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Cocksucking Phone Sex & Costume Shopping

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Halloween is my favorite time of year to get my cunt full of cum! I look forward to shopping for my slutty ass costume every year after a day full of Cocksucking Phone Sex, I search for the perfect thing to wear this makes me unidentifiable and very sexy to any strangers I meet! This year I tried a few things on in my local costume shop; Little Red Riding Hood, Dorothy from the wizard of Oz and Tinker Bell, they were all super slutty and short exposing my tight little body and my perky ass titties. In the costume shop there was a hot younger guy at the counter checking me out, I saw he was tall for his age which usually means he has a big cock. I decided to test out my theory and asked him into my dressing room to zip my costume up. The tall blonde stepped into my fitting room cubical and made me wet just by how tall and lanky he was. I dropped to my knees in my tinker bell costume and pulled out his cock. He didn’t seem surprised but I made his expression change immediately as he fucked my throat, he cried out as I slurped and sucked all over his cock and balls. There was another shop attendant walking by and I reached up to cover his mouth as I continued sucking him off, his eyes rolled back and I saw that his cock was getting rock hard and he was about to cum down my throat… I swallowed around his cock again and again…. I knew he was going to nut from my tongue sliding all over his balls, I gagged even harder on his hard 10 inch shaft, I thought I was going to puke when he thrust again holding down the back of my head even harder but finally I felt his come gushing out in hot thick spurts, the taste was so musky, I swallowed for the last time taking in every last drop.


Blowjobs Phone Sex

Black Cock Addiction


Black Cock Phone SexEver since my last encounter with Big Black Dick I have had a craving deep inside me that can only be quenched by black cum! It’s been a while since I had a big black cock inside me, I am going crazy trying to make myself full the way they do; I’ve tried 12 in black dildos, fat black dong dildos that are 13 in and horse cocks that stretch me but don’t quite do the job. I got desperate and went down the street to my neighbors, they are both black and single. I knocked on the door and asked for sugar knowing I needed so much more, as soon as I stepped in to his apartment his cousin came to the living room and I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth! They knew what I wanted, it was only two minutes before they were fighting to fill my mouth. I took each head between my lips and gave them turns fucking my face, it was amazing!

Incest Is My Favorite Way To Cum

Breeding Phone Sex

I can’t get enough cock in my sweet little cunny! When I get fucked by anyone but my brother it is hard for me to cum. I just imagine whoever is fucking me is my beloved brother cock when they slide inside me, I let them use my pussy however they like while I think of Jake fucking me. I even think of him as they touch me and kiss me, it’s like I cant even have an orgasm without saying his name as I cum. I want to find a cock that will fit inside me just as perfectly as my brother but I haven’t had any luck, I search and fuck and get cum all over me but it never feels as good as when my brother fucks me, brother sister incest is the best way for me to have an intense fucking orgasm.

Black Cock Phone Sex Makes Me Hot!

Black Cock Phone Sex

My brother is away for school and I can’t get enough Black Cock Phone Sex! All alone in my dorm room I wait for the time to pass until I can get some more of my big brother’s dick. I was watching some hot BBC porn and noticed that I started getting wet, I never thought I liked black cock, I know if my brother caught me fucking a black guy he would be mad at me. The taboo aspect of it definitely made me wetter than I ever thought possible, I had to try it now that I had discovered my secret desire. I went to the only black bar in my college town where they play really loud rap music and there were big handsome black men coming and going on a Friday night. I walked in and it felt like everyone was staring at me, the tiny little white girl in a short dress with short black hair, I was confident and scared at the same time. I posted up at the bar and it was only a few minutes before I was approached by a tall dark and handsome guy who told me his name was ‘Tony’, he offered to buy me a drink and I gave him a really sexy look, I said “I have a better idea, let’s go into the private room and talk, I’d love to get to know you.” He smiled really seductively and followed me to the back. Once we were alone I leaned up to kiss him, he tasted sweet and I grabbed his cock, It was massive! I could barely wrap my hand around it. I dropped to my knees and started sucking it. The head was so big and mushroom like I slurped all over it and opened my mouth wide to take more of the shaft. I knew I had to get the ultimate experience, I told him to “Fuck my tight little white asshole!” he spat on his cock and gaped me, I screamed when he pushed it into my ass, but the stretch was amazing and I couldn’t get enough!

Serving Master My Cunt!

Bondage Phone SexI have a special friend who plays with me when my big brother cock is away, I call him Master and he uses me as his submissive slut whenever he wants! Sometimes when he calls me over I don’t know what will happen I am often blindfolded as soon as I walk into his place. He straps me down and ties tight knots to lay my body exposed before him in every way. He plays with my pussy, making me wet and relaxed before he stuffs my ass with a butt plug. I can’t even scream because my mouth is full, he makes me hold an apple between my teeth as he vibrates a toy against my clit, If I bite the apple and let it fall I cant cum. He tortures me all night, fucking me and squirting cum on my face as a gift, when the sun comes up I limp home with all my holes aching and my face sticky, I know I have served My Master well.

Missing My Big Brother Cock

Blackmail Phone Sex


When my brother is busy I sometime find myself laying in his bed and playing with my wet slippery pussy. I like to smell his sheets and force my favorite vibrator in and out of my cunt as I get wetter and wetter. I think about all the times me and my brother have fucked, rolling around in his sheets his scent envelopes me and drives me wild. I flip onto my tummy and start grinding so my clit gets some nice friction, the vibrator is plunging in and out of my pussy. I start to grind a little harder until I feel that intense sensation building up, I know I’m going to squirt. “Fuck me big brother!” I scream as I hump myself to orgasm in his bed, wishing he were here to feel my twat tighten around his perfect dick.

Welcome Home Big Brother!

College Coed Sex

Getting creampied by my brother is the hottest thing I can think of! Sometimes when he comes home from college I lay around in my sexy lingerie waiting for him to walk in with his usual bag of laundry. I always run into his arms when I see him, wrapping my lags tightly around him and kissing him passionately. It only takes a second for his blood to start rushing to his cock from being so close to me. I begin to grind my hips against his as I kiss him and suddenly I am being spread out on the kitchen counter. He starts by licking my pussy, making sure I am wet enough for his fat cock to penetrate me deeply. This time was different, instead of fucking my pussy until I came, he started fingering my ass at the same time. It was all too much, I came all over his dick, I felt him unload inside me at the very same time I squirted, It was an excellent welcome home present!

Prom Night

Big Tit PhotosMy brother and I have always been so close, When he went away for college and I was still finishing High School it was a really hard time for my young cunt. I fucked a lot of guys in school but no one filled me like Jacob. I missed him every day and I didn’t have anyone who I really liked to take with me to prom. I chose some guy from the football team to take me and knew that I would probably have to fuck him at the end of the night. I got dressed up and went to the prom but my heart was still with my brother. My date ended up following this other girl around all night, I drank from my flask and decided to leave. As soon as I stepped outside of the hotel I saw my brother sitting on the hood of his beautiful Dodge Camaro, waiting for me with a single red rose. My heart skipped a beat and I ran into his arms, I knew that night we would get a room and fuck until the sun came up. As soon as we got to our room Jake unzipped my dress and helped me take off my stockings. He kissed me passionately and immediately started eating my pussy. As he licked between my folds I felt completely like his perfect fucking companion, I fell hard for him all over again. I couldn’t wait anymore, I pushed him back on the bed and slid his cock inside me deeply. I came almost instantly as I rode him, felt him holding onto my hips for dear life and knew his first orgasm of the night was going to be inside my wet cunny. Jake flipped me over so he could slam into me doggy style, it was heaven. His balls smacked against my clit making me squirt all over his cock, he didn’t stop fucking my pussy for a second, he grabbed my tits and came deep inside me. I had never dreamed of such a perfect prom night!

Fucking the Resident Advisor In My Dorm

Anal Phone Sex

Being a college slut is soo much fun! All the guys in my dorm pay close attention when I walk from out communal showers in the morning wrapped in a towel. I know there is definitely a freshman or two jacking their dick’s thinking of me. I also see someone else paying attention on my walk from the shower to my room… My RA, The sexy Residential Aid who stays just down the hall from me. He is really hot and I know he is also in my literature class! As I walk down the hall passing him, I see his eyes drift up to where I am holding my towel, I let me towel slip exposing my hot young body to him. I know he starts to get a hard on in his sweats as I step toward him. I see him lick his lips and I know he has some idea about what will happen. I close the door behind me, kissing him deeply on the lips, by the way he kisses back I think he will enjoy fucking my brains out! I slide his cock out of his sweats, jacking it softly… It takes only a few minutes before I slide my pussy down on his shaft. I feel him gripping my hips as he thrusts violently into my wet dripping cunny, I cover his mouth with my hand to quiet his moans. I ride his dick like a pro before he pulls his cock out and cums wildly all over his belly. I knew he would not fill my cunt the way I wanted. I laugh at him as I pick my towel up and run back to my room.

Cum Shots On Tits: Library Edition

Cum Shots On Tits

Being a naughty cumslut means I take cum shots on tits whenever the opportunity presents itself to me! I like to go about my day as usual running errands and doing my tasks hoping that I am dressed slutty enough to attract some cock that needs fucking. Once I even was returning an erotic book to the library when I saw the sexiest man just standing in between the book shelves! I saw the librarian checking him out too, I of course walked towards him with my tits pushed up hoping to catch his eye. When he saw me bend down to check one of the lower shelves I got wet by the look he gave me. I immediately walked up to him and grabbed his dick through his shorts, he followed me out to the parking lot to my car. Once inside he lifted my dress and dived headfirst in between my legs making me moan out loud. He ate my pussy until I came all over his face right there in the public library parking lot! Of course I had to return the favor by sucking all over his cock, I pulled it out and swallowed it deeply enjoying his loud moans echoing though the car. I kept bobbing up and down and snaking my tongue along his length until I could feel him tense up. I knew he was going to cum soon so instead of letting him fill my mouth with cum I jumped in the back and told him to pound me into the seat. Naturally he jumped into the back seat as well and grabbed my hips before he started fucking me. I felt his rock hard cock slide into me and came all over it immediately. I knew he was going to bust his nut inside me as soon as his hips jerked forward. I told him to cum all over my pussy and he did, I felt his hot cum coat my walls and I absolutely knew I needed to stop by the public library more often.

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