Worship Me

The Jacuzzi is hot, I am naked with my dick hanging.  I know you are fascinated with my body but stop staring and come join me. You know I want you on your knees begging for the pleasure to sit in the water with me.  Bathe me like a good boy should and I might allow you to touch my cock. Nothing makes me happier than to have you worship my body as all my sissy boy’s do.  You do everything you are told because you want nothing more than to suck my dick until you are breathless.  Your lust for my huge cock makes you shake inside and makes me laugh at you.  Put your mouth on my meat while I hold your head underwater until you make me hard.  OH Yes, you are sucking me like I am dessert.  My gift to you will be my large load squirting you all over your face.  Next time I might allow you to feel my cock in your tight ass. 


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