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2 Girl Phone Sex With Macey and Her Sister

I walked into the bathroom already naked when my older sister was still in the shower. “Macey could you hand me my razor” she called out. I handed her the blade and saw she had some shave cream on her pussy. “Shaving I see? “ I asked, “Yeah.” she answered as a naughty smile appeared on her face, “Unless you want to for me.” I didn’t say a word but stepped in and got on my knees and started gliding the razor up her sexy pussy. I cleaned the left side until it was smooth as silk and then began to do the right side in the same motion.  My sister moaned softly as I glided the blade up her right side leaving a thin strip of hair at the top. “How is it?’ I asked “Mmmmm perfect.”, she moaned. I then touched her pussy with my fingers and teased her clit until she was going crazy with lust. I slipped a finger inside and fucked her with it until she came in my hand as I sipped up her cum. “My turn Macey.”, my sister said with excitement. She took the shower massage down and set it to pulse and placed it next to my pussy while she sucked my tits and slipped her finger into my rose bud to work it. This sent me flying as I felt three of my sex parts being stimulated with sensations of lust and wanting racing through me from head to toe. I moaned loudly as my sister stuck her tongue in my mouth and kissed me deep as I came with such a rush I melted into her arms. After, she held me for a while, as she slid her finger out of my back door and sucked on it as waves of ecstasy washed over me. She returned the shower head to its hook and we kissed as she said “You’re the best sexy sister any sister could ask for.”

Hollywood Heat

I was invited to a Hollywood party last night at this huge beach house. My friend Alesta said this will be way cool, we have to go. The party thrower sent us a limo with a fully stocked bar, so we drank our way there. We pulled up at the house and got out of the limo to see porn star Anita dark walk in the house with two other girls. With wonder we walked in to find Charlie Sheen talking to Alyssa Milano talking about tv projects in their underwear. We then turned and saw Pam Anderson naked, making out with Tommy Lee on a couch. We just looked at each other and said OMG it’s a Hollywood sex festival.

Miley Cyrus was getting fucked by two guys on a pool table and I saw my friend walk away with pro wrestler the Miz. I then felt some one tap me on my shoulder. To my surprise, it was Nicolas Cage. “It looks like your friend left you” he said “yeah” I answered. “she likes the sports guys”. Nick was wearing some cargo shorts and a t-shirt.  When he handed me a glass of red wine, and talked with me, I could tell he was checking me out the whole time as my nipples perked up. Nick made his move and said “would you like to join me in a bedroom?” I smiled, gave him a peck, and said yes. We looked in the first bedroom and saw Mandi Moore and Katy Perry having sex with this married couple. The husband was giving it to his wife while she was eating Mandi’s pussy, and Katy was flying solo.
We the snuck into the next bedroom where we saw Drew Berrymore watching porn, rubbing her body and reaching for a dildo. I said “oh we’re sorry” Drew smiled with naughty intentions and said “oh no come on in.” She slipped me out of my dress, began kissing me, and pulling me into the bed as Nick got undressed, and joined us.

Drew kissed me with passion as Nick rubbed my body all over. It felt so good, and soon I was stroking his hard on as Drew was licking and suckling at my nipples while grinding our love boxes together. I looked into Drew’s eyes and said I want to eat you. She giggled and said “mmmm” ok baby 69 me”. I got on top of her and lowered my pussy to her lips as Nick leaned back and watched. Oh wow this is awesome he said. I licked Drew’s pussy wildly as she did the same to mine as waves of lust hit us full force. I looked up and said you want some Nick? “ oh momma yes I do” he said. I turned around and offered my wet pussy to him. He teased my pussy lips a little and entered me from behind. As my mouth lapped up Drew’s pussy juices. Nick found a great pace and pushed into me deep. Drew slid up and held my ass open and slid a finger inside my rosebud. I moaned and shook with lust as the two stars worked me and an orgasm hit my sexy body so hard. Then Nick plopped me over and rammed his rod in me hard and deep as Drew slid the lubed dildo snug into my ass, sucked my tits and turned it on. Electric pulses went through my body and made me cum in minutes. Nick then pulled out and blew his load all over my body. As Nick left Drew and I kissed and exchanged phone numbers and we walked down the hallway hand in hand naked.

Macey Plays In The Fitting Rooms


My best friend and I were trying on jeans one afternoon. We looked around the store, and I found a couple of pairs the rather handsome, and good-looking sales guy found for me. My friend found 2 shirts and we followed the stunningly HOT warming sales guy into the fitting room. He unlocked a door and said “ya’ all set”. I entered the room and told friend we can share this room, my friend looked shocked as I said what’s the big deal? I’m just trying on jeans. We walked in and shut the door. I pulled off my pants, and turned, as my friend slipped off her shirt. Her breasts flopped out as I reached out and touched them softly. We looked at each other as she bit her lip. Without saying a word I licked her nipple and suckled her tits as she silently moaned. She slipped her hand into my thong and played with my shaved love box as my fingers greeted hers. She rubbed my clit my two fingers as I humped hers with my pussy. She slipped two fingers inside me as I grinded her hand. Her fingers did a dance on my clit that sent me soaring. I was ready to cum when she pressed her mouth on mine and dug her fingers into my ass cheeks. I slipped my tongue into her mouth as I came on her fingers. I then gave her an orgasm as my thumb worked her clit. And worked my fingers inside her love tunnel at a good pace.” Purring” away she moaned into my mouth as we kept kissing. “Mmmmmm” I like this kind of shopping” she said. We dressed and left the store with our new clothes and I winked at the strong, strapping sales guy as we walked out of the store with my friend’s hand in mine.

Swingin’ with Macey

 It was a snowy February day, much like today, here in Kentucky, and a bi-sexual friend of mine talked me into flying out to Vegas, to visit her for a nice surprise she had planned for my birthday..  Since I live in a very small  town here in Kentucky, she convinced me to buy a ticket and fly to Las Vegas and visit her so she could give me the time of my life.  I had some vacation time coming and getting out of the snow and into a bikini really didn’t take much conniving.

I flew to sunny Vegas and was surprised to find that she had set up an evening adventure for me that I would never forget.   There is a well known swinger’s club in Vegas known as the Red Rooster, and  Gracie, had decided to take me there for a “real fuck” as she called it”  I remember being so excited.  I had always wanted to visit a swinger’s club. I am a party girl it is true, and I love trying new things, the thought of being able to fuck total strangers at will made my cunt so wet it was not even funny.  When I got to the club, Gracie had set me up in the group sex room with one fuck after another, of double penetration, a cock in my mouth doing some excellent blow jobs one after another,  a pussy on my face smothering me with those lovely juices. A cock in my ass and and a cock in my pussy, not one hole was not filled.  It was a major orgy  and the good time lasted for hours. It was a wild time to say the least.  In the end, I don’t think I knew anyone’s name, or even cared, but I sure did heat up my weekend from the cold state of Kentucky.


Young Girls Are Fun Too

age play phone sexI know you normally see me playing with men. But, I love some fucking hot girls. Being bisexual has it’s advantages for sure. You get the best of both worlds. Who in the hell would not want pussy and dick! I sure the hell do. I can not get enough fucking pussy and dick. Lately, my thing has been for young girls. I love fingering a tight young pussy nothing is better than being able to feel something squeeze against your fingers as their juices drip down your hand. I never thought that I could say that I understand what men say about fucking loving women so much. But, now I do you get to suck on their sexy hot tits and make their nipples hard while you play inside their sweet,hot and juicy little pussies. Tomorrow night I am going to try to bring home the hot new girl that works at the club she just graduated so you know she is a young hot girl. MMMM what she can do for me.

Stripper Phone Sex

Being a stripper phone sex girl is not always a easy thing to do. We stand up there on the stage and shake our asses and dance around poles while horny ass men shove dollar bills into our panties. Well, at least that is what every one thinks. But, there is so much more to it than that. Do you really think us strippers just dance around a pole? No we have to go out of our way to please these men in order for them to keep coming back to us. Like last night I was dancing my ass off and yes I made some decent money but it was all dollar bills. I needed to make good money. That is when I heard about prostitution phone sex. I waited for the next horny old man to come over to me stuffing dollar bills in my panties. As he was doing it I leaned over and told him that I would fuck him for the right amount of money, To my surprise he was down for it. We fucked for hours and my ass made enough to pay the rent. Fuck being a stripper I am going to sell my ass.

Sex In The Leaves

Growing up in New Hampshire was so much fun. Not to mention how beautiful it is in the fall. Daddy and me loved the fall season. The colors of the leaves changing colors and it started to get cooler outside. Daddy and I would go outside and rake the leaves together and then Daddy would pile them up in a big pile for me and tell me to fall back into them it was so much fun. It was not just some where I had fun and got to see how beautiful my home was. But, it is also my favorite because I lost my virginity during this season and in a pile of leaves. One day me and Daddy were outside raking the leaves and when he told me to play in the leaves I went to go fall back and I wrapped my hands around Daddy and pulled him down with me. He landed right on top of me we looked each other in the eyes and started kissing he pushed his hand up my shirt and started to kiss my nipples making them so hard. Daddy pulled my panties to the side right there and pushed his cock inside and me and fucked me right there on top of all those pretty leaves that were changing colors. I will never forget the wonderful fall season.



Daddy always wanted the best for his little girl. He paid for the highest priced all girls private school. He made sure I was home before it got dark and never let me go out with friends. I could only see them when they came over to our house to visit, and I was never allowed to  be alone with boys. Daddy said that girls should never be with boys until they are married, if they are it makes them big whores. I always listened to him because I never wanted to disappoint him. Daddy started a new job, and ended up having to travel. My friends from school told me that they were having a house party while their parents were out of town. I get there about eight that night and there were about fifteen guys there and about three girls from my school. After a few minutes of this sexy boy pressuring me to fuck, I gave in. I laid on my back and let him just have his way with me. I was unsure what to do, so I just laid there on my back with my legs wide open while he rubbed my clit making me so fucking wet. He climbed on top of me and rammed that hard cock inside of me making me feel so fucking good. I loved the way it made my pussy feel, the way he made me explode all over him. When I looked up all the boys were standing in line waiting to fuck me. I let every single one of them. After that I just could not resist fucking. Every night I was sneaking out finding me some dick. As of today I have fucked over seventy-five men. I am nothing but a fucking HORNY HO!!!

Lick It Up And Down

I learned how to use my tongue a long time ago by my brother’s friends. After football practice they would come over and Mom would give everyone a ice cream to cool down. While I would be sitting there licking mine I would see how they would look at me. Being the flirty girl that I am I would purposely lick my ice cream in a sexy way just to see how they would react. After a few minutes each one of them would make their way to the restroom and be in there for a long time. One day I got curious to what they were doing. When the cutest one there went into the restroom. I waited a few minutes and then I followed him. I peeked through the door that he did not close all the way. He was standing there stroking his rock hard cock and I could hear him saying “Oh Macey! Suck it babygirl! Suck it!’. I pushed the door open he jumped back trying to push his cock back into his pants. I grabbed his cock and said you were asking me to suck it. He just smiled and looked at me as I got down on my knees and held his cock and licked it up and down just like I did my ice cream that Mom gave me. I licked it and sucked it until the creamy goodness started dripping into my mouth. Now I have a cream filled ice cream bar after football practice everyday.

Macey’s Dildo’s

Ever since I had my fucking cherry popped I have been nothing but a trashy fucking slut. I mean to the point where after getting pounded for hours by a couple of dicks still isn’t good enough for me. I brought myself this big long black dildo just so I can fuck myself at home all the time until I get my next dick. Most girls won’t admit they are sluts. Not me though I know I am nothing much a fucking whore,cum dumpster. I love having my holes stretched out. That is the main reason why I buy so many dildos all the time. I love fucking myself till my pussy and ass are gorged out, and then I practice my throat reflexes on the dildos making sure that I am ready for the next dick that I get. A whore like me has to be ready for everything since most the time I have a dick in each hole fuck double penetration I want all three of my holes being penetrated by a dick or a dildo.