They Call Me ‘The Snake Charmer’!

Barely Legal Phone Sex

At School my nickname is ‘the snake charmer’ because I can make any cock stand at attention! I’m known around my college campus as a wild party girl who can get anything she wants by using her pussy. All my girlfriends are secretly jealous of me and hope that I don’t fuck their boyfriends behind their backs. I think it’s funny to drive men wild with lust! That means they are easy to control and I can make them do anything I want. I’m ‘the snake charmer’ because I’m not only beautiful, I’m very good at talking to men and making them trust me, that makes them easy to figure out and use however I see fit. Of course if I have to, I use my tight wet cunny to drive them into a fuck frenzy, I suck them hard and make them pound me until I get what I want!

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