Macey Plays In The Fitting Rooms


My best friend and I were trying on jeans one afternoon. We looked around the store, and I found a couple of pairs the rather handsome, and good-looking sales guy found for me. My friend found 2 shirts and we followed the stunningly HOT warming sales guy into the fitting room. He unlocked a door and said “ya’ all set”. I entered the room and told friend we can share this room, my friend looked shocked as I said what’s the big deal? I’m just trying on jeans. We walked in and shut the door. I pulled off my pants, and turned, as my friend slipped off her shirt. Her breasts flopped out as I reached out and touched them softly. We looked at each other as she bit her lip. Without saying a word I licked her nipple and suckled her tits as she silently moaned. She slipped her hand into my thong and played with my shaved love box as my fingers greeted hers. She rubbed my clit my two fingers as I humped hers with my pussy. She slipped two fingers inside me as I grinded her hand. Her fingers did a dance on my clit that sent me soaring. I was ready to cum when she pressed her mouth on mine and dug her fingers into my ass cheeks. I slipped my tongue into her mouth as I came on her fingers. I then gave her an orgasm as my thumb worked her clit. And worked my fingers inside her love tunnel at a good pace.” Purring” away she moaned into my mouth as we kept kissing. “Mmmmmm” I like this kind of shopping” she said. We dressed and left the store with our new clothes and I winked at the strong, strapping sales guy as we walked out of the store with my friend’s hand in mine.

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