I Love Two Lips

I love Tulips. Not only are the beautiful but the name Tulips makes me think of “two lips” and it is so erotic, kinky and just fucking hot. I have also always wanted to visit Holland, to wear a pair of those wooden shoes (bet getting kicked in the nuts by a pair of those things would really fucking hurt). To see fields and fields of multicolored Tulips and windmills. To be able to fuck some hot little dutch girl or guy in the middle of the Tulip field or in a windmill. Can you imagine fucking in a windmill, how fucking cool would that be? I know most girls love roses but this cougar loves her Tulips! I would love to fuck on a bed covered with Tulip petals. To feel the petals of a Tulip running along my hard nipples or across my pussy lips as my juices cover it and my body becomes covered with goose bumps from the feel of it all. Tulip, meet my two lips!

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