My Little Hos

The girls have become such good little hos just like their mommy! They love it when you come visit and they can get all dressed up in their little mini skirts with no panties and their tight little shirts. Their little nipples get nice and hard when they see you walk in and sit on the couch motioning for them to come sit on your lap. They climb up and wiggle around, rubbing their little pussies all over your crotch. They know what it means when they feel that cock get rock hard. They unzip your pants and pull out that dick and start licking it together while they play with each others pussies for you, sticking fingers in and then letting you lick them clean. They know they have to take turns, one on that dick one on that face, switching places over and over again till you shove their faces down and explode all over them. They giggle and smile and thank you and ask if they can play again in a little bit. Of course you know that you will give them what ever they want because they are so eager to please.

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