Doctor Doctor give me the Dick

Today is the day for my yearly pap exam and the pussy is clean shaven making it feel as soft as a wee one.  I made sure to get a vagina doctor that is tall, dark, and handsome so I would enjoy my yearly exam.  Putting my gown on so the opening is in the front, allows my large perky tits and cunt to be exposed.  The doctor comes in and I am sitting pretty like a good whore, his eyes immediately get stuck on my hard nipples.  He tells me to lie down and put my arms above my head, the gown falls to the side and I am fully naked now.  His firm hands are molesting my breast as he begins to twist my nipples. I open my legs to invite his hands to explore my tight, hot pussy.  He accepts the invitation and opens me up wider as he insert his fingers inside my juicy cunt hole. I lift my leg in the air so he can insert his rock hard cock and fuck the shit out of my hotbox.  He thrust his cock so deep inside me that his dick must be checking my cervix.  All I can say is Doctor Doctor give me the dick and I will come back for your stick.

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