Lick It Up And Down

I learned how to use my tongue a long time ago by my brother’s friends. After football practice they would come over and Mom would give everyone a ice cream to cool down. While I would be sitting there licking mine I would see how they would look at me. Being the flirty girl that I am I would purposely lick my ice cream in a sexy way just to see how they would react. After a few minutes each one of them would make their way to the restroom and be in there for a long time. One day I got curious to what they were doing. When the cutest one there went into the restroom. I waited a few minutes and then I followed him. I peeked through the door that he did not close all the way. He was standing there stroking his rock hard cock and I could hear him saying “Oh Macey! Suck it babygirl! Suck it!’. I pushed the door open he jumped back trying to push his cock back into his pants. I grabbed his cock and said you were asking me to suck it. He just smiled and looked at me as I got down on my knees and held his cock and licked it up and down just like I did my ice cream that Mom gave me. I licked it and sucked it until the creamy goodness started dripping into my mouth. Now I have a cream filled ice cream bar after football practice everyday.

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