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Biggest Cumshot I’ve Ever Had

Biggest Cumshot

Taking huge hot loads on my tits is such a turn on; the biggest cumshot I ever had was when I was on the cheer squad and I let the whole football team, my brother included, cum all over my young teen breast. I was flirting with a few of the players after a Friday night game and I guess I underestimated how horny those guys get after saving up their cum to win the big game! One thing lead to another and suddenly there were hands all over me and I was being shoved down to my knees. More and more guys just filled the locker room, I was beginning to think they had planned this because they all had their hard cocks out, stroking them in front of me. My brother, The team captain was the first to push me against a locker and push his big dick inside my tight cunt. He fucked me hard and just when I was about to cum he pulled out of me and pushed me to my knees. I knelt like a good slut and let them pull off my cheer uniform top, leaving me in only a skirt. The other players came forward and began to shoot their cum all over my chest and face, load after load until I was drenched in their hot sticky fluids. I was turned into a teen cum dump for the first time and haven’t looked back ever since!

Cheerleader Phone Sex


Edgeplay Phone Sex Playtime

Edgeplay Phone Sex

After a long day of work nothing relieves my stress like a nice long edge play session. Its almost like playing with my vibrator and not letting myself cum gives me such sweet tension! I let my toy rest on my throbbing clit and just as I’m about to cum…. I pull it away. I repeat the cycle again and again and it drives me crazy! My vibrator goes to work bringing waves of pleasure rippling through my entire body all starting with my clit. I think of all the times I’ve been fucked hard by my daddy or the hot guy at my gym who keeps giving me looks as he works all those big muscles. Sometimes I even think about that very hot threesome I had with my college roommate and her boyfriend. All those sexy thoughts really get me close to cumming as I play with my toys. I’m so wet and sensitive by the time I cant take it anymore I have to give in to the urge to cum! My hot squirting pussy pulsates again and again, my ultimate edge play orgasm crashing over me. Mmmm…. I love teasing myself so I can cum really hard.


Hot Squirting Pussy



All Tied Up

bondage phone sexI’ve always loved being tied up and fucked hard, It brings me such deep pleasure to be used and abused. I knew I was meant to be a cock worshiping fuck doll from the first time I ever got tied up by my college professor who I was seeing secretly. He was older and had a wide knowledge of sexual torture tactics that could drive even the most innocent girl to become a cum slut. He tied my hands together behind my back, the ropes then wrapped around my titties and He then connected the expert knots to my ankles so I was spread eagle on the bed; my cunt exposed and dripping before him. He slowly tickled each exposed part of me with feathers until I was begging for him to touch my exposed clit. Once he started with the vibrator I was already cumming uncontrollably from being teased so long. He finally pulled out his hard cock and fucked my face; I let the engorged head hit the back of my throat, gagging only ever so slightly. I begged my professor for his dick and finally he penetrated my wet hole and I almost squirted all over him. He grabbed my ass and fucked me hard until I could feel him shoot all his cum inside this young tight twat. It was the most intense bondage play I have ever experienced and I cant wait to be all tied up again..

Breeding Fun with Daddy

breeding phone sex Do you find yourself craving breeding phone sex? I love being pregnant. Daddy raised me to be a breeding whore. The only way a family thrives and grows is with lots of babies. I have given daddy a few already. Daddy capitalized on my pregnant years to make some porn with me too. Teen pregnant porn is a huge fetish. My own daddy got hard at my growing belly and milk filled titties. Daddy and I made a few home movies of us fucking while I was pregnant. Now daddy wants to make his young granddaughter a star. She is his daughter too. Our family tree is intertwined a lot. I have been grooming her to be a breeding whore for him because a fertile pussy should never be wasted. Our daughter wants to earn her keep too, so she is not fighting being fucked my grandpa daddy on film. Her fertile little womb is ready to take our daddy’s seed just like I did at her age. If daddy knocks her up, my grand baby will be my brother or sister too. I know we sound like some hick redneck family, but we are not. We are city folk. Daddy is rich and I will inherit a lot of money when daddy dies, especially since I am his daughter and mother to his little ones.

Old men love young girls

phone sexDaddy likes to show me off to his friends. These men are practically in their late fifties. The truth is that they haven’t seen someone as cute as me in a while. Their wives don’t please them. I hear daddy talk about them and their personal lives. They often wish they could have a daughter like me. Daddy and I have one of a kind relationship where I am always by his side. We often joke that I’m his daughter-wife. It may be odd for many, but their plenty that enjoys this lifestyle. Family Fun is all I know. The only way of living is to satisfy my needs. My parents love to show my siblings and me that pleasure rules can make a lousy day turn around. I’m so happy to give daddy release; All his friends can’t help but wonder how I am in bed. Daddy sure as hell can’t keep his mouth shut, so now they want to watch us fuck. After all, an audience can be fun. Poker night comes along, and daddy’s friends are ready for the main event. Daddy fucks me in front of them. All I see is a bunch of older men lusting and stroking till they blow.

2 hot chicks and a guy make 3

bisexual phone sex

I had a 3-some last night that included some bisexual phone sex. My girlfriend and I went out looking for a hot guy to join us and finally found one that fit our needs at the casino. It was a quick decision to take it back to our place and as we arrived clothes were being thrown off at the door. My girl was down on her knees tugging his pants down and his cock out while I was kissing every part that she exposed. Soon we were both French kissing the shaft and head of his cock while he was holding a head of hair in each hand. We made our way to the bedroom and as soon as he hit the bed on his back my girl was up sucking his rod down her hungry throat. I used that time to bury my face into that dripping snatch of hers and tried to lick her dry. She moved up to fuck him reverse doggy and we kissed and I squeezed her tits while she rode him like a deranged rodeo cowgirl. He was trying to buck her off but she held on like a champ. We switched and she licked my cunt while he fucked me from behind. It was a great night and I can’t wait to repeat it!

Coed phone sex slut

coed phone sex

What man hasn’t wanted to have hot coed phone sex? Having a sexy college girl out for sexual exploration find your hard cock waiting. Maybe you meet this little slut at the bar and she is grinding on you all night while you are on the dance floor. Starts whispering how hard your cock is and how she cannot wait to get you back so she can see it in the light. Licking your lips when you bend down to tell her that you are ready to take her back to your place to finally lay claim to that tight twat of hers. Get to your place and she immediately falls to her knees and takes your cock out and slurps all over your pocket rocket as she starts rubbing her own sweet slit while swallowing you. You get tired of waiting and grab her by the arm, throw her over the arm of your couch, yank her g-string off and start pounding her cunt. Slapping her ass, grabbing her hair and fucking her until you finally cum inside of that hot, wet meat socket of hers. She turns around and cleans your cock of both juices and smiles up at you while she is swallowing it all down. I am looking for my next victim- wanna play?

More, more!

pain slut phone sex

Anyone looking for some pain slut phone sex? Look no further as I am definitely the slut you are looking for. I love to have these perfect tight tits tied up and clamps placed on my hardened nipples. Maybe do a combo clip that also clamps to my clit with a short chain so that when I move it pulls and tightens on either? Tie my legs up spread wide open so that you have all the access to my wet, dripping cunt that you need or even better my tight asshole. Shove a really big, lubed dildo right up my ass while you also pinch my clit. I do have these nipples pierced and you can attach small electrodes to each of them and give me shock when I move too much. Make sure that you gag me with a big red ball gag so I can’t scream. Tightly tie my arms behind my back so you have lots of access to my tits so that you can slap them, whip them or punch them. Tie me to a chair with my legs spread wide open so you can see my slut slit dripping onto the chair for you as you wipe your fingers through there. I am always up for a good time- please feel free to cum over

Ill play with mine if you play with yours

mutual masturbation phone sex

I woke up horny and answered a call for some mutual masturbation phone sex. I was already wet and dripping and he said that he had been stroking his cock some too so we were raring to go. I started sliding my fingers up and down my slippery slit slowing to play with my clit and then heading back down to start again. I could hear him stroking nice and slow as he worked his cock into hardness. I began applying pressure and inserting one finger and then two into my snatch as I could hear him stroking faster and moaning a little. Soon we were both in a frenzy with me rubbing my clit with one hand and finger fucking myself with the other. He was moaning and I could hear wet, slapping sounds coming from his cock. He was breathing hard and was concentrating on just getting to the finish as quick as he could. My fingers were a blur as they rubbed and scissored in and out while I was leaking my juices all over the bed. He was able to hold back a second longer so that we exploded at the same time. It took a few minutes for our breathing to return to normal and we said our goodbyes. I had a mess to clean up but I really wish that I had someone there to have licked up the cum as I squirted instead of having to do laundry.

Drunky two shoes

forced intoxication

I went out with a guy who used forced intoxication to get what he wanted. We went to dinner and had some drinks and he suggested some after dinner fun back at his house. He brought me down into his basement where he had a whole sexual playground set up. We were out of our clothes quickly and he brought me over to a swing. He helped me climb in and then placed my wrists and ankles into locking cuffs for safety. He then applied some warming lube to my pussy and ass and then inserted what I thought was a plug. He pulled a rope and my head dropped while my ass rose. He started pouring a bottle of cheap vodka into the funnel type plug that was seated in my hole. I was struggling to get loose but I was feeling the booze and blood rush pretty quick. He then pulled another rope and brought my head back up to normal. I was a woozy, drunk mess that he fucked for a few hours and then sent home. I left with a belly, cunt and asshole full of cum. The best part about the whole night was that I woke up with no hangover! I want to try anal drinking again- are you game?

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