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P-cock keeps me warm at night

There are perks to being Daddy’s little slut. He buy’s me everything I want, shows me lots of affection and keeps me warm at night. Daddy comes in my room at night while my mother is sleeping. He started coming to my room when I was younger as I was developing. He used to slide into my bed with his big hard cock sticking out of his boxer shorts. Daddy started putting his finger in my pussy first. He would get his finger nice and wet with the spit in his mouth. Slowly slide his finger in my little pussy and circle my clit. I didn’t know the names of parts when I was younger. I just know it felt good and made my pussy soaking wet. When my pussy was soaking wet the way he liked. Daddy would slide just the head of his cock around my tight little cunt. He used to watch me, and I couldn’t help but moan a little bit because, daddy felt so good. He used to get so turned on when he heard me that pre-cum would start to drip out of the head of his cock. He would put my little hand around rock hard cock and showed me how to jerk him off. Daddy loved when I jerked him off. He would put his head back in pleasure as my little hand pumped his cock. Daddy always shot cum everywhere but, I didn’t care. I love making my Daddy cum. I love the special relationship we have. Now that I am older Daddy fucks my pussy. His big dick feels so good inside of me and I love deep-throating his cock as well. We fuck a lot. I’m happy to be his little cum slut.

Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Dirty Daddy

cum slut phone sexDaddy loves to watch me and my friends undress. There he goes again, watching as we undress each other and get ready for cheer practice. Mommy has no idea that daddy is a sick pervert. I won’t tell her his secret is safe with me. My friends love to come over because they are very interested in sex and learning all about cocks and fucking. Daddy gave us his computer to use and purposely let all his porn stay on display. All my friends and I were glued in and ready to learn some more. Daddy wasn’t too far away to help us with our curious thoughts. He began to explain was orgasms were and what cocks feel like; my daddy makes me stroke him off in front of all my friends till they get comfortable enough to join in on the fun. Daddy likes to have me bribe them, and he gives us all the money we want. We get ice cream, we go off to the mall and do anything we please as long as everything stays hush between us. My friends love my daddy and his pervert ways, and I have a dirty daddy all along, so it is nothing new to me.

Party Teen Whore


phone sex
It’s my fucking pleasure to truly be a no taboo slut. I have more sexy fun than any of my high school whore friends. I love to go to those hot teen school parties and get drunk as fuck off straight Moonshine! I love to take shot after shot, because the drunker I get, the hornier I get! My clothes just slip off and I always end up stripping up on the table where everyone can see my tight teen body! Well, the boys and their much other brothers and cousins can’t help but watch my strip tease, and all rush up to molest my drunk little body. They pinch and rub and touch all over and it just makes me wetter and wetter! Their fingers pinched my nipples, my sweet little clit, and dragged me down from the table. They laid me on it, spreading my intoxicated teen legs while a line formed to eat my cunt! These boys wanted to make me squirt all over and holy fuck was it incredible! I know I have another party coming this weekend. Do you want to tag along? I get so fucking horny, I’ll do anything for you when I’m drunk! Yes, that includes that anal threesome you mentioned for your birthday!

Cyber Sex With Your Elegant Typist

Cyber Sex Phone SexCyber sex or sexting session have been noticeably growing much to my delight. I love playing with words, and describing my actions in written words in the moment has surprisingly led to a few intense moments clutched to my keyboard. During this time when a lot of us are stuck at home, with our families, room-mates, and occasionally stuck in extremely boring zoom meetings. The risk of being caught on the phone dirty talking with your naughty little slut is higher than normal, so some bring that old school naughty back. Setting up a no limit cyber sex session with me and my delicate fingers while you rub one out to my words, or nasty woven story. Discreetly touching yourself under your desk during a meeting or with your partner in the next room, always gives that extra thrill. Can’t wait to chat soon with you naughty boy.

Married Men Seek Sensual Playmates

Married Men Phone SexIs it my playful smile, perfectly sculpted curves of my body, or the absolute discretion promise that attracts you to me? Lately that gold band around your finger has been feeling a bit weighted. The same routine is boring, and nights of closeness are few and far between. I promise I will never tell your ball and chain what you’ve been up too. She’ll never know the way you sound when your fingertips gently tease the smooth and soft lips of my pussy. The tremble of excitement I feel when your body is pressed against mine, is only for my memory alone. The moans you make when I gently ride your cock, are just for me. You need a break from life even just for a little bit. What you desire is a soft, delicate, but experienced playmate to indulge your fantasies. What you need is me.

Experience Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexCome and lay down for me, keep your phone nearby and open your mind to erotic hypnosis phone sex. It’s a lot easier than you think and doesn’t take a lot of effort at all on your part. Just allow yourself to be open and vulnerable in a safe and quiet setting. Letting my voice guide you along a sensual sexual journey. This means no distraction, strip down, get comfortable preferable in a dark room with just you, your cock and my voice. I start by instructing you to clear your mind, prying into the naughty thoughts running through your mind. You’ll find it’s very easy to express yourself when relaxed and alone, just the two of us. Before you know it, the control on your mind and your cock has begun. I don’t need a silver watch, or pinwheels to break into your mind. You are going to invite me in all on your own.

My Babysitter Services

Babysitter Phone SexWant to know why hot girls like me go into babysitting? Cause horny dad’s can’t overcome our sexual prowess, so a ten dollar an hour job can turn into hundreds on the hour. I’m not saying rug-rats ruin marriages but sometimes couples just fizz out once tiny brats come along. So it less those often rich daddies aching for some hot young pussy like their wives used to have. Cue me in a short dress bending over and cleaning up the toys making sure he catches a glance that will make him hard instantly. A shy smile and a few complaints, and we are on the couch sharing a bit of flirtatious small talk. A hand on his thigh tells him he’s in, but my mouth tells him I’m expecting a big tip for going the extra mile.  It’s too late there is no more blood up in the brain of his, it’s all down in his engorged cock as he’s handing me hundreds from his wallet. Then I let my wet pussy give the sex-starved daddy what he needs. Honestly a few extra moments a night is worth a few hours dealing with his seedlings.

Stroke For Me

Guided masturbationRelax put the stress of the day away just for a little bit. Your goddess is here to walk you through it. Take a few deep breaths and bask in my presence, your cock is hard already. Now you know what it’s time for don’t you? It’s time to see how long you last for me. You want to impress me don’t you? Don’t be a two pump chump, let’s really push you. Start steady, slow my hot breath on the back of your neck, you can feel my eyes staring right at your cock. The pressure is on but you can handle it. Go faster don’t stop until the pre-cum is dripping down your shaft then take a break. Take your finger tip and tease that warm droplet up and down your shaft as cool off just a little bit. Maybe if you impress me it will be my tongue licking and tasting your shaft soon. Show me what you got happy stroker boy.

Making You A Sissy Princess!

Sissy Phone SexYou want to become a sexy sissy princess don’t you? However you’re not quite hitting the mark, clothes never seem to fit right, makeup is a mess and caked on. Poor you, you have no proper guidance. Too embarrassed to show off cause you need help. Come to me I’ll make you a pretty, proper little sissy princess. Let’s get you in the proper attire, nylons, silks and sparkles. Your new look is going to make any man hard and earn you the big dick that a real princess deserves. I know how to make that happen, as a princess never settle for average if he isn’t packing we’ll send him home. When you look like a princess, you’ll learn there is always a bigger dick around the corner. So be prepared for what doors this transformation is going to open for you. Just come to my boutique of proper sissification and ask for the princess package!

Why You Need Cock Control

Cock controlYou probably have thought about the term cock control and immediately think of a pretty young thing like me locking it away and throwing away the key. Although chastity play can be a form of cock control it isn’t what cock control is. Cock control is giving over control of your cock to another preferable more dominant partner who listens to your needs and determines the best practice or play to put you through to reach your goal. For example say you are a chronic masturbating loser that barely lasts 2 minutes inside a woman. Your goal may be to be less pathetic then you already are, you need to be trained on self-control and stamina. Edge play is going to be highly used and maybe even some chastity too in some severe cases of being unable to control your selfish urges. Maybe you want to be led up to an amazing orgasmic experience during your self-love session, then you would come to me for some guided masturbation. Cock control is about denial, or no orgasms. It’s about earning what you want, or reaching an important goal in your sexual experience. So if you need a cock control mistress, speak with me, and we will find out what you need.

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