He Laced My Drink

rape phone sex fantasies

I think he spiked my drink! I woke up this morning with my panties around my ankles and my tits completely exposed and covered in cum. I have no recollection of ever letting anyone deep inside my chocolate passion today. The last thing I remember is meeting up with this hot fucking stud from the local fire station. When he caught my eye the only thing I could imagine was him spraying my blazing hot cunt with his cum making hose! We flirted through text all the way up until our mid-afternoon date. I wear something slutty and skimpy to entice his cock while his eyes took in my ebony lusciousness. I had every intention of giving him my slutty nigger pussy! I even told him I didn’t want to drink alcohol during our date so that I was completely coherent when he stuffed me with the humongous meat I spotted through his flame retardant uniform. Now that my memory is getting clearer, I recall feeling lightheaded after taking a few sips of my drink. He probably laced my shit when I wasn’t looking.

What did he do to me?

My asshole is gaping open and my tits are sticky from a massive wad of scum. It’s hard for me to stand up because my pussy is so swollen. It feels like 12 guys ran a train on me without any lube! This is what I get for thinking a superior white hero would use me for anything other than to fulfill their rape phone sex fantasies.

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