Perverted Preacher Sugardaddy

Blasphemy Phone SexI’m willing to do anything my religious sugar daddy tells me to do even if that means keeping our blasphemy phone sex sessions a secret. The people at church already think I’m too slutty to be a preacher’s girlfriend but I consider myself to be more of his whore than anything. He titty fucks me in his rolls Royce on his way to Sunday service and I drain his nuts before his sermon. I usually wait in the car and play with my pussy in the church parking lot. I never mind waiting for him to collect my shopping money from those fake believers. I then found out that if I seduced their beloved reverend by being a phone freak they would lose their minds! Rev doesn’t seem to care though. It turns the lord’s servant on to watch me spend his congregation’s money on hellish gifts like strap on’s to peg him and lingerie to tease and deny him. It’s like I hit the jackpot! I don’t need jesus when my saving grace came in the form of a horny perverted preacher!

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