Prissy Sissy

I love it when my sweet sissy comes over to play. She loves to wear my prettiest panties and silkiest nighties. She will go through my entire closet and try on everything I have flaunting it and twirling around for me in her feminine way. She is such a prissy sissy! She loves to be my pretty girl, to have me put on my strap on and pull my pretty pink panties aside with her legs way up in the air and fuck her like the girl that she longs to be. Sometimes she wants to wear diapers and be my real little girl. She is so cute when she wants to be little like that for me. She will hold me tenderly all night long after we are done, caressing my hair and cooing my name. Thanking me for letting her be my sweet girl. Thanking me for letting her wear all my pretty panties and clothes. She is always so grateful for being able to be my girl. I really love my sweet little prissy sissy.

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