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When your wife is away


Cheating Phone Sex

When your wife is away at work and it is your day off. I come knocking on your back door with my pussy wet and nipples on hard. Horny and ready to fuck. Like a dog in heat. I need your dick in my mouth. I need to taste your cum on my lips. Like a salty but sweet candy bar I have been craving all day long. You leave the back gate open for me. I slip in quietly as I tap on the door you open up fully naked. Your hard white cock dangling. My pussy gets even wetter. I can’t wait to feel you inside my young cunt. We head straight to the master bedroom. I love sucking your dick in the shower. The water hitting our skin as I take all of your dick into my mouth without gagging. You fuck my face so hard. Eagered to explode in my mouth and when you do. I suck your dick some more to get it up again. Once you are at standing attention I turn around and you fuck me in my ass while water drips all over my sexy little body. I do things for you that your wife want dare do! Come fuck me some more baby. Let me please you like the fuck young whore that I am!

Fucking the pool boy

Barely Legal Phone Sex

I knew the pool boy wanted my teeny little cunt. No matter how young I may be what man will turn down the chance to fuck a tight little cunny? Wouldn’t it feel so good to stick your hard white 10 inch cock into my tight little slippery hole? The pool boy sure took his chance! You should do the same! He had no shame fucking my schoolgirl pussy. He filled my cunny up with so much cream most of it came dripping out. He even went down to lick it out of my pussy hole to keep anything from dripping onto floor. He said he couldn’t risk the chance of anyone finding out. Whatever that means! After all I know how to fuck and suck a dick. No matter how young I may be I still can fuck and suck with the best of them! My pussy and mouth is better than any old ass bitch. Let me show you just how good I am with my tongue. I know you want to!

I said a mouth full

Cocksucking Phone SexLike I told you before daddy’s little princess knows how to suck a mean hard dick. Daddy taught me himself. I learned from the best. I have been putting vanilla cocks in my mouth since as long as I could remember. My daddy keeps me on my toes and makes sure I am sucking dick at least 50 to 100 times a week. This Cocksucking Phone Sex story will make your toes curl. It will keep your dick standing at attention and ready to shove a full load into my mouth. I have no gag reflex so you can deep throat this young throat for as long as you want to.

The way daddy keeps this hot little ass of mine on my toes is he will invite one of his co workers over. They pay my father of course. Basically they pay to have their way with me. Most of the time I am only giving blowjobs. Daddy likes to keep the good tight pussy to himself. Recently my daddy invited his Boss over. So you know I had to give my best shit. I sucked the skin off his dick to the point his eyes literally rolled to the back of his head. Everytime I would put my mouth to the base of his had rock cock his toes would curl. He could not believe I was able to have a mouth full of his 12 inch cock all the way down my throat. I would not gag not one time. This made the boss cream and blast a shit load of his nut into my mouth and it dripped down my throat as I swallowed every last drop. Giving him a sexy smile afterwards. I continue to suck. This made him damn near go crazy. Then I hopped on his dick and rode his cowgirl style backwards. I know he will give my daddy a good report. You should come throat fuck me. I promise my throat is warm and wet just like my cunt.

Small Cock Elimination

ISmall Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

It was cold and chilly night out. I remembered it like it was yesterday because my nipples were practically freezing off my body from the cold weather. I was headed over to my John’s house. I needed the money so I could not pass this one up. Once I got to his house John sat me down and of course did the usually. He committed on how pretty I was. I got undressed and he admire my sexy perky breast and my brown nipples. I did a circle very slowly and he admired my ass. He slapped my fat ass until it jiggled. He flicked his tongue on my puffy swollen clit a few times. Just enough to get my pussy juices flowing. I began to lay on the bed. He told me to get up and we would do something different this time. My heart began to race at that point because he went into the kitchen to get a fucking butcher knife. He reassured me not to be startled and follow him into the bathroom. I trusted him so I did. He sat in the tub naked. His long hard dick in one hand and the knife in the other. I am going to cut my dick off. I instantly got wet. Deep down the site of blood or any type of torture gets my pussy so wet and I get so fucking horny. I was excited that It was actually happening right in front of my eyes and I did have to pull up any porn. I layed on his bathroom floor and played with my pussy while I watch him start to slice into his cock like a piece of meat. The more screams and blood and pain the more intense I got playing with my pussy. I finally came. Cum gushing all out of my pussy like the blood gushing out of his body He lay there lifeless. Passed out! I called 911 and quickly left. Oh what a night! I need more nights like this. Maybe you can cut my breast off or I can cut your dick off. Whatever sick shit you want baby! Let’s do it!


Teacher’s slutty pet

Barely Legal Phone Sex

  I love to massage my clit while my teacher puts his stiff pale cock into my tight little school girl hole. Almost everyday I make sure before I go home my pussy is swollen and sore from the pounding Mr.Franklin gives me. Mr. Franklin is my teacher by the way. He calls me his teacher’s slutty pet. I knew the first time I entered his class room we would be very very very close. So close to my inside’s that is! I am not going to lie.  In the beginning Mr. Franklin wouldn’t even give me the time of day. No matter how many times I bent over to pick up a pencil off the floor showing him my sweet little ass. I even wore school girl skirts with no panties. I did whatever I could to bend over and exposed this pretty untouched tight little cunny. I am sure my pussy was puffy like a dog in heat. I needed Mr. Franklin’s dick and I needed it badly.

I ended up failing a test and  Mr. franklin said I had to stay after school. I was the only one in asked in the class so I knew me and him would be alone. My pussy was wet instantly. I am surprised the warm juices wasn’t running down my leg. I walked into his class room with my white blouse and no bra. My puffy brown colored nipples poking through my shirt. Instantly Mr. franklin’s dick got hard. You could see the print through his pants. I grabbed his dick and massaged it until it was as hard as a rock. I unzipped his pants and entered his long muscle into my warm moist little mouth. My lips sucking everytime the tip of the head would pop out of my mouth. After a while he laid back on his desk and I rode him like a bull. He filled my tight little hole up and stretched it out so much cum was gushing out. Now I my slutty whore pussy can;t get enough dick. I want my hole filled up every day/night. Can you fill up my little schoolgirl cunny with your rock hard cock?

The Exhibitionist


I Exhibitionist Phone Sex

I am your typical Exhibitionist. Everywhere I go I want to be naked. I hate clothes! I feel like my nice hot body needs to be seen. Got Dammit look at me! Don’t I make you want to fuck me right here! Right now! I have no shame in my game baby. Recently I went to all nude beach. I did not want to leave. My pussy was practically dripping from seeing everyone naked. There were so many shapes and sizes of dicks and pussy. I wanted to taste them all. I actually did get to pull one hot guy to the side. I kneeled down right then and there and just started sucking his fat thick cock right then and there. He exploded all in my mouth and I gladly licked it up and swallowed every last drop. How I feel we should never wear clothes don’t you agree? I feel life is all about fucking and sucking and being the best cum filled whore you can be!

Love a Black Cock in my mouth

Black cock phone sex

I have so many stories of Black Cock phone sex. There is nothing more satisfying then having a nice thick  hard black cock in my mouth. The bigger the better! I feel the most satisfied when a guy bust a big load and fill up my cheeks like a chipmunk. Like the horny slut bucket whore that I am I make sure I always swallow. I never spit it out. When I’m high on coke I love to snort a line off your dick. Especially if it is black. It is something about the white line on a nice black caramel skin that gets me wetter than the ocean. Especially after I snort it off I really get turned up and sucking your dick like it is my last meal. I remember a time I had a room full of Black dicks and I suck those dicks one by one. I had so much cum on my face it looked like I was just given a facial. MmmmmI would love to suck your Big Black cock. Or would you rather watch me suck a room full of Big Black dicks?

Family Fun

Family Fun Phone Sex

I’m one Bisexual little whore. Me and my sister both take turns in Family Fun Phone Sex. I enjoy my sister’s sweet tasting pussy and licking my sister’s cum right off of my Dad’s nice long white dick. While my sister is deep throating his big white dick I am licking his balls. We both stare my dad right in the eyes. His dick gets extremely hard. You can see his veins popping out. The whole time we are choking on Daddy’s dick our pussy are so wet. The juices are practically running down our legs. We both like to feel Dad inside of us. He tells us all the time how hot and tight our pussy are and how by the end of the night he is going to stretch our holes out. I jump up and down because I know my dad is going to fuck us so good. Mom likes to pretend she is asleep. I know she is in the other room playing with her phat Milf pussy listening to me and my sister scream and moan. Dad pounds our young little pussies so hard he bangs our head against the head board. My sister is always the one to cum first and really fast. I like my dad to fuck me all night long so I never cum as fast as she does. My dad makes it a rule to never bust his load until we both have came on his dick first. We always suck and lick our cum off Daddy. Then he strokes his dick until he spills his seeds all over our faces. Don’t you want me and my sister to come suck your dick. Or would you rather watch Daddy fuck us? While you stroke your dick to our moans and screams!

Adult Baby

Adult baby phone sex

Nothing turns me on better than to see your sissy ass in a diaper. This is the perfect Adult baby phone sex that this hot pink pussy enjoys. Remember you called me into your office late night after hours. I thought we were going to fuck as usual. You were going to fuck the living hell out of me all over your office desk and floor. To my surprise I walked into your office and there you were. Wearing a fucking diaper. My nipples instantly got hard. I licked my lips and then commanded that you crawl over to me like the baby that you are. I saw the pacifier on the desk so shoved it into your mouth. Just like I am going to shove this hot ass pussy in a second. I sat you on mommy’s lap and made you suck all of mommy’s milk. I laughed with pleasure as this humiliated the fuck out of you. You sucked my breast for hours just like the Adult baby that you are! you are so fucking pathetic! I was so tired of this pathetic man that you are in front of me I made you get into the corner and piss and shit in your diaper. I took pictures to humiliate you later and show your co workers. You should call me before I send these email to your office staff showing them just how pathetic and worthless you are.

Pain Slut Whore

Pain slut phone sex

I enjoy Pain. I am a true Pain Slut Phone Sex. Nothing gets me tight pink pussy wetter than to inflict some serious pain on my ass. I met this guy at a party. Come to find out he liked to inflict pain before, during and after fucking a girl. He was way more intense than that weak ass shit 50 shades of Grey. Ever since I met him I have been hooked since. Everytime I fuck I need a man to wrap his hand around my neck and damn near make me pass out. I have even had one fucker shock me with like 10 watts to my pussy. That pain right there was intense but please believe my pussy squirted all over the place. It looked like niagra falls in the room. It was intense. I have been hung from the ceiling by my nipples while getting my pussy ate.I fucking love pain. I do not like boring sex. I want you to inflict major pain on my pussy and make me cum over and over again.


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