Cum Shots on Tits Look Good on My Tits


Cum shots on tits

My boyfriend was gone, and his roommate was home alone. My boyfriend’s roommate invites me in, and I can tell he is packing a pretty big cock from the look of his shorts. I can’t stop staring. I’m lasered focused and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it on the down-low. It is too late, and he can see me observing. He begins to smile and asks me if I like what I see without thinking; I nod yes. I shake yes, but I also say it pretty loud, almost screaming it out.

It’s so hot, but I can tell that alone has him even hot and bothered. When he tells me he can give me a better view, I almost freeze. Before I know it, he’s grabbing my hand and luring me into his room. It is all so fast, but I’m not about to let him stop. I haven’t discovered a great big black cock thus far, so I’m eager to hear what the fuss is all about. My boyfriend would be so upset if he knew I was cheating on him with his friend and roommate. It is not going to stop me from being a BBC whore.

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