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Coed phone sex slut

coed phone sex

What man hasn’t wanted to have hot coed phone sex? Having a sexy college girl out for sexual exploration find your hard cock waiting. Maybe you meet this little slut at the bar and she is grinding on you all night while you are on the dance floor. Starts whispering how hard your cock is and how she cannot wait to get you back so she can see it in the light. Licking your lips when you bend down to tell her that you are ready to take her back to your place to finally lay claim to that tight twat of hers. Get to your place and she immediately falls to her knees and takes your cock out and slurps all over your pocket rocket as she starts rubbing her own sweet slit while swallowing you. You get tired of waiting and grab her by the arm, throw her over the arm of your couch, yank her g-string off and start pounding her cunt. Slapping her ass, grabbing her hair and fucking her until you finally cum inside of that hot, wet meat socket of hers. She turns around and cleans your cock of both juices and smiles up at you while she is swallowing it all down. I am looking for my next victim- wanna play?

More, more!

pain slut phone sex

Anyone looking for some pain slut phone sex? Look no further as I am definitely the slut you are looking for. I love to have these perfect tight tits tied up and clamps placed on my hardened nipples. Maybe do a combo clip that also clamps to my clit with a short chain so that when I move it pulls and tightens on either? Tie my legs up spread wide open so that you have all the access to my wet, dripping cunt that you need or even better my tight asshole. Shove a really big, lubed dildo right up my ass while you also pinch my clit. I do have these nipples pierced and you can attach small electrodes to each of them and give me shock when I move too much. Make sure that you gag me with a big red ball gag so I can’t scream. Tightly tie my arms behind my back so you have lots of access to my tits so that you can slap them, whip them or punch them. Tie me to a chair with my legs spread wide open so you can see my slut slit dripping onto the chair for you as you wipe your fingers through there. I am always up for a good time- please feel free to cum over

Ill play with mine if you play with yours

mutual masturbation phone sex

I woke up horny and answered a call for some mutual masturbation phone sex. I was already wet and dripping and he said that he had been stroking his cock some too so we were raring to go. I started sliding my fingers up and down my slippery slit slowing to play with my clit and then heading back down to start again. I could hear him stroking nice and slow as he worked his cock into hardness. I began applying pressure and inserting one finger and then two into my snatch as I could hear him stroking faster and moaning a little. Soon we were both in a frenzy with me rubbing my clit with one hand and finger fucking myself with the other. He was moaning and I could hear wet, slapping sounds coming from his cock. He was breathing hard and was concentrating on just getting to the finish as quick as he could. My fingers were a blur as they rubbed and scissored in and out while I was leaking my juices all over the bed. He was able to hold back a second longer so that we exploded at the same time. It took a few minutes for our breathing to return to normal and we said our goodbyes. I had a mess to clean up but I really wish that I had someone there to have licked up the cum as I squirted instead of having to do laundry.

Drunky two shoes

forced intoxication

I went out with a guy who used forced intoxication to get what he wanted. We went to dinner and had some drinks and he suggested some after dinner fun back at his house. He brought me down into his basement where he had a whole sexual playground set up. We were out of our clothes quickly and he brought me over to a swing. He helped me climb in and then placed my wrists and ankles into locking cuffs for safety. He then applied some warming lube to my pussy and ass and then inserted what I thought was a plug. He pulled a rope and my head dropped while my ass rose. He started pouring a bottle of cheap vodka into the funnel type plug that was seated in my hole. I was struggling to get loose but I was feeling the booze and blood rush pretty quick. He then pulled another rope and brought my head back up to normal. I was a woozy, drunk mess that he fucked for a few hours and then sent home. I left with a belly, cunt and asshole full of cum. The best part about the whole night was that I woke up with no hangover! I want to try anal drinking again- are you game?

Trade you

hardcore ass fucking

This was the last straw I was out of coke and my damn dealer was down with Covid. I hit up everyone I knew and no one had any to sell me. Desperate times were calling for desperate measures.  I had to call my ex. I knew that as much as we hated each other that we also bonded over our need for blow. He said that he did have some but that when I got there I was going to have to do something for him. I agreed and quickly got to his place. We both did a couple of lines and soon we were hardcore ass fucking. I had forgotten how big his cock was and wasn’t prepared for that massive meat missile to tear my ass open. Soon he was balls deep and smacking my ass as he pounded me into the bed. I was pinned in place and could do nothing but moan as the feeling of his balls slapping my clit with each stroke. I felt him grab my hips and start fucking as hard as he could and I knew that he was ready to cum. On his last stroke his balls hit me just right and we exploded at the same time. What a night! I forgot to get some coke of my own so I guess I will have to go back tomorrow night- wonder what sorts of payment he will need then? 😉

I love your dress

crossdressing phone sex

Crossdressing phone sex holds a special place in my heart. There is something sexy about a man who is trying to find himself as he dresses in a pretty bra and panties, or maybe stockings and heels. Usually these are stolen from a female in their lives such as a sister, mom or wife. They try to only dress when they know that they will be alone, admiring their body in the mirror as they turn back and forth. Maybe they even go so far as to try to apply some basic makeup like mascara and some lipstick. Not all of them want to be fucked by another man but there are some who will continue down the road of humiliation and sissification. They will start to get more bold with when they are dressing, the excitement of knowing that they could be caught egging them on. Then the day that someone comes in they look scared and surprised but deep down had wanted to be discovered all along. They want the punishment and the anger from that loved one so that they can use that to fuel their depravity. The others are confused and looking for some re-assurance that it’s ok for them to wear pretty things too. To have a friend or loved one take them by the hand and show how to fit items, what to shop for, help apply makeup and maybe even do their hair. No matter which side of the road that you are on I am looking for you and can help with either destination!!

Tickle my fancy

foot fetish phone sex

I got a call tonight from a guy looking for some foot fetish phone sex. I was all in and so we began talking and he informed me that he didn’t just like to look and smell feet, he liked to hear about them being tickled. He was getting very turned on hearing about how when I was younger my older brothers would pin me down and tickle me on my feet, sides and armpits. He especially wanted to know if they still did it. I told him that when my brothers were home for Thanksgiving that they ganged up on me one night and held me down, pulled my socks off and tickled me until I peed my pants. They loved it as did he. I was embarrassed and upset but he re-assured me that it was a big turn on for him. He then also wanted to know if I had been in shoes and socks all day today and I said that I had. He said that he wanted me to take off my socks and shoes and stick my stinky, sweaty feet in his face and make him lick them clean. Who was I to argue? I pulled them off and stuck them in his face and heard him cum as he licked my toes and soles clean. He assured that he would be calling back as this was one of his best foot calls ever.

Small cocks need not apply

small cock humiliation phone sex

I don’t get very many calls for it but I enjoy small cock humiliation phone sex. I have fun rounding up some girlfriends and we all laugh and point at your tiny cock and ask how you could possibly fuck anyone with a cock so small. I would allow you into my bedroom but only to prepare my pussy for a real cock to use. You would sit on the floor or a chair with your tiny cock in a cage and would not be able to touch it unless I allow you to. Once my pussy has been satisfied I will call you over to clean his cum from my cunt. You will moan as your tongue comes into contact with my gooey center and continue to lick until there is no baby gravy left. If I feel that a good job has been done then I may let your mini meat rocket out so you can dribble into your hand and then clean it up. If you don’t do a good job then I will keep you in that cage for a month with no relief. Real men are meant to wear the pants and since you have that pathetic excuse for a cock you are no real man. You are a pretty boy with an overgrown clittie that will now be kept in panties and a skirt so you no longer are confused about being male.

Ass so good I could eat it!

rim jobs phone sex

Rim jobs phone sex is a down and dirty money maker. There is something so sinfully delicious about pressing your face into someone’s ass and lapping at their chocolate starfish. Angling your head to find the perfect spot so that you can lick as much as possible. Pointing your tongue into a makeshift cock to breach their forbidden area. Feeling their pucker give way as you apply firm pressure and begin sliding in and out. Feeling them press their cheeks harder against yours as they try to draw your tongue in further. Alternating between sucking that hole and fucking into it. Hearing the guttural moans release as they enjoy your oral ministrations on their rear passage. I will eat from their anal buffet until they cannot take anymore. I have imagined a daisy chain of ass eaters all strapping in and chowing down. In my personal case I really love the feeling of a man with facial hair tucking into my toad in a hole. The soft texture of his whiskers tickling my taint. I feel sorry for all the people in this world who have never enjoyed eating ass or having their ass eaten. It is a forbidden delicacy that all should try once.

Mommy dearest

Mother-daughter phone sex

I cum so hard during mother-daughter phone sex. There is just such an extra layer of naughtiness when you know that it is your own mothers’ cunt that you are lapping at. Finger fucking the very hole that you came from. Licking and chewing on the same nipples that fed you as a small brat. I love hearing her moan my name and tell me how much she loves my head at her twat again. Asking you if you can taste your dads’ cum from the fucking he gave her last night. I especially enjoy keeping her mouth quiet by lowering my cunt onto her face. I love seeing her face covered in my cum, her fingers all wet from being in my cunt and tasting myself all over her lips. Sometimes I will grab my strap on and make her suck me before I fuck her into oblivion. The best part of having a fake cock is that I don’t have to stop because I came or because I went soft. I have gotten up to 20 orgasms from her in a night and I am aiming for 21 this time. Mom called earlier to let me know that dad was going out of town to golf this weekend and that she is missing her sweet girl. I guess we will be working on that 21 sooner than I thought!

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