A Man In Uniform

What is better then a man in uniform? Being dominated by a man in uniform. Having him exert the authority that his uniform represents. Throwing you against a wall and spreading your legs to give you a cavity body search. Placing you in handcuffs and rendering you helpless, making your body shake and your pussy flow. Or better yet taking out his military weapon, holding the cold steel to your warm flesh and ordering you to submit to his will, his every desire. Or perhaps shoving that weapon in every hole you have and fucking you with it until you scream out begging for permission to cum all over his hard firearm! Perhaps he will bring out his long hose and offer to put out your fire with his hard spray of liquid in just the right spot! I could go on for days about all the nasty fucking things we could do while your in a uniform, but I will leave the rest up to your imagination. Know that there is no doubt, I love a man in uniform and all the kinky fun games they love to play!hot phonesex uniform

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