My Boss Is My Boo

Phone Sex Keisha

My manager wanted a piece of this chocolate cake and I want a raise! I noticed that every time I walk by he would stare at my big juicy black ass. I won’t lie, I used it to my advantage to get what I want! Who the hell wants work when you are a licorice fox like me. All the basic bitches were beyond livid in their lonely cubicles when they realized that I kept getting PTO. Shit, I wasn’t going to let their envy stop me from living my best life! All I have to do is give my boss the nastiest kinkiest late-night Phone Sex and send him a couple of pictures of my juicy ass. After about an hour of toying with my cunt in his ear I can guarantee that he will say, ” Take the rest of the week off my Queen” For him to have such great business acumen he sure is a pay piggy chump for me! LOL!

Why would I say no to something that is literally making my life easier? For just a few moments of my time, I get gifted more time home. He probably thinks I’m doing cute shit like getting my nails done or going shopping when really I use my time to massage my ebony twat while I make your thick white cock hard.

Those cubicle bitches can stay mad. I will keep stacking my paper, selling these perverts my dirty cum soaked panties, and taking all the benjamins my boss throws at me!

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