Sex In The Leaves

Growing up in New Hampshire was so much fun. Not to mention how beautiful it is in the fall. Daddy and me loved the fall season. The colors of the leaves changing colors and it started to get cooler outside. Daddy and I would go outside and rake the leaves together and then Daddy would pile them up in a big pile for me and tell me to fall back into them it was so much fun. It was not just some where I had fun and got to see how beautiful my home was. But, it is also my favorite because I lost my virginity during this season and in a pile of leaves. One day me and Daddy were outside raking the leaves and when he told me to play in the leaves I went to go fall back and I wrapped my hands around Daddy and pulled him down with me. He landed right on top of me we looked each other in the eyes and started kissing he pushed his hand up my shirt and started to kiss my nipples making them so hard. Daddy pulled my panties to the side right there and pushed his cock inside and me and fucked me right there on top of all those pretty leaves that were changing colors. I will never forget the wonderful fall season.


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