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Cyber Sex With Your Elegant Typist

Cyber Sex Phone SexCyber sex or sexting session have been noticeably growing much to my delight. I love playing with words, and describing my actions in written words in the moment has surprisingly led to a few intense moments clutched to my keyboard. During this time when a lot of us are stuck at home, with our families, room-mates, and occasionally stuck in extremely boring zoom meetings. The risk of being caught on the phone dirty talking with your naughty little slut is higher than normal, so some bring that old school naughty back. Setting up a no limit cyber sex session with me and my delicate fingers while you rub one out to my words, or nasty woven story. Discreetly touching yourself under your desk during a meeting or with your partner in the next room, always gives that extra thrill. Can’t wait to chat soon with you naughty boy.