Auntie’s Play Mate

My sweet nephew has entered the perfect age where his cock is like a steel bar all the time; hard and ready to swing! I know my brother’s bitchy wife hasn’t taught him what to do with himself! I know! Not how to stroke his cock, or eat her out, or make a mess in her guts. I decided to show him just how amazing Auntie’s soaking wet slit can make him feel. It was dark when I crept into his room, and I wasted no time stripping off my clothes so that I could rub my sexy slutty fucking body up against him. My sexy little nephew was sleeping naked, and was sprawled out on his back like he was begging me to take his virginity from him. I began to jack off his young, hard cock. I made it nice and swollen before slipping it between my soft fucking lips and sucking his soul out. I started licking all up and down his throbbing length, getting it nice and fucking wet so I could fuck him. He woke up so confused, but moaning and as soon as he realized what was going on his hand was in my hair begging me not to stop.

Age Play Phone Sex

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    • jonathon on February 18, 2022 at 4:19 PM
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    I want to suck your toes.

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