Addicted to BBC

phone sexI became Addicted to your BBC the first time you fucked my whore holes! You are my best guy friend and everyone always gives a shit for hanging out together. That big black jock and the little white girl. People always assume that we’re fucking but we weren’t at first. It wasn’t until you got me some primo marijuana to put in the bong that I even thought about fucking you. Suddenly all my inhibitions were gone as I confessed I’d only been two other men before you. When you laugh and ask me if they were a white man and I said yes and then you said they didn’t count kind of made me stop in my tracks. “What do you mean they don’t count?” I ask you very confused! That’s when you laid it on me the last I had fucked up BBC or a white cock over 9 in big I hadn’t been fucked at all and I was basically a virgin. Now for young women like me I was appalled and needed to know what I was missing. You are such a gentleman and offer to help me out by releasing that big anaconda and slapping me playful in the face. First things first I have to learn to suck it before I can ride it.

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