Swingin’ with Macey

 It was a snowy February day, much like today, here in Kentucky, and a bi-sexual friend of mine talked me into flying out to Vegas, to visit her for a nice surprise she had planned for my birthday..  Since I live in a very small  town here in Kentucky, she convinced me to buy a ticket and fly to Las Vegas and visit her so she could give me the time of my life.  I had some vacation time coming and getting out of the snow and into a bikini really didn’t take much conniving.

I flew to sunny Vegas and was surprised to find that she had set up an evening adventure for me that I would never forget.   There is a well known swinger’s club in Vegas known as the Red Rooster, and  Gracie, had decided to take me there for a “real fuck” as she called it”  I remember being so excited.  I had always wanted to visit a swinger’s club. I am a party girl it is true, and I love trying new things, the thought of being able to fuck total strangers at will made my cunt so wet it was not even funny.  When I got to the club, Gracie had set me up in the group sex room with one fuck after another, of double penetration, a cock in my mouth doing some excellent blow jobs one after another,  a pussy on my face smothering me with those lovely juices. A cock in my ass and and a cock in my pussy, not one hole was not filled.  It was a major orgy  and the good time lasted for hours. It was a wild time to say the least.  In the end, I don’t think I knew anyone’s name, or even cared, but I sure did heat up my weekend from the cold state of Kentucky.


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