Private Dancer


I am your private dancer but I am not dancing for money, I am dancing for a hard fucking.  Moving my body around this pole letting you get a peek of all you seek. Seducing your mind, one moment at a time, until I give you the sign, it’s time to grind.  My holes are tight, allowing you to fit right, sealing them air tight, in the heat of the night..  I love to accept your meat, as you go so deep, you feel my pussy heat, as we move with a common beat.   With acrobatic feet, my juices secrete, you know I taste so sweet.  Your sausage meat, is such a treat, in this prickly heat. As my juices slowly deplete, I fill so complete, as you smile with conceit.  No need to ever beat your meat, I don’t need a suite, or a bedroom sheet, just your swollen meat.  Such a mind blowing retreat, I must have a repeat.

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