Dirty Daddy

cum slut phone sexDaddy loves to watch me and my friends undress. There he goes again, watching as we undress each other and get ready for cheer practice. Mommy has no idea that daddy is a sick pervert. I won’t tell her his secret is safe with me. My friends love to come over because they are very interested in sex and learning all about cocks and fucking. Daddy gave us his computer to use and purposely let all his porn stay on display. All my friends and I were glued in and ready to learn some more. Daddy wasn’t too far away to help us with our curious thoughts. He began to explain was orgasms were and what cocks feel like; my daddy makes me stroke him off in front of all my friends till they get comfortable enough to join in on the fun. Daddy likes to have me bribe them, and he gives us all the money we want. We get ice cream, we go off to the mall and do anything we please as long as everything stays hush between us. My friends love my daddy and his pervert ways, and I have a dirty daddy all along, so it is nothing new to me.

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