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He’s Still My Little Boy

My pussy has been dripping wet since he left thinking about our time together. I have had to change my panties so many times that I finally said fuck it and put on a skirt with no panties at all. My son is all grown up and lives out of town but he had a business trip that brought him home and of course he stayed with mommy. I made sure  to go shopping for all his favorite things before he got here but more importantly I made sure to get all the things I wanted for our play dates after he got home from work. He may be all grown up but he will always be my little boy and I made sure he knew that while we both enjoyed some good old fashioned role play. I got lots of diapers and bottles and all the things a little one would need. Each evening when he got home I took his big grown up man clothes off. I laid him on the bed and powdered his bottom before putting on his diaper and giving him his bottle. In his playpen he went while mommy cooked dinner cooing at him just like I did so many years ago. After feeding him and giving him his nightly bath I laid him on my lap and let him suckle my breasts eagerly while I fondled his dick in his diaper, making him hard and ready. Mommy took such good care of her little boy and he loved every minute of the pampering and attention. I hope he has to come back soon for business so we can do it again!


Are You Ready?

cougar phonesex desireeThe weather is changing, the colors of the changing season surrounds us. I love this time of the year. Fucking in front of a fire place or out in the chill of the night air next to a bon fire, nipples hard from the chill in the air, pussy wet from the cock fucking me. And what is better then walking down the street in the nippy weather and seeing all the hard nipples straining against material from the cold nip in the air. It is enough to keep me cumming all day long! I can’t imagine that this site alone doesn’t keep your cock hard all day too. Tis the season for fun fall fucking for sure!cougar phonesex autunm

Virgin Phone Sex Challenge

I have never had a problem getting a man in my bed. I mean look at me I am a hot and sexy woman. Kinky beyond belief and not looking to tie anyone down. What man wouldn’t want hot fucking sex with a gorgeous woman and no strings? Makes my pussy wet just thinking about it. But there is always this one guy I guess and I finally ran into him. I have been trying to get him in my bed for almost six months now. The more he runs and doesn’t respond the harder I try. I refused to give up. I tried everything provocative clothes, no clothes. Teasing, straight up assault. Nothing and I mean nothing worked. I thought he was gay but he never went out with other men. In fact he didn’t seem to have interest in any one or anything in particular. Finally he confessed that he has an extreme fear of beautiful woman. He doesn’t know why but it brings him to the point of severe anxiety. Sometimes he can’t even breath when I am around it is so bad. He admitted that he secretly masturbates to the idea of giving in to my advances but that he just can’t bring himself to it. In fact he is a virgin thanks to this phobia. Curious I looked it up and it is indeed a medical phobia. It is called  venustraphobia or caligynephobia and according to all I have read it is caused by low self esteem. So now I am on a mission reading as much as I can about this. He will not be the first man ever to slip through my fingers and the idea of taking his virginity has given me a renewed sense of purpose.


My Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex


No matter how much I tried to convince him that it would be fun to invite the neighbor girl into our bed for the night, he just wasn’t hearing it. I spent a whole month trying to talk him into my kinky plan and he was animatedly against it. So I started doing a little research on the art of hypnosis. The first thing I did was subliminal messages. I made a recording of suggestions and played it while he slept for several weeks. Then I got more aggressive. Convincing him that it was just a game and couldn’t possibly work, he went along with my little hypnosis session. I didn’t know if it would work myself but I was so set on having this little hottie from next door in bed with us that it was worth a shot. I set everything up just like it said to in the books I had been reading and began the session. It worked like a charm and that night when I suggested we invite her over he was all for it. I had so much fun with her in our bed. She sucked his cock like a pro and I came almost instantly when she put her lips to my pussy. It seems that he enjoyed it more then he knew because now he is the one inviting her over several times a week. In fact he just isn’t as good in the sack without her there. Soon I will hypnotize him again and make some other kinky suggestions. I rather like this form of control.

Prissy Sissy

I love it when my sweet sissy comes over to play. She loves to wear my prettiest panties and silkiest nighties. She will go through my entire closet and try on everything I have flaunting it and twirling around for me in her feminine way. She is such a prissy sissy! She loves to be my pretty girl, to have me put on my strap on and pull my pretty pink panties aside with her legs way up in the air and fuck her like the girl that she longs to be. Sometimes she wants to wear diapers and be my real little girl. She is so cute when she wants to be little like that for me. She will hold me tenderly all night long after we are done, caressing my hair and cooing my name. Thanking me for letting her be my sweet girl. Thanking me for letting her wear all my pretty panties and clothes. She is always so grateful for being able to be my girl. I really love my sweet little prissy sissy.

The Boys Are Back

The boys are all here for two weeks and I am taking full advantage of it. One of the rules for their visit is no clothes. Watching them walk around naked all day is keeping my cougar pussy nice and wet. I love being able to walk up to them and grab a handful of cock and play. Or to just get on my knees and start sucking dick. I love the fact that my pussy’s every desire is being catered to by the boys. The boys surprised me with dinner tonight and served it on each other. What a treat to eat off their lean, hot bodies. Returning the favor, I served them desert on me. They loved it as well and we ended the night with a good old fashioned gang bang. I will hate to see them go.

MILF Gone Cougar

This fucking hot, wet, juicy pussy that once was considered a MILF is exploring new and exciting things as a cougar. Not only do I love fucking the young studs but I love having sweet young pussy in my bed as well. Now that my daughter is in collage I have my pick of both. I love when she comes home for the summer and invites her college friends over for time in the pool. The young studs can’t hide the way they look at my body and the lust in their eyes is evident.  A few drinks to loosen them up and it doesn’t take long to turn a pool party into a skinny dipping party followed by an all out fuck fest with this cougar right smack dab in the middle of it all. Sharing dick and pussy with my beautiful daughter is something I waited a long time for and now that I have it, I don’t think I will ever give it up. The dog days of summer has a brand new meaning around this house.

Order In The Court

If I keep up this way I am going to loose my license. But I can’t help it, I purposely don’t put money in the meter so that I get a parking ticket at least once a week. I spend more time in his court room then I do at work and the fines and fees are expensive. But he is so fucking hot in that black robe and I cum every time I have to appear before him. Thinking about what it would be like to be curled up under the bench that he sits on, sucking his dick and making His Honor bang his gavel on the desk over and over as he cums in my mouth. Load after glorious load. I would be the one bringing order to his court, as I lick and suck his cock Every time he asks me what I am doing back in his court I have to smile sheepishly and claim I ran out of change, again. He doesn’t wear a wedding ring, maybe one day I will get lucky and catch him in the hall way or cafeteria and be able to tell him how I feel. 

I Love Two Lips

I love Tulips. Not only are the beautiful but the name Tulips makes me think of “two lips” and it is so erotic, kinky and just fucking hot. I have also always wanted to visit Holland, to wear a pair of those wooden shoes (bet getting kicked in the nuts by a pair of those things would really fucking hurt). To see fields and fields of multicolored Tulips and windmills. To be able to fuck some hot little dutch girl or guy in the middle of the Tulip field or in a windmill. Can you imagine fucking in a windmill, how fucking cool would that be? I know most girls love roses but this cougar loves her Tulips! I would love to fuck on a bed covered with Tulip petals. To feel the petals of a Tulip running along my hard nipples or across my pussy lips as my juices cover it and my body becomes covered with goose bumps from the feel of it all. Tulip, meet my two lips!

A Man In Uniform

What is better then a man in uniform? Being dominated by a man in uniform. Having him exert the authority that his uniform represents. Throwing you against a wall and spreading your legs to give you a cavity body search. Placing you in handcuffs and rendering you helpless, making your body shake and your pussy flow. Or better yet taking out his military weapon, holding the cold steel to your warm flesh and ordering you to submit to his will, his every desire. Or perhaps shoving that weapon in every hole you have and fucking you with it until you scream out begging for permission to cum all over his hard firearm! Perhaps he will bring out his long hose and offer to put out your fire with his hard spray of liquid in just the right spot! I could go on for days about all the nasty fucking things we could do while your in a uniform, but I will leave the rest up to your imagination. Know that there is no doubt, I love a man in uniform and all the kinky fun games they love to play!hot phonesex uniform

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