The family who shares

mutual masturbation phone sexSometimes my mind goes back to when I was young. I’m sure my  youth made me what I am today. My Daddy was a real life P-Daddy. He even bragged that he only had brats so he’d have a constant supply of fresh meat. He liked us all. Boys or girls. Any size. He said that there was nothing wrong with a daddy enjoying the fruits of his labor. Mommy never said much but I think she got off on it. She just wouldn’t admit it. But I caught her with her hand in her panties one night while daddy was training little sister in the living room. She tried to explain masturbation to me, but I had to laugh. I’d been getting off for years under daddy’s big cock. I wish she’d let me lick her pussy. Mom was so pretty. Maybe she was training the boys. Daddy liked training them himself though. Bubba didn’t squeal when Daddy crept into his bedroom at night like he did in the beginning. I guess he liked it. He sure moaned a lot. Call us fucked up, but I don’t see anything wrong with a family sharing together. Come share your story with me and let’s jerk off together.

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