up and my sister grinned. “Hi, Melly. Care to join us?” It didn’t take another word for me to drop my clothes on the floor and join these two young cuties in their bed. My sister ate my pussy better than any man ever has. I guess she’s been taking that class in college. Her roommate fucked me with a strap on until I begged for mercy. Looks like I better call the family and let them know they we can’t make it home for turkey. I’d rather stay in bed and eat more of this delicious cream pie. Join me after you have your own piece (of turkey) and let me tell you more about my wild college weekend.

A hard pastor is good to find

roleplay phone sexI’m a frustrated wife. My husband never touches me anymore. I decided that counseling at a local church might be just what we need. The pastor was an attractive young man. I wore a short skirt with thigh high stockings, no panties, to our first meeting. After a few minutes, he asked my husband to leave the room so he could counsel me alone. He looked me right in the eyes and Asked. “Miss Jones, what do you NEED? What is lacking in your marriage? I was blunt, but honest. “Sex.” I replied. I could see his eyes widen a bit. “Tell me about it.” I went into great detail about how unfulfilled I was. I was ignored. And my damn pussy was in need of some cock. His mouth dropped open. I could see the bulge in his slacks, “Maybe you need some extra one-on-one therapy, Mrs. Jones. You seem to have a lot of deep seated anger trapped inside. We need to release some of that tension in your body.” I felt his hands on my shoulders and I moaned out loud. My sweet pastor was bending me over his desk and licking my pussy and it was wonderful. I wanted to scream out loud. I felt the tip of his cock press against my pussy lips. “Please.” I begged. He pushed into me and I felt my pussy contract around his large meatstick. He banged me fast and hard. Orgasm overtook me as he gushed his huge load into my eager box. I know it’s a sin but it was so good. I wanted more. I left his office with cum oozinng down my inner thigh. Looks like I’ll be spending a lot more time in church.

The family who shares

mutual masturbation phone sexSometimes my mind goes back to when I was young. I’m sure my  youth made me what I am today. My Daddy was a real life P-Daddy. He even bragged that he only had brats so he’d have a constant supply of fresh meat. He liked us all. Boys or girls. Any size. He said that there was nothing wrong with a daddy enjoying the fruits of his labor. Mommy never said much but I think she got off on it. She just wouldn’t admit it. But I caught her with her hand in her panties one night while daddy was training little sister in the living room. She tried to explain masturbation to me, but I had to laugh. I’d been getting off for years under daddy’s big cock. I wish she’d let me lick her pussy. Mom was so pretty. Maybe she was training the boys. Daddy liked training them himself though. Bubba didn’t squeal when Daddy crept into his bedroom at night like he did in the beginning. I guess he liked it. He sure moaned a lot. Call us fucked up, but I don’t see anything wrong with a family sharing together. Come share your story with me and let’s jerk off together.

P-Daddy training

family fun phone sexI need some money and fast. I love all of the finer things in life and I just can’t get there on my pussy alone. It’s time to add some fresh ideas to my menu. I looked at the newspaper ads, searching the nanny job section. This was always an easy gig. Find a single daddy raising daughters. Make them all love me and need me. Then get daddy a little intoxicated and have him admit the truth. Make him confide that he looks at his girls in a sexual way. I get him to tell me how their young, blossoming bodies make his cock hard and how he wants to touch them. All of you guys are guilty. You love that sweet young cherry flesh. If I get really lucky, I’ll get him to actually admit that he has accidently touched a bald pussy and then jacked off. It takes a little persuasion but I even ask the daughter to join us and I’ll touch her in front of him until he can’t resist. Daddy just needs one taste and he’s hooked. He admits he is the P-Daddy that I already knew he was. Boom. Solid proof and blackmail. And watching him squirm and hand over that money, while begging me for some more of that sweet cream really gets me off too.

Cum tell P-Mommy all about it.

mommy phone sexI know exactly what you’re thinking right now. We’re just alike, you know. Parents who watch our youngsters and their friends. Oh, you know you look at your little girl and see how she is developing. Those puffy nipples poking through that crop top. The way that round ass fills out that bathing suit. Your cock gets hard when she sits in your lap. Pretty soon she’ll be asking you why and you’ll have to explain it. Maybe it’s the time to show her how it works, daddy. Only a P mommy like me gets you. You don’t have to explain or be ashamed. Let’s explore your needs together. Maybe even do a 2 girl call with a young hottie who already knows how to please her daddy. OMG. My pussy is getting wet already just thinking about that story of her first time. Please, come tell me your own story so we can cum together.


My Hot Trucker

adult phone chat I met her when I was working the lot. It isn’t often that I come across a hot ass bitch that drives truck. Nice thick ass and thighs, sexy ass tats and lips that can suck the cum out of my cunt. We spent the entire day together, learning every inch of each other’s bodies. Since then every time she is in town with a load we hook up for the hottest fucking sex I have ever had. Her pussy tastes like honey and her body drives me crazy. She knows exactly where my G spot is and how to make me squirt all over the place. She is coming in to town tomorrow and my cunt has been nice and juicy all day. I invited her to the house for dinner this time and I am going to introduce her to the girls. I can’t wait to see them ravish her body the way they do mine. The thought of the four of us in bed together bringing each other to the heights of pleasure has me so fucking horny.