Pretty Pink Pixie Poo

Now I need to tell you that I have a very special friend. She is just so much fun to hang out with anywhere. She dresses up like a pretty pixie poo sissy with her pretty pinky lacy dress and ruffly lacy panties. It is so thrilling how she will go out with me to the mall to go shopping. She gets into her little pink ballerina tutu outfit with her tighty whitey tights and silky pink laced up ballerina slippers. Oh and I forgot to mention that she really also wears this cute sparklely pink fairy wings on her back to complete the whole outfit. When we shop at the mall we have to go to Victoria Secrets to pick out the most pretty and silky panties we can find that will match with bras as well. Then off to Bath and Body Works store where everything smells sweet and delightful. We try on only the girliest scents before we buy them. After all we have to smell just as pretty as well look. lol! But the best part is that my pretty pixie poo sissy will pay for it all on her pretty pink credit card that I suggested for her to buy. Yippy Skippy for pixie poo!!!

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    • Sissy on October 18, 2012 at 1:37 AM
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    Wow, all the blogs were so good today! My favorite was Miss Brooke’s Pretty Pink Pixie Poo ! It is so super adorable ! Reading it just makes me want to mince and prance at the mall myself !

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